YHWH/YHVH in Hebrew means "I AM"  Ex. 3:13-15)

1 Peter 2:1-9 
(We are the stones of the New Temple.  Jesus, the Eternal Melchizedek is the WAY and LIGHTS His Path for us all.)
 Please read:  Hebrews 5:4-10, Psalm 119 verse 105,  
Jn. 3:19-21, 1 Cor. 3:16-17, and Rev. 3:10-13.

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Recommended Studies

Books, Periodicals, Radio, TV, & Web Links, etc.

The material that we recommend has been helpful to us in our search along the Pathway.

We've tried to include distributors to help you purchase material for yourself (or "if" available for FREE.)

Many authors,  and lecturers in this section have produced 'other material' that we either don't endorse or are not familiar with.
 be aware and glean where the Holy Spirit/Ruach ha Kodesh leads you.

Materials for 'better prices' compare at:

 Authorized KJV Bible 1611  (not modern versions)
Douay Catholic Bible   (N.T. 1582 a.d. & O.T. 1609-1610 versions)
The Complete Concordance of Torah Commandments
by D.D. & J.J. Mahoney & 
Strong's Strongest Concordance (Hebrew & Greek roots to Bible words)

*Many of the newer Bible versions along with the Concordances and 'study guides' are changing doctrines to allow "New Age Philosopy & Theology" to enter.    A good example is that Jesus' Mother Mary is now being called a 'young maiden' instead of a 'virgin' which opens the door to the denial of Jesus' birth being 'supernatural.'   This would make Mary a fornicator and adultress thus making Our Saviour a bastard child!
On the other hand, the Roman Catholic Church denies Jesus has brothers and sisters.  They want to keep Mary a virgin to fit their theology.
These 'modern' renditions have many more subtle changes!

see:    for Books & studies on KJV "Changes"

ALSO:   good Non King James translations

The Bible   Trans. by James Moffatt   (1922-1954 copies)
New Testament from Aramaic
    Trans. by George M. Lamsa  (1933-1940)

For Good Books that show 'the things' that the Roman Catholic Church includes in their 'beliefs, that aren't 'Scriptural,' that the Protestant churches have 'somewhat' continued to "Preach" as true.....

Catholicism For Dummies
Reverends Trigilio (EWTN) & Brighenti (EWTN)
Wiley Publishing, Inc. # 5391-7  @ 1 800 762-2974

Fossilized Custom  by Lew White
The Two Babylons  by Bishop Alexander Hislop
both at

Too Long in the Sun and
Time is the Ally of Deceit
both by Richard Rives   at   

Biblical Archaeology

The Bible Comes Alive by Dr. Clifford Wilson
Volumns I, II, & III
IBSN's  089221-4486-4,   0892214198,   0892214864
Jim Barfield

The Exodus Case  ISBN 978 724 7 708 4
Dr. Lennert Moller

The God of the Mountain  ISBN 978 088 270605
Penny Cox Caldwell

Google: Ron Wyatt and Dr. Carl Baugh (for other finds & digs)

Modern Judaism and Zionism

*The next books by Dr. M.S. Antelman, B. Chamish, Pro. Sutton & E. Paris are  ' MUST READS' in order to understand Modern Israel since 1948***

Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism and the Holocaust   
 The Last Days of Israel
 by Barry Chamish

To Eliminate the Opiate  Vol. 1 & 2 
by Rabbi Dr. Marvin S. Antelman  vol. 2 ISBN 965-7186-05-6  (Amazon)
(Rabbi Antelman    Radio Israel interview)
Google:  Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman.....for more

Wall St. and the Nazis,
America's Secret Establishment: An Intro to Skull & Bones,
Two Faces of George Bush,
Wall St. and the Bolshevik Revolution
(all 4 by Prof. Antony Sutton of Stanford University's Hoover Inst.)

Brotherhood of Darkness
Dr. Stan Monteith

The Secret History of the Jesuits
by Edmond Paris    ISBN  0-937958-10-7

Google:   Ninth Circle CULT & "others"

The Rabbi Who Found Messiah: The Story of Yitzhak Kaduri and His Prophecies of the Endtime
    (in 2007 a 108 yr. old Rabbi reveals Yahshua/Jesus as Messiah)
by Carl Gallups   *books  (in Hebrew)

Sefer Gematriyot   ( of  Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel) ISBN 10-0964097265
by Daniel Abrams & Israel Ta-Shema   (in Hebrew)
(Book of Calculations...the Jubilee Prophecies to 2017 Messiah comes)

The Shadow of the Apocalypse
Paul Crouch....of TBN TV  ISBN 978-0-425-2

Operation Paperclip  by Anne Jacobsen  (ex-Nazi's placed by CIA in USA)

Beast Tech, Exo-Vaticana *, Apollyon
Rising 2012, Forbidden Gates
and Blood On the Alter 
all 4 by Thomas Horn     *w/Chris Putnam

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology   ISBN-13: 978-1-84309-437-1
by Arthur Cotterell & Rachel Storm       or ISBN-10: 1-84309-437-1 
(over 1000 alphabetical entries w/cross ref's & great can
actually find the origins of 'MODERN' CHRISTIAN 'holidays & culture')  

The Feasts of the Lord         ISBN 0-7852-7518-5
by Kevin Howard & Marvin Rosenthal

Ancient Messianic Festivals      ISBN 9781468193855       
by Ken Johnson, Th. D.

The Anti-Christ and a Cup of Tea   ISBN 0-9662793-0-1
Tim Cohen    (out of print.  used at  )

Prince Charles, the Sustainable Prince  ISBN 157558021-7
Joan Veon     (reported on UN conferences for years)

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Royal Britain   ISBN 978-1-4351-1835-5
by Charles Phillips    ('no secrets' but informative w/ great pictures)
Commentary on Revelation
by E.W. Bullinger      ISBN 978-0-8254-2393-2

Holy Blood, Holy Grail       ISBN 0-385-33845-7 
by  M. Baigent, R. Leigh & H. Lincoln 
(popular 'untruths' about Jesus & Mary Magdalene)
***the book Dan Brown "sourced" for Da Vinci Codes, etc.
(A book that reveals 'how' the European Bluebloods get their 'Satanic' claim to 'Royal Blood Lines' from King David and their 'fictitious right' to rule over 'commoners.'  A MUST READ!!!!!!

Guardians of the Grail, 
Daniel Reveals the Bloodline of the Antichrist 
by J. R. Church 

Hebrew Roots Sources

The Naming of Jesus in Hebrew Matthew 
The Hebrew Yeshua vs. the Greek Jesus
 Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence*
A Prayer To Our Father the Hebrew Origins of the Lord's Prayer*   
by Nehemia Gordon  *w/Keith Johnson
His Hallowed Name Revealed Again
  by Keith Johnson
the above group of books and..... 
  The Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew or Creator's Calendar
are all available also at:
** receive monthly New Moon sightings from Israel & yearly spring
Barley ripeness (Aviv or Abiv) reports from non-Christian Karaites*
(*Karaites are Jews that only follow strict Old Testament Laws
without the 'Rabbi added" takkanah or "made-up" stuff)  or (newsletter)

The Gospel in the Stars  by Joseph A. Seiss  ISBN 0-8254-3796-2

The Witness of the Stars   by E.W. Bullinger  ISBN 0-8254-2245-0

Mazzaroth   by Frances Rolleston  ISBN 0-7661-7673-8

Mazzaroth video....

** ' a must see' DVD  (easily shows the concept of the 3 books 'above.') 
The Star of Bethlehem
by Frederick A. Larson  or
(Please remember that it is "Hard to get Dates Accurate")

His Name is Jesus and Yeshua is My Name*
by Messianic Rabbi Yacov Rambsel     *w/ J.R. Church

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