YHWH/YHVH in Hebrew means "I AM"  Ex. 3:13-15)

1 Peter 2:1-9 
(We are the stones of the New Temple.  Jesus, the Eternal Melchizedek is the WAY and LIGHTS His Path for us all.)
 Please read:  Hebrews 5:4-10, Psalm 119 verse 105,  
Jn. 3:19-21, 1 Cor. 3:16-17, and Rev. 3:10-13.

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The Festivals or Feasts of YHWH  (Previews or Shadow Pictures)

(For "Feasts" see Strong's Concordance for Hebrew #4150 "Appointed Times")
In the New Testament they are sometimes called Oracles.

SEDER....of unleavened bread (no yeast/bacteria/sin)

    Please read Matt. 26:17-32, Luke 22:1-32 and Revelation 2:17.  These Feasts are actually lived-out.  They are Yah'shua's Identity Papers or I.D.   Jesus' life is His ministry.  He lived "the WORD" as Prophesied!

      THE Feasts of YHWH are all individually addressed in studies further down the page:
                                            After the Calendar "Stage" study:

     Yah'shua showed Thomas the scars from His crucifixion. (John 24:29)  Likewise upon His return, He'll show the Jews and the gentile world that He has done something significant on each of the Seven Feasts of YHWH. (We are all "invited" to "attend them," by keeping them annually as High Sabbaths in our homes or by fellowshipping/convoking/gathering with our brethren during THREE of them.   If possible, the Jews were to journey to the Temple in Jerusalem for these three which are Unleavened Bread, Pentecost and Sukkot.  (Included with Unleavened Bread would be Passover* and First Fruits if visiting Jerusalem.)  Whether, as Sons of Abraham or as gentile believers in Yah'shua "grafted-into-Abraham's seed,"  we are "Required" to observe these Feasts of Our Lord YHWH.   (Passover should only be celebrated WITH ISRAELITES PRESENT, if you are a Gentile.   (Ex. 12:43-49....48 says, "sojourn with."  However, Yah'shua gave us ALL "the Bread and Wine 'Remembrance Ceremony' just before His death" to interpret the "REVEALED or New Meaning" of the Passover Message. (Matt. 26:26-30)  **This 'subject' takes a lot of scripture and prayer searching.  You must decide for yourself, what you are comfortable with.    

     When Yah'shua completes these seven Feast 'Re-enactments' it will
prove beyond any doubt that He is the Anointed One, the True Son of YHWH as it is written in the Scriptures.  This was and is the intent of YHWH's Feasts. ***Hanakkah and Purim are not found "Mandated to be Done" in scripture.   Many Jews keep these as "Feasts!"  They do remind us of events in Jewish history, as all the Old Testaments do, but are not prophetic of Yah'shua's life. *see our study on the Calendar.

     A short PROOF POSITIVE:  No one else could fulfill them like Yah'shua did and will.  *He was born during Succot, and was circumcised eight days later on the Last Great Day at Sukkot's end, died on Passover, layed in the grave three days during Unleavened Bread, arose from the dead on Firstfruits, gave the Holy Spirit to His followers on Pentecost, and will possibly return triumphantly from Heaven on the Feast of Trumphets. (Lev. 23:1-44)  Obviously, Yah'shua was not supposed to complete them in the same order in which they are written about in Leviticus or as they occur during the year.  He has and will continue to 'LIVE' them exactly on the Feast Day they represent in the year in which they were/are to be 'fulfilled.'  (Examples:  He was born in Fall & Resurrected in Spring on the current Hebrew calendar that was set ahead by six months at the time of Exodus.)
       Some current common mistaken practices are:  *Passover should now be celebrated by Yah'shua's followers as He instructed us at His "Last Supper."  We are to do the wine and bread breaking "communion service" and not drink the 'other cups, etc.' done in prior days, until He returns to do them with us at the "Marriage Supper of the Lamb." (Matt. 26:26-29 & Luke 22:14-20)  Since, John the Baptist was Elias/Elijah (Matt. 3:1-6, 11:7-15 & Malachi 3:1) there is now NO reason to LOOK OUT of doors ANYMORE for Him on Passover because BOTH JOHN & YAH'SHUA HAVE already COME.  We also should NOT set a place at the table for Elijah.  (When we include these practices in the Seder service, we deny Yah'shua's first coming 2000 years ago.  These 'concepts' are carried over from Jewish practices where they deny Yah'shua is the Messiah, has already come and is their's and the gentiles' reigning Messiah.)  Everyone will see Him next time, etc. etc..    *Boiled "Babylonian fertility Easter-like-eggs," and meat with "broken or cut bones" are also items that should be removed from Seder services. (Exodus 12:46, Numbers 9:12, John 19:31-36)  Let's KEEP THE FEASTS AS "TRUTHFUL RECORDS" OF YAH'SHUA! (more below in Passover Study)

     YHWH wants to reveal Himself to mankind and the Bible is the story He chose . The story is about Salvation for all who accept and repent of their sins in His Son's name.
    As Paul explains in Galatians, we are not cursed "UNDER the LAW,"  but we are expected to teach about Yah'shua from YHWH's WORD/Laws.  Christians should "stand on the Law" rather than feel they are "under" it.  We must keep the Feasts, as Sabbaths "forever," as commanded (Leviticus 23:14 & 31) "in our dwellings."  These "Bill Boards, plays or previews about the Messiah," must continue to be observed, revealing Him yearly to the world.  They should reflect His Life Already Lived rather than a "hollow play about a nonsensical story." 

    Without a Temple and with the death of Yah'shua, as the ultimate Passover Lamb, the requirements have changed.  They should continue to be Sabbath Feasts of Teaching and Worshipful Remembrance.  The message or pictures they depict must be continually told through "Honoring the Feasts forever."  These Sabbath-Feasts and the weekly Sabbath can never be done away with.  When the New Jerusalem comes and the Melchizedek Yah'shua returns, we will get instructions about future observances. (Rev. 12:1-6, Mk. 2:27-28)  

 Again, we want to emphasize, MUCH of the NEW TESTAMENT has been "spun" by pagans, false teachers and BAD TRANSLATIONS or INTERPRETATIONS.  (see  The original scriptures no longer exist.  All we have now are copies stemming from the fourth century A.D. and later.   Please let the Holy Spirit guide you, as you live and study GOD's WORD.  Our practice is to always follow Yahshua's words (in red ink.)  anytime they contradict anything else written or taught.  We do word-origin-searches for clarification and choose Yah'shua's message over the others.  We can never go wrong that way.  If He's been quoted wrong, we can always explain "that" on Judgment Day.  
 Remember, salvation is by faith and we can not EARN salvation by only "keeping the Law or honoring YHWH's Feasts."  Yet Yah'shua repeatedly tells us to, "keep His Father's Commandments." (Matt. 5:17-19, 19:17, Jn. 14:15, 15:10 & Rev. 22:14...said years after Yah'shua's death.)  If we love Him, we will. 
 The Feasts are the PATH to finding Yah'shua and authenticating Him.  The Holy Spirit allows us to see Him.  When we fail, we have Yah'shua, our Melchizedek, to forgive us. When we sincerely repent and ask for His Mercy, He intercedes as our Priest and forgives us.  There cannot be grace or forgiveness without laws. What would we be forgiven from breaking?  Don't be fooled.  There is no sin in Loving GOD too much, just no salvation without accepting His SON YAH'SHUA.

  Once we understand, who the Messiah is and what that means, we can accept Yah'shua as our Priest-intermediary to YHWH.  We can then be Baptized in the Rauch ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit.)  At that time, Yah'shua's words will ring true.  (Matt. 22: 37-40) "Thou shalt love YHWH, with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.  This is the first and great commandment.  The second is like unto it, Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself.  On these two commandments hang all the Laws and the Prophets."  John 15: 7-17 further explains how this New Covenant works and how with total love for YHWH, as Yah'shua Himself has, we can remain Lawful by accepting and using "grace."  "If you abide in Me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you.  Herein is my Father YHWH glorified, that you bear much fruit; so shall you be my disciples.  As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue in my love.  If you keep my commandments, you shall abide in my love; even as I have kept My Father's commandments, and abide in His love.  These things I have spoken to you, that My joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.  This is My commandment, That ye love each other, as I have loved you.  The greatest love is, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  You are My friends, if you do all that I command you.  Henceforth I call you servants no longer; for the servant doesn't know what his Master doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard from my Father YHWH I have made known unto you.  You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you should go and bring other fruit, and that your fruit shall last: that whatsoever you shall ask of Our Father in my NAME Yah'shua, He may give to you.  These are the things that I command you, and that you love one other."     

   You may recall, at the time of Yah'shua's trial before death, Herod and the Jews, asked Him to prove that He was the Son of YHWH.  (John 19: 1-7, Mk. 14: 53-65,& Lk. 23: 8-12)  Yah'shua refused to answer affirmatively until the end, although He quoted scriptures about the Messiah that showed the answer. (Jn. 18:37, Lk. 22:67-71, Matt. 26:63-66, Mk. 14:62....remember "I am" in Hebrew is "YHWH," the "name" of GOD.  Speaking the word "YHWH", as such, was forbidden (blasphemy) by the Priests.  Only at the Feast of Yom Kippur would the High Priest speak the "Name" and the people were allowed to speak it while bowed.)  Anyone claiming to be YHWH was also considered a blasphemer.  
  He also refused to do miracles to prove that He was the Messiah.  The reason was that He had to die on Passover and if He had revealed this truth to them they never would have 'sacrificed' Him.  They would have either seen, believed, repented and spared Him or they would have seen and understood but their evil hearts would have caused them to refuse to kill Him, allowing Satan to thwart YHWH's plan for salvation.  ( Lk. 22:66-71, Gen. 3:15 & Hebrews 2:5-3:13) 

  Yah'shua did give a promise, that through the sign of Jonah (like three days in the belly of the whale...(Matt. 12:39-41)), He'd show them His answer.   Since, Yah'shua was revealed alive again at daybreak on the Feast of Firstfruits (a Sunday which is always on the day "after the weekly Sabbath"  of Pass Over week or the first day of the next week, ((Pass Over can fall on any day of the week but Firstfruits is always on the FIRST DAY of the NEXT WEEK...Lev. 23:9-11))  He would have had to have been placed in the tomb on the evening of the fourth day of the week (our Wednesday), as Daniel prophesied. (Dan. 9:24-27) This was so that He could be entombed three nights and days or seventy-two hours minimum.  Jewish custom allowed for three days of sleep before finally being pronounced dead. (Matt. 19: 22-23) Yes, the body had to be entombed prior to sunset but they did not dig graves.  This is probably why He tarried before visiting Lazarus' tomb, so everyone would know Lazarus was 'officially' dead before Yah'shua raised him. (Jn. 11: 1-46)    (Remember Yah'shua's days began at sundown (Gen. 1:5 etc.))  For Him to arise on the first day of the week (our Sunday), He could have "awakened" anytime after sunset Sabbath evening (our Saturday evening.)  We'll explain more on this later under the Feast of First Fruits.

  Nothing can stop our creator, YHWH,  from doing His will.  He used His Feasts to reveal the story of His Son's future walk, including His birth through to His second coming, in the seven prophetic PARTICIPATION PLAYS, TO BE ENACTED OVER AND OVER EACH YEAR FROM THE TIME OF MOSES through to His FUTURE RETURN.  The nation of Israel was to assemble as families for the Feasts and during three feasts the men were required to go to Jerusalem to participate in these Feast Plays.   Now, Gentiles grafted into Abraham's seed in faith  have the right to participate with the Jews.  However, rather than repeating the same hopeful plays along with sacrifices of animals, New Covenant believers are to interpret or reveal their meanings to the world.  At Messiah's return, He will complete the final "acts" not completed in His first visit.   He will reveal these truths to Israel and the gentiles.

  The LORD'S FEASTS WERE DRESS REHEARSALS OR SHADOW PICTURES that pointed to the seven undeniable "Highlights" in the life of His Son.  ( Col. 2:16-17, Heb. 8:4-6 & Heb. 10:1)  The entire Bible story is about Yah'shua.  The law, the prophets, the tabernacle and its contents, etc. etc.  all reveal aspects of the Messiah.  These are lost to us when we fail to "Honor Them" as our HOLY CONVOCATIONS  (see STRONG'S CONCORDANCE  for Hebrew # 4744 which means a religious assembly) or change them into Pagan oriented holidays like Christmas, Easter, etc. that honor filthy gods and depraved imaginations of pagan darkness.  (  Please excuse these crude examples that most "Christians" are not aware of.   They hopefully do not know the pagan origins of these holidays.  If they did they wouldn't  feel comfortable celebrating  them in the Church.  ( A door Wreath symbolized a woman's vagina, while trees decorated with gold and silver balls,  and steeples (obelisks) represented the male penises in pre-christian fertility cults.  Easter eggs were originally dipped in sacrificed babies' blood.  If you are appalled, think how Jesus must love your honoring His birth and death in these vestiges of old pagan ways.) 

   The Feasts have different requirements and picture different times in Yah'shua's life.  (See Ex. 12:1-29, Lev. 23-24:8, & Num. 28:9-29:40)  In (Num. 29:39), we are told that these are YHWH's and our Feasts.  We would never want to miss the Marriage Supper.  Over the years, other "feasts" have been added to the SEVEN originally ones given in Leviticus and Deuteronomy.  There is no place in scripture that authenticates them and the new ones (Purim, Channukah, etc.) "diminish, mask or cloud" the importance of the original seven.  Some believers claim Yah'shua either attended or is "revealed" in these additional feasts.  Who knows.  They are falsely placed worship concoctions of men, trying to play god, by writing their own "words" to glorify themselves or actions in Jewish history.  Following or practicing them will have to be your decision.  They are not "Holy Convocations"  in Scripture.  They are 'Jewish customs' that were not given as prophecy but glorify Jewish historical events or fables. 

  Where previously, we said, "there were seven feasts or convocations," let's now explain.  Including the weekly Sabbath, there are eight feasts but only seven, "once a year," feasts or assemblies.  One of these is an assembly day of Fasting and abstaining from pleasures.  It is Yom Kippur, the sixth assembly. (Lev. 32:27-32 & Ezra 8:21)  It was understood to be a day when, "you shall afflict your souls" or fast.  It is referred to as "the Day."  We'll discuss it further later in this study when we discuss all the Feasts separately.

The Feasts as Shadow-pictures of the Messiah  

These Feasts of YHWH require the Males of Israel to attend three of the seven annually at the Temple.  They were Unleavened Bread with Passover and Firstfruits,  Shavuot or Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot.  (Deut. 16:16 & Ex0dus 23:14-17)  Most people confuse these  national holy convocations with the 'family one' held every Sabbath in the home or dwelling.  (Lev. 23:3)  The other four annual Feasts are held at home also.   There's no requirement to attend the Temple or a church building every week.  Sabbath should be a family gathering!  That's the assembly that was required.
     Do you remember, as a child, playing shadow pictures through a bed sheet?  A sheet was usually hung over a rope and someone got behind the sheet with a light and cast shadows onto the sheet with their fingers in a dark room?  An audience sitting on the other side of the sheet would see the pictures of animals or whatever displayed as silhouettes on the sheet screen.  This is how YHWH has used His festivals.  Only the players, the Hebrews, didn't know or see what was actually going on.  This was done so they couldn't be accused later of fostering some Grand Conspiracy Scheme.  YHWH actually did it so well that the Jews even missed the story, believing that they were commemorating past events in their history instead of enacting future events in Yah'shua's life.

     To date, Yah'shua has only fulfilled some of the prophetic pictures presented by the shadows and will in the near future complete all the others.  Some of the Feasts have more than one story and some reveal messages on both sides of the sheet.  They show the history of faithfulness by YHWH, Abraham, Moses and the Hebrew people on the backside and the prophetic promises made throughout time to them and the rest of the world on the front.  In Genesis 22:18 we're told that through Abraham's seed "all nations shall be blessed" and Yah'shua  (John 4:22) says "salvation is of the Jews" of which Yah'shua was a descendent being of the tribe of Judah.  In (John 6:45-51), He likens Himself to the manna bread of life.

   For over 3,500 years the Jews have tried to keep the Festivals' Oracles.  We owe them many thanks for keeping these messages alive, and our prayers, for their redemption, so they can finally understanding them.  (John 11:47-53) Actually Caiaphas, the High Priest that year, seemingly acknowledges that the Messiah should die to spare the lost sheep or nation.  Knowingly or not, he rents his garments (in Mark 14:63), a sign of submission and gives his permission to kill Yah'shua.  (Exodus 28:31-32) describes how the Priest's collar or robe should not be rent, a sign that he was in distress.  The renting or tearing open the temple curtain also  (Matt 27:51) depicts that the authority was removed from the Levitical Priesthood and made available for all men to enter and speak with YHWH through Yah'shua. 

  The new Priest is Yah'shua after the order of Melchizedek.  This act is similarly depicted when the Kingship was taken from Saul. (I Sam 15:26-29 & 24:4)  David cuts, or rents Saul's clothing (tzitzit at the hem...see the book;Talit ha Cumi by John Francis) yet refuses to kill Saul and claim immediate possession of Israel's throne.  In (John 19:23-24), we see that Yah'shua's garments are not torn at His death, but kept intact.  This shows His power and authority did not pass from Him.  It also fulfills a prophecy in (Psalms 23:18).

  In Genesis (14:18-20), the King of Salem uses bread and wine with Abram just as Yah'shua does with His disciples in (Luke 22:14-20) at the last supper."  This event is referred to in (Hebrew's 5:4-12) with the word "oracles" which is the same as 
Feasts or Festivals in the concordance.  ( Hebrews 5:13 through chapter 9) should shed more light on this important analogy.  A Testament is like a Will and can only be "acted on" after the death of the testator.

  John the Baptist was surprised that Yah'shua wanted to be baptized by him, of the old Levite order. (Lk 1:)  John's Father was a Priest.  Instead of John being baptized by Yah'shua, (Matt 3:12-15) Yah'shua inherits the dove like spirit of YHWH's Eternal Priesthood.  The Coronation is portrayed starting there through to His resurrection and ascention to heaven (Heb. 1:).  At His first coming, Yah'shua only exercised the priest half of His office.   He now has the kingship of David and will exercise that office at His next coming.  He will not rule as a tyrant.  It's explained and enacted through Yah'shua's breaking of bread with Simon and Cleopas, after His walk with them to Emmaus (Lk 24:13-53).  We see this transition taking place in the flesh.  The old order has been restored, from Abraham's and Moses' days.  We are now commanded to pray through Yah'shua and communicate or speak directly  without worldly priests. (Jn. 14:6)  Now, the temples are Yah'shua's and our bodies, if we will accept Him.  In (Matt. 6:21-23) we are warned to do His Father's will.  He explains the Laws for us in (Matt 5:-7:) 

     Approximately 40 years later, the temple was destroyed and animal sacrifices had to stop!  This 40 year "grace period" was allowed so that those living in foreign lands could continue to come and while celebrating their requirements, (at least once in their lifetime) hear the "good news or gospel" of Yah'shua.   This is similar to the 40 cleansing years, Israel spent in the wilderness waiting for a new generation to be born that would be allowed to enter the Promised Land after the original exiles from Egypt refused  to enter during the time of Moses.  These verses of scripture should help you to understand more fully these events: (Lev 10:6, 21:10, Ex 32:32, 39:2, Is 53:7, Ps 110:1-4, Matt 26:63-65 & 27, Mk 15:37-38, Lk 1:27, Jn 15:16, 18:23-24, Ps 22:18, II Cor 3:16, Rev 1:5, 5:10, 19:16

    The Feasts are shadow pictures for the things to come and of things fulfilled (Col 2:17).   The Romans, in their hatred of the Jews, sought from Hadrian's time through Constantine's, to alter the "Jewishness" of Christianity. (   During the Fiscus Judiacus tax laws, anyone worshiping in a Jewish "way" was heavily taxed.  This caused many Gentile Christians to start meeting openly on Sundays.  Of course, many of them still quietly observed the true Sabbath on Saturday, at home unless discovered by the authorities.  Over time, SUN-day became the "norm" for the "lukewarm beljevers" and consequently the other Roman Sun-cult festivities also replaced YHWH's true Feasts/Festivals.    

     It's such a simple and easy story to understand. Many people get confused or "muddy the waters" seeking to clarify it.  (How's that possible?)  As surely, as a caterpillar can be seen turning into a butterfly if watched long enough, the Feasts continued to reveal Yah'shua.   We've been too short-sighted to see the truths revealed in the Feasts about YHWH's Son, and too scared to earnestly study things "Jewish ."   Even without prophetic abilities, anyone of normal "gray matter" can see the life that goes on under these unturned stones, if they make the effort to reach down and turn them over.  There's enough truth there without dragging in the old dead skunks of Roman paganism and trying again to make them Holy.  

     Let us begin our study of YHWH's Holidays and find the Messiah.   (Leviticus chapter 23) basically spells out the Feasts of YHWH as Holy convocations or assemblies of the Israelites.  They begin with weekly Sabbath keeping and work through the Seven Sabbath-like Feasts.  (Hanukkah and Purim were added by "priests" later.)   The Feasts were presented to an agricultural society that raised goats, sheep, barley, wheat, grapes, olives, figs and flax in recurring yearly cycles.  They fit YHWH's structured guidelines for national and individual prosperity in a harmonious manner and served as beacons to the foreigners passing through the land of His love and blessings. They were and are examples of how to live righteously and knowledgably with our CREATOR.
  The seasons, weather, and rain etc., were all important to Abraham's and his descendants' lives  prior to Moses’ Exodus from Egypt.  YHWH already had defined His "Plays," His land, His people, and  His salvation plan with the sacrificial Lamb's Blood Offering, long before the Exodus, where these festivals get their "so called" origin.  His people and His land were meant to serve together to help restore all mankind to a "true knowledge" of our Father YHWH's plans for man's welfare and happiness that had been constantly slipping away or declining since the fall in the Garden of Eden.     (Leviticus 23:5 and Psalms 81:30-35) attest to this.  Think of the Feasts as movie advertisements or previews.  They are necessary parts of the show but not the "movie" itself.   Without the preview, no one would go to the movie or be prepared for it.  

The Feasts are: Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles.

     Yah'shua uses them like a parent playing hide and seek with their young child.  Yah'shua as the parent  is hiding in an easy-to-find place.  The real joy for both parent and child is in the finding.  The joyous, excited squeals of the child when finding his parent and the joy experienced by the parent, seeing his child's happy excitement and love, are mutually shared.  This is the loving relationship now provided for us since Adam's fall from innocence.  Experience the joy of finding Yah'shua, knowing He's always been there, loves you and wants to be found inside His Father's Feasts

    Adam's original sin was "covered up" by the skins of animals.  Father, YHWH, used animal's skins (lambs perhaps) to cloak Adam's and Eve's nakedness/sins.  This started a salvation plan that culminated at the cross with the acceptable lamb offering. (Gen 3:21, Jn. 1:29)  It's almost too simple for us.  Except for the past 100 years or so, most of life was rural and agriculturally oriented.    We are now more urban minded and the Feasts have become somewhat obscured.  To be fair, knowledge has increased and we have the advantage of owning our own Bibles.  We have archaeology and science (not science theory) that also helps prove YHWH's and Yah'shua's Word.    (see  and

   The end is almost here and major changes are occurring.  When Yah'shua returns to reign as King Priest, He'll straighten things out.  No amount of wickedness, hate and sin will stand against Him or His Kingdom.  Life isn't a game, like "ring-around-the-roses" where, if we don't wish to play, we don't have to fall down.  Denying YHWH doesn't excuse us from the reality that YHWH exists.  He loves us, is reaching out and wants us to love what He has created for us.  It's better than anything we, or Satan, can imagine.  A fish needs water to live.  Mankind needs love to live in YHWH's world.  We are like trains in YHWH's universe.  We have a nice ride, if we stay on the tracks.  Torah or YHWH's WORDS are the tracks. (John 3:16)

                              Setting the Stage:  YHWH's "Jewish" Calendar


     HERE, we must say, that we use 'Actual Moon sightings in Israel' to start each new month. (made available free at  )
     Currently, there is 'some' dispute' over the way the months and
FEASTS are determined.  This is due to Israel's failure to observe these Feasts correctly and was further complicated while in Assyrian and Babylonian exile, used as punishment for not following YHWH's instructions in the first place.  While there the further adopting of these Pagan Ways caused more ignorance of the Feasts.  Systems replaced sightings for New Moon or New Month calculations.

     As simple as this sounds to correct or clarify, it is now compounded by the definition of when and what constitutes a New Moon.   Is it the visible appearance of the first sliver that returns to view or is it the actual period of the darkness or no visible moon that defines a "NEW MOON?"  If one goes out at sunset each night in Israel and looks at the visible moon it ends and starts it's monthly cycle as a slight crescent waxing or waning just as any other place on earth.  

     When the Romans exiled the Jews or dispersed them from Israel after the Simon Bar Kokba (Bar Koba, etc.) revolts against Hadrian in 132-135 AD there was confusion in synchronizing dates around the Jewish world.  Patriarch Hillel II, after 350 AD, devised a calendar that tried to 'keep his Rabbinic school of thought' in control  of the exiled Jewish nation's Timetable.  HIS CALENDAR is currently used to set the dates of FEASTS and MONTHS.  It is not a MOON CALENDAR.  It is a SUN CALENDAR (like Rome's) that tries to pick and set dates as needed.   It uses the SUN'S SPRING EQUINOX rather than actual MOON SIGHTINGS to determine what's what.  In short, it's an adaption off Rome's pagan calendar.

      Now, that the Jews are back in Israel they shouldn't need Hillel II's "system" any longer!  Yet, they still use "the system" verses opening the door and looking out for an  usable observable "Moon sighting."  (Nothing works like the "good old bully boys system!")

      Since, it's vitally important to have RIPE BARLEY for the First Fruits Offering, even though there is currently no Temple Alter to Sacrifice it on,
 the LORD'S WAY should be restored.  It entailed Priests to go out into the fields and actually look at growing BARLEY to determine if it would be 'acceptably ripe" for the alter during the First Month of the Next Year.  Obviously, this needed to be done during the 12th Month of the current year.  If the barley could get ripe in time, things went 'normal.'  However, if the grain was 'lagging behind' because of cold weather, drought, etc. the year would need an 'extra or leap month' added on as a thirteenth month or Adar II to allow for YHWH to receive the "Required" offering.  THIS WAS/IS YHWH'S WAY OF CO-ORDINATING THE CALENDAR ACCORDING TO THE SEASONS and setting His Feast's.  Note, we are told to watch and not calculate for YHWH's times. (Exodus 14:24, Micah 7:1-4, Ezekiel 33, Mark 13:29-37, Ruth 1:22)      

Month ONE:  Nisan, Aviv or Abib                                         Month SEVEN:  Tishri, or Ethanim
           TWO:  Iyyar                                                                              EIGHT:   Heshwan
       THREE:  Sivan                                                                                NINE:   Kislev
         FOUR:  Tammuz                                                                             TEN:   Teveth
           FIVE:  Av                                                                              ELEVEN:   Shevat
             SIX:  Elul                                                                            TWELVE:   Adar
  * THIRTEEN: Adar II or Adar Bet  (if needed every 4-5 years..Like Leap Year Day... *30 days X 12 = 360 year)
    YHWH's System keeps the New Year in the Spring Months rather than continually falling back 5-6 days a year
                                      and was reset by the barley harvest requirements against His Feast Days.
       Month of Abib or Aviv: (Exodus 13:3-4) (currently called Nisan)   Strongs Concordance #24 Hebrew- Soft ears of ripe grain....'barley'   (these would be squeezable and not hardened into grain... or a more pasty and sticky stage of development  prior to the ripe 'hard' stage)
    **Tekufah:  a a yearly cycle spring to spring.   This word is often misinterpreted to mean equinox but in Jewish thought could be 14-18 days before the equinoxes.  Used to convey the idea of a completed rotation of the constellations.  (This word 'Tekufah' was added for those that  believe the equinox must come before Passover.  It's used four times in the Old Testament)

  Prior to the Babylonian captivity, the Hebrew year began with a month named Abib. (Ex.23:15, Deut. 16:1-3.....during captivity it was changed to the Babylonian name Nisan and is so-called today.)   This was in springtime, either in our March or April depending on the barley crop's development.  This first month was determined by the ripeness or abib condition of  the barley crops' kernels of grain (rice like).  This abib condition was paramount to YHWH's "shadow pictures" of His Son.  Yahshua, in the third Feast of First Fruits / Grains represents the grain offering that was required to be presented to YHWH.  Yah'shua is seen, as a planted seed, coming to life and becoming a 'GREATER NEW PLANT WITH MANY MORE SEEDS.'  (Jn. 6:35....see more on this under First Fruits  below)  So, if the grain was not ripe by Feast Day, there couldn't  be an offering!  Without or until this grain offering, the Children of Israel could not eat from the NEW BARLEY CROP.  (Lev. 23:10-14)   Currently, WITHOUT A TEMPLE AND SACRIFICES, the 21th century "Priesthood doesn't concern themselves with grain ripeness, etc.  They believe in the rituals rather than the "messages" taught in the Feasts' shadow-pictures. 
    Simply put, the barley's head needed to be developed to a milky or pasty stage prior to the beginning of the month.  This ensured that it would be fully ripe or hardened by mid-month when the Feast of First Fruits offering took place.  The barley needed to be ground into flour and mixed with oil to make bread for the burnt sacrifice. (Lev. 2:1)  This bread was offered along with a wine offering.  These are  like Abram's and Melchizedek's bread breaking and Yah'shua's Last Supper sacrament. (Genesis 14:18 & Matt. 26:7-13, 26-29.....ointment was oil mixed with herbs) 

    Remember the woman who poured oil on Yah'shua.   Some of the disciples were "put-off" over it because of its value.  The woman's precious ointment probably had frankincense in it and this is why we are told in Matthew chapter 26 and verses 12-13, "For in that she hath poured this ointment on my body, she did it for my burial.  Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her."   We pray that everyone has her understanding, love and conviction to follow the Rauch  ha Kodesh. (1Sam. 10:1) Her oil and His Flesh/Flour was the "recipe."  Yah'shua uses the word memorial which  is exactly what these Feasts should be, to us today!   This also probably is why in (I Samuel 10:1), when Samuel pours oil over Saul, he says that it wasn't done because he was anointing Saul to be captain over his inheritance.  It was probably done as a shadow picture of Yah'shua's bread offering "recipe."

    Many people are confused about the requirements or timetable for determining the first month of the "Jewish" year.  Some, mistakenly claim that the Spring Equinox is the determining point. This is a SUN CULT idea.  If this were true, then why would Hillel II, 330-365 AD, have had to set-up his complicated calendar that's basically still used today for determining the Jewish New Year and thus the Feast days. The equinoxes occur on the same days all over the earth. The differences being the length of daylight according to the distance north or south of the equator. Hillel's system required an "extra month or thirteenth"  to be added seven times during a 19 year period or cycle.  The sun's twenty-four hour day cycle and moon's twenty-nine days plus cycle have their own rules and don't apply to each other.

    Our "modern"  Gregorian calendar is based on sun positions required for horticulture, pagan religious ceremonies and for "honoring" Roman gods (both men calling themselves gods and their planetary ones.)  (see wikipedia for Roman Calendar, Julian calendar and Gregorian Calendar for more)   YHWH's calendar is a prophetic clock, hidden inside of a series of  timed cycles that tick away revealing  YAH'SHUA'S destiny.  Many of these cycles are astronomical cycles that place certain stars and constellations in definite irreversible locations.  Many of these constellations or planet conjunctions depict or announce Messianic events occurring simultaneously on earth.  (More on this later but see The Gospel in the Stars by Joseph A. Seiss, Mazzaroth by Frances Rolleston, Wheel of Stars by Andrew G. Roth, the DVD The Star of Bethlehem or Mark Biltz's commentaries on the Red Moons of 2014 and 2015 occuring on YHWH's APPOINTED FEASTS DAYS.

     Any farmer can verify, that no matter when a crop is planted, the date for its harvest is never guaranteed.  Think about it.  If  fall is rainy and wet, the crop would have to be planted late or the seed would rot.  If the Spring were wet, dry or cold, that would also affect the harvest. (Matt. 13:3-14)  For these reasons, YHWH regulated the crop's development.  The New Year depended on the new moon sightings and the barley necessary for the offering by mid-month.  "No man knows the hour or day."  "Man would know," if it were the same every year, we could appoint or calculate it..  We're told to watch or observe and not to count or calculate for the New Moons!  This is where the term, "watchmen on the wall," gets its significance.  Then as Now, the 'faithful' watched the sky for actual sightings!

     Today, there are a few major and a few minor "other ways"  to set YHWH's calendar.  The Primary or modern Jewish way is the Hillel II formula.  It was "refined" but is still called by his name.  (see either or both:  Judaism 101: Jewish Calendar...a non-christian or Jewish site for their formula at  or   for a History of the Babylonian & Jewish calculations, etc.)   Importantly, these say that the New Moon is determined by the sighting of the CRESCENT or first actual visual seeing/sighting of the moon AFTER its DARK PERIOD.  This is important because there is a school of thought that says that the New Moon is actually when the DARK PERIOD STARTS or right after the Waning Crescent disappears.  This idea is based on the verses in Genesis where the day starts at sunset.  The followers of this reason: that if the day starts at darkness then the month should follow suit.  (Gen. 1:1-5)  Sometimes we can "outsmart ourselves."   Hillel II's system of calculating the NEW YEAR still remains the basis for todays Jewish Calendars even though they have returned to Israel and could go back to the "Old Way of observing."   MANY, IF NOT MOST, MESSIANIC CONGREGATIONS STILL USE THIS CALENDAR FOR FEAST CALCULATIONS because the original way was "lost" and there's no interest in discovering and or no idea that the current system is Takkanah ( Legal Improvements made by Jewish Authorities to correct YHWH!

      Secondly, the Karaite Jews, also mostly non-christians, have their own system which is based on Old Testament scripture, research and observation. Their system uses the visual sighting of the New Crescent to begin the month.  Among them, there is a "modern sect" in Israel that attempts to plant Barley in the fall and watch for its Abib development each spring. (see for their obsevations)  We, at Melchizedek Pathway, follow their observations, with the exception that we feel that clouds are also determining factors used by YHWH to manipulate the times He's set for His Son's SPECIAL APPEARENCES.  We, at Melchizedek Pathway, believe that YHWH controls the weather, clouds, fog and other events, like volcanoes, " so His Glory is Revealed whenever and however it requires."  So, in months with Feasts in them specifically, the actual sighting of the New Crescent is extremely important.  ANY DELAY would be significant as it would help events, star alignments and Feast days to match.  By doing this, YHWH controls every facet of His time and prevents cult sects from engineering "fables" to suit their fanciful expectations and lies.  He also can determine, if His followers are watching or sleeping. (Mk. 13:32-37, Lk. 21:29-36 & Rev.3:3   ...."Remember therefore thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent.  I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.)  This explains why some sects don't always get to see the results they "expect" on dates they "figure."

     Where does it say that a month can only have a certain number of days?  If one month extends for one or a few extra days because the  New Crescent is hidden by clouds, then the next or New Month would be shortened by the same number because at the next New Moon Sighting, things would be re-established or corrected.  Short or long months with Feasts or without would only cause the DATES of the week, NOT THE DAYS to change.   Yah'shua's birth or death days could have been effected by this and MAY BECOME IMPORTANT because the fall Feast of Trumpets, when studied, looks a lot like a possible RETURN DATE. (Lev. 23:23-25)   YES, WE KNOW ABOUT  MATTHEW 24:36-37 also!  But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but My Father only. But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."  Yes, it needs a New Moon "sighting" to begin the month or bring the First Day Feast. 

    HOWEVER:  The Feast of Trumpets or Yom Teruah is the only Feast that occurs on the first day of the month or at the "occasion of the New Moon" and if it were raining or cloudy, as at Noah's time,.....we wouldn't see the new crescent and most people would "move-on" because of their calculations and might be guilty, of the rest of Matthew chapter 24.  They would think perhaps next year or 30 more years before the correct signs reappear. (1Sam.13:8-14 has a similar story of not waiting on YHWH.) (Matt. 24:48......"But  and if that evil servant shall say in his heart: My LORD delayeth HIS coming:)  Are you one of HIS servants?  (Lk. 19:11-27)   (Rev. 16:15.....Behold, I come as a thief.  Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garment, lest he walk naked, and they see his Adam and Eve were naked without the LAMB'S "skin" covering.  (see Feast of Trumpets for more) 

    THINK ABOUT THIS:  Since these
Feasts are Sabbaths, if the Lamb comes looking and you are not at home observing, what is the penalty?   (Ex. 12:12-14)  Could it be death, like those refusing to put blood on the doorposts or will you just be counted with the bad tares and set apart? 
Who knows?  We do know YHWH has His reasons for everything and keeps His WORD.

Yah'shua MAY have had problems with the way the Priests at the Temple were scheduling Feasts.  In, (John chapter 7), we see "a situation" at the Feast of Tabernacles.   This is Succoth, when "booths, huts, or mangers" were to be built, to live in for a week, in Jerusalem.  This meant, one had to get there early.  Why didn't Yah'shua go up with the disciples?  Was it that the Temple Priesthood had the wrong days set to hold the Feast?  (see verses 6-9)  Let's suppose verse six said, "My time (which is My Father's) is not yet come: but your time (appointed by the hierarchy) is already here."  and verse eight said, "Go ye up to THIS Feast: I go not up yet unto this Feast; for My (Father's) time is not yet fully come."     We do know that the priests did change the Feast Days so they wouldn't have to "work" outside their comfort zones by having too many Feast Days in a row.

   * We cannot and do not want to "re-write" these verses' meanings.  We are just saying "something-was-going-on here" that the Gentile interpreters didn't make clear in their translation and we suggest this MAY have been it.  Please read, (Jeremiah chapter 24) with this in mind.  (Lamentations 2:6) addresses this specifically. **Remember the Jewish "helpers" during the translations wouldn't try to point to Yah'shua as Messiah or "volunteer" information derogatory to themselves.  Spinning the truth didn't start in America.    

     For whatever purpose or reason, the Sanhedrin felt that a restructuring of the way Feasts were set was necessary.  The Romans under Constantius became suspicious of the Jewish communications between the exiles held in captivity (modern Iraq & Iran, etc) and the homeland.  They stopped the fire signalling practices used to communicate dates of months and Feasts, back and forth, between the areas because they felt subversive messages were also being sent.   This caused Israel's religious leaders to "invent a system"  for the dispersed exiles to be able to figure the same Feast dates for themselves wherever in the world they traveled to.  The Hebrew worshipers in the diaspora were unable to observe Barley ripeness (abib conditions) so a purely mathematical equation was devised.  The earth rotates around the sun in an annual cycle of approximately 365 and 1/4 days.  The moon revolves around the earth in approximately 29 and 1/3 days.  Neither of these add up to 360, the degrees in a circle, or 12 months times 30 days precisely. 

    This attributes to questions as to Yah'shua's age at the beginning and end of his ministry.  (Hebrews did not celebrate birthdays.  It was considered a 'pagan sun culture' custom. It was impossible to have one with their fluctuating calendar of 12 or 13 months per year.)  This can  also account for errors in calculating His birth against star conjunctions and eclipses spoken about in the texts.  Years that figured out mathematically didn't have the required "signs."  (Genesis, chapter one) discusses, the sun and moon's creation on the fourth day in verses (14-19).  It's interesting when in (verses 1-5), YHWH divided the light from the darkness on the first day.  Did the 24 hour day and 365 and 1/4 yearly cycles start on the fourth day?  Could this explain other questions in science? 
     Arcturus, Orion and Pleiades, are star constellations, and are discussed in (Job 9:9  and in Job 38:31-32) again along with the Mazzaroth which is the  Hebrew Zodiac or Biblical star placements that contain stories of the Messiah.  We know the stars were also a part of YHWH's clock.  (Over time YHWH's stars and stories became distorted, paganized or changed to fit the egos of civic and religious leaders that sought to put themselves into Yah'shua's seat by claiming to be gods themselves..  Divining or Astrology, using the stars to forecast the future,  is forbidden.  Using Astronomy to validate time and occurrences isn't.  The original star stories probably started between Adam and YHWH after Adam's first sin.  The stars were already established by then.  This shows YHWH knew we would sin and He already had the redemption plan set in the constellations' movements or the Zodiac to coincide with Yah'shua's life, prior to Adam's creation!  Wow, what side are you on?  YHWH created everything but left the choice to us to follow in His WAY or choose an erroneous or self-destruct plan. Are you on His path?) 

   YHWH's system synchronized earth time to His eternal clock.  (Israel's Old Testament sins had caused their earlier dispersions.  Israel again refused to accept their chastisement under Roman Rule and compounded their havoc and prolonged it.)  Yah'shua could have thrown off Roman rule if it had been His Father's wishes or if the Jews had repented and returned to His ways when they returned from captivity.  Yet the prophesies had been told ((see Daniel and others)) and needed to be accomplished.  

  YHWH's system required a Leap-Year concept as well.  Every Spring when 12 months (of 29 days) were up and if the condition of the barley would be un-ripe for First Fruits, then a 13th month was added to the existing year.  This would delay the new year approximately 30 days or until the next New Moon when the Barley would be ripe or suitable for the First Fruits offering .  This system, controlled by YHWH Himself, kept the seasons in PERFECT harmony in Israel, had they followed His Torah.

The Feasts of YHWH :  Three of the seven "Holy Convocations" required all the males to attend the Feasts at the Tabernacle or temple in Jerusalem every year. Passover and First Fruits were usually attended there also because of their close proximity to Unleavened Bread and the long distances from their homes.  Pentecost and Tabernacles were the other two that required male attendance. All seven were Holy Sabbaths of rest and all but Atonement were feasts and festive.  Atonement is a fasting day with no eating or drinking allowed by healthy people.
  *The command to "assemble" on YHWH's three Feasts has been misunderstood or misused.  It is now used by the synagogs and churches to 'force' their flocks to gather every week for services. (Exodus 23:14-17, Hebrews 10:25-28, & Numbers 10:3)

                A beautifully illustrated short but concise book to read about YHWH's Feasts is:
                        The Feasts of the Lord...Gods Prophetic Calendar from Calvary to the Kindgom 
                                       by Kevin Howard & Marvin Rosenthal     ISBN 0-7852-7518-5 

    Passover or Pesach (Exodus 12:1 to13:4, John 6:53, Lev. 23:4-5 & Deut. 16: 1-7)
   Passover comes on the 14th day of the first Month of the year, Abib/Aviv. (Deut. 16:1-12) The first month is now called Nisan. (This Babylonian name for the month was adopted while in captivity and remains in current times.)  PASSOVER IS A SABBATH OF NO WORK BEYOND THE PREPARATIONS OF OBSERVANCE and, like all days, begins at sunset.  Thus after sunset of the thirteenth day the Passover Day Sabbath begins although the meal isn't until around sunset of the 14th day or near its conclusion.  Passover was often included with the Feasts of Unleavened Bread and First Fruits.  These became the first of only three feasts that required all males to assemble in Jerusalem. (Ex.34:23)   On these three occasions the Israelites were "not to come empty handed."  They were to bring their offerings to their GOD.

    Passover got its "acknowledged start" when lambs' blood was placed on the doorposts of the Hebrew slaves' homes with hyssop (Ex 12:22) in Egypt at the Exodus.  YHWH "passed over" all homes of those that displayed this sign.  Even Egyptians or other foreigners in Egypt, at that time, believing in Moses and YHWH's authority and instructions could have been spared the death's of their first-born or eldest children if they displayed the lambs' blood.   However, they were not allowed to EAT of the lamb unless they were circumcised servants of Israel. (Ex. 12:43-45)  (As today, all believers that follow YHWH's Law are accepted by YHWH.  YHWH owns and rules the universe, we are not allowed back into His Kingdom unless we desire and ask for forgiveness.  Adam's sin put us out.) God killed the first-born males of everything else in Egypt as a punishment for Pharaoh's refusal to free Jacob's descendants. (Ex. 4:22-23)  This included all old and young animals and people.  This event is the 'historical' Passover.  (Ex 12:12-13)
      When Egypt refused to "sacrifice" by freeing their Israelite slaves to YHWH 'voluntarily,' YHWH acted on His own to take Egypt's offering from them as their own children and animals. *It probably represented the pagan world's fulfillment of the 'mandatory' offering for the 'Firstborn/First Fruit national offering.   Israel was the first nation redeemed when YHWH reached back down to the world to restore mankind from Adam's sin.  Israel was returned to YHWH as an example for all of us to follow. (Ex. 13:1-3,  15-16, 22: 29, 34: 18-20, Genesis 49:3 & Numbers 3:12-13, 41-51, 33:4)   Egypt made the offering for all gentile nations then.  **This could become a study in itself.  Pharaoh was guilty of wanting to be god and instead of 'remembering' that YHWH had blessed him and his nation through Joseph, he refused to return a part from his abundance or blessing to YHWH freely or as 'requested.'  

    The Israelites had been invited into Egypt 430 years earlier (Ex. 12:40-41) by a grateful Pharaoh as a reward to Joseph for saving Egypt from starvation.  Joseph entered Egypt as a slave.  His jealous brothers sold him to a passing caravan of *Midianite slave traders on their way to Egypt. (Gen. 37) Using his YHWH-given ability, Joseph although in prison, interpreted Pharaoh's dreams of a coming drought.  Pharaoh believed and put Joseph in charge of preparing Egypt.  Joseph collected food for the prophesied drought during abundant years. (Gen. 41)  As monarchs changed and time passed, the new Pharaohs forgot the history of the Hebrews and became envious of their wealth and land. (Gen. 47:11) They made them them slaves.  (Much like modern content Americans, the Isaelites awoke one morning and  found themselves in slavery to their government.) (Exodus 1)    *Moses escaped Egypt by going into Midian and took a wife from there. (Ex. 2:15-22)

    In (Num. 9:1-14) you can read about the Passover and the provisions for those becoming unclean by touching a *dead body.  (*Jesus' dead body would need to be touched years later at Passover.) Joshua (chapter 5) tells about the first Passover in the Promised Land and the miracle about the Jordan River dividing, in a similar fashion as the Red Sea had previously done.  Gilgal, the area where Joshua crossed the Jordan into Israel, is the place where Yah'shua received the Holy Spirit when baptized by John.  Remember, Yah'shua and Joshua are the same name in Hebrew.  In (II Chron. 30:15) we read about King Hezekiah's command to the descendants of Abraham to return to observing Passover and restoring the Priesthood, etc., which was short-lived because again in (II Chron. 34 & 35) King Josiah had the temple cleansed again and resumed the Passover.  

    How many times have we tried to stay on the path and fallen off?  YHWH is faithful, even when we are not.  Yah'shua became the Passover sacrificial lamb or YHWH's Firstborn/First Fruit offering for us. He died on the same day that the Israelites celebrate leaving Egypt (Ex. 12:22, Jn. 19:14-19) in a similar manner and on the same Mount Moriah (Gen. 22: 1-14) where Abraham attempted to sacrifice his son Isaac when a ram appeared, taking Isaac's place.  Since Abraham's son had, like us, inherited Adam's sin, he (unlike Yah'shua) was unacceptable.  Isaac was a blemished lamb, a son of Adam.  This is why Pontius Pilate says, "I find no fault in Him," (Lk. 23:14) when 'inspecting/judging' Yah'shua.  This was the phrase uttered for centuries over every lamb that passed inspection before it was sacrificed. (Ex. 12:5, Lev. 22:17-25)   Pilate uttered these words before the scourging which began the sacrificial slaughtering of Israel's and our "Lamb."

    Yah'shua was like the other sacrificial lambs born in Bethlehem and when found to be spotless by the Priests, became an acceptable offering.  There were two areas in Bethlehem.  Read (Micah 4:8, & 5:2, Matt. 2:1-16, Lk. 2:4-15,  and John 7:42).  You'll  find Yah'shua was born in Bethlehem Ephrata near where Jacob buried Rachel at the time of Benjamin's birth. (Gen. 35: 16-21, & 48:7)  When Herod sent troops to kill the two years old and younger children, we are told Rachel could be heard weeping. (Matt. 2: 12-18)  *Note:  The wise men thought the baby was around two years old by the time they arrived from the east. (Verse 16) 
     (google: 'Tower of the Flock at Bethlehem' or 'Migdal Edar')

     Rachel cried as prophesied. (Jer. 31:15-17)  She was buried near the ancient Tower of Migdal Edar which was a stone circular tower used as a bastion against invaders.  The Tower of the Flock was at a nearby location.  It was shorter and used to watch the flocks of sheep from.  It is currently knocked down.  Today, it's under excavation by Dr. Carl Baugh of Creation Evidence Museum a TBN TV sponsored program.
(google:   ( )  for history and picture of Migdal Edar Tower...

    An early church was built over the Tower of the Flock but has been removed.  Recent excavations show an underground cellar area with three chambers.  One of these chambers was a birthing area for lambs and is probably the "manger" written about in scripture.  (Lk. 2:7-12)  (We must remember, a Jewish woman was unclean during childbirth and would not have been able to have her child in an Inn or a home. There were separate birthing facilities.)  (Lev.12:1-3, Lk. 2:22, Ex. 13:13-20)   Mary had to redeem her first born male son. She would have been required  to have Him circumcised on the eighth day,also. (Gen. 17:9-13)   *(Modern medicine has determined that on the eighth day of a child's life there are more natural antibiotics in the child's blood than at any other time in life.  How did Abraham know this without divine knowledge?)  See: Tabernacles/Sukkot below

    The point being, Yah'shua was born in the city of David's birth and in the area where all ceremonial lambs were raised during the second temple period.  He entered Jerusalem on the "so-called Palm Sunday" (Lk. 19:28-40, & Jn. 12:12-18), riding a young donkey (Zec. 9:9) that started the four day lamb examination period (Ex. 12:1-6) that ended on Wednesday after the Priests, Herod and Pilate had examined Him. (Daniel 9:27) Jesus explained the 'next' ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION spoken of by Daniel in (Matt. 24:15) will be a future time when anti-Christ appears and tries to duplicate or claim Yah'shua's throne.  (Perhaps by sitting on the 'recovered' Arc of the Covenant, having 'microwave/lazer fire', etc. come down from a drone or satellite to light his offering fire, by faking his death wound and 'recovering' or just taking over the dead body of the "Man of Sin.")  (Rev. 13:12-18) , (1 Kings 18:23-39, 2 Kings 1:10-15, & II Chron. 7:1-3) ,,,,

                                                                       AS A 2015 SIDE NOTE
During the late 20th Century and now the early 21st Century AD there has been, since the Official National return of the Jewish people and the re-establishment of the Nation of Israel in 1948, several world leaders that have visited Israel in the 'Spring Season.'  Pope Paul VI visited Israel briefly (11 hours) at Megido in January of 1964.  He may have been getting the lay of the land for future battles.....ha, ha.  However, he avoided Jerusalem.  It was a hostile and divided city with the PLO forming their political base there. (The Vatican would soon thereafter recognize the PLO as the legitimate representative government of the Palestinian people living in Israel.  Following that, in 2015 Pope Francis has recognized the Palestinian State that would cause Israel to turn some of  their's and YHWH's land over to modern day descendants of the Canaanites, Philistines and Edomites.  This  would cause Jerusalem to be divided or come under INTERNATIONAL CONTROL.  Israel has also "seeded" jurisdiction of "the Upper Room" which is over top of David's Tomb to the Vatican along with other Jerusalem property locations.
Following Pope Paul VI three more Popes have visited Israel around YHWH's Passover season.  (They were obviously celebrating 'their' Pagan Easter affiliations to Passover and the Messiah's crucifixion)  Pope John Paul II visited in March of 2000, Pope Benedict XVI visited in May of 2009 and Pope Francis, the first ever Jesuit Pope, visited in May 2014. 
During Pope Francis's visit he and the Eastern Orthodox's Patriarch Bartholomew joined to celebrate mass together in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where they believe Yah'shua died or was buried or......(at least the place Emperor Constantine the Great's mother Saint Helena chose during her 326-328 AD visit in the Fourth Century.  She rejected the site where Hadrian had built a temple to either Venus or Saturn over an earlier "church" supposedly built at the burial site)  Also, this mass was the first occasion for the Heads of the two 'offshoots' or 'Legs' from Constantine's endeavor for World Religion to re-unite or meet since their splitting apart in 1054 AD.  (one of the points for the division was over what form of bread should be used in the Eucharist.   The Western Empire was for unleavened bread while the Eastern or Byzantine half of the Roman Empire was for leaven bread or bread made with yeast.  (This makes us wonder which Eucharist Menu was used in 2014.  Since this church is now the  property and headquarters of the Greek Patriarch of Jerusalem, it would seem to be his decision. The other organizations that worship there do so by the Patriarch's favor.....This site is also believed to be where the Temple Treasures, taken by Titus back to Rome in 70 AD, are currently housed after they were recaptured from barbarians that ransacked the Vatican and took them to Africa.)  Of course, there were other issues that helped bring about the split like the Latin language in the West and Greek in the East, and, finally, Rome's overt corruption which had for decades been caused by politically prominent and wealthy families' appointments.  These came to a head when the Western Empire had three Popes vying for power.   In 910 AD, the Germanic or Frankish section of the Empire had had enough with the Vatican's improprieties and William the Pious was declared Pope and established a monestary "vatican" in Cluny, France with the help of local nobles.  Back in Rome, a thirteen year old boy, Pope Benedict IX, was elected and continued with the blatant corruptions and was "forced" to sell his office to Gregory VI and then later reneged and demanded it back around 1033 AD.  This episode in church history was called Simony, getting its name from Acts chapter 8 where Simon Agus tried to purchase Peter's power of the Holy Ghost.   These 'matters', in Rome, were settled when Pope Leo IX (or Leo of Ohrid) was elected in 1054 AD.  He immediately tied to "centralize" the Pope's power throughout the two Empires at Rome.  His emissary, Cardinal Humbert was dispatched to Constantinople to "explain" the the military and religious "situation" to Patriarch Michael Cerularius.  Michael failed to agree "to the terms" and Cardinal Humbert excommunicated him.  Michael in turn excommunicated Humbert and Pope Leo but too late because Pope Leo had already died of the "mysterious Vatican Syndrum that had been going around" and resurfaced  again with John Paul I catching it in 1978 AD....   In 1965 Pope Paul VI and Athenagoras, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople 'made-up" and both nullified their predecessors excommunication edicts as a gesture of "goodwill."  To somewhat equalize the 'Playing Field', we'd like to say that many early church  fathers such as Clement of Alexandria, Athanasius and Origen were Eastern Empire heavy weights accepted throughout the church prior to the division.)      
The primary split was caused by the western portion of the Roman Empire's or the Bishop of the Vatican's claim to be the "GREAT FATHER, Papa or POPE of the WORLD'S CHRISTIAN RELIGION.   (Obviously, Constantine,  hadn't bother to inform his Eastern christian brothers of this decision when he left Rome and joined them in his new capital city of Constantinople.  Costantine ruled one empire.  The split-up of the empire didn't occur until  centuries later.
But to closeout this side note, for those trying to find the Anti-Christ, US President Obama also visited Israel during the spring  Passover' season' in May of 2013. You can figure this as you think appropriate.  

.Back to Passover:
   The Temple Priests were returning to Jerusalem with the Passover lambs when Yah'shua entered the city ahead of them on the 10th of Abib.  A crowd was waiting for this yearly ceremonial return from Bethlehem with the lambs by the Priests when Yah'shua's followers began shouting, "Blessed be the King, etc."  The Scribes and Pharisees told Yah'shua to quiet them.  He told them that, this day was 'long awaited' and if necessary the stones would cry out in celebration.   (Lk. 19:40)  Pagan Christians equate this occurrence with Palm Sunday. The, first day of the week, is probably correct because Yah'shua was sacrificed on Wednesday afternoon after being inspected by everyone for the required four days and for cleaning His Fathers house of LEAVEN or the money changers, etc. during that time. 

   In (Ex. 12:43-51), we see that no bones were to be broken on the lamb and likewise no bones of the Messiah were broken. (Jn 19:36) The Roman custom was to break a condemned person's legs while hanging on a cross to hurry the expiration process, if time was short.  Once the legs were broken, the "crucified" had no way to push themselves up to fill their lungs with air and breathe.  This practice was normal when there were many prisoners to crucify or time was getting short.  This was done to the other two men that died on crosses that day because the Sabbath day of Unleavened Bread was about to begin and it was unlawful or unclean for Jews to leave a body out during the observance of this festival.  Yah'shua was already dead when the soldiers came to break His legs.  Instead, He was stabbed with a spear to see if He was "playing possum."  He was dead as witnessed. (Jn 19:31-36)  The Romans drove spikes between the bones of the hand and feet of those condemned to cross crucifixion.  This process kept the wounds from tearing out and allowing the bodies to fall from the crosses.  This was an Army way of sacrificing to their deity Mithra.  (John 20:19-29)  *  Saint Helena supposedly found the "ropes" used on Christ during the crucifixion and left them with a Catholic church in Cyprus where they remain today.....?

     Only YHWH could have orchestrated this complicated, yet precise record of events spread over centuries using a cast of thousands that both loved and hated Him.  Think about it!  (It was written in the 'real star' constellations at creation...'if you will.')  YHWH exists and is smiling down on you now if you get it! (Gen 22, Ex 12, II Chr 2:1, Matt 17-19, 26:26-29, 14:12-25, Lk 2:7-8 & 15, 22:15-20, Jn 1:29, 3:16, 6:32-58, I Cor 5:7)   He will not be denied.  YHWH rules and wants you to join Him by accepting this centuries old story enacted by His Son, Yah'shua, on earth's stage two thousand years ago.

     TODAY:   Passover is a Sabbath with no work allowed except for preparations.  It is sometimes called the day of preparation (of the lamb) or seder. (Lk. 23:54)  It's observed in the home or a family setting in a hall or synagogue.   Non-Jewish Christians should observe only the bread and wine "communion" service as Yah'shua asked in (Matt: 26:28, Ex. 12:45).  (Matt. 26:26-29) explains how the New Testament is started "that night."  Yah'shua became the Melchizedek Priest/King of (Gen. 14:17-19).  It's the same bread and wine ceremony Abraham saw as the final redemption of his people.  Please break bread with Yah'shua. (Jn. 12:23-50)  He arose from death or the ground alive as a new grain seed becomes a new plant at germination. This depicts the "Bread of Life" analogy.  (Jn. 15:1-17 & 20:11--21:13, Isa. 53-55:13)  (First Fruits depicts the dead grain coming back to life and producing much more good seed or fruit)

     *(Some Christians take exception with wine or alcohol drinking and deny Yah'shua would have drank wine.  The fact is that Passover is a spring Feast and grapes do not ripen until later in Israel, so He would have had to have drank wine.  He'd have to have drank it at some time, if not that year, then at all the previous Passovers He would have attended, etc. unless He'd taken a Nazarite vow to abstain.(Num. 6:1-6)  Wine is a blessing.  Drunkenness is the curse.
   **Yah'shua was sometimes referred to as having lived in the village of Nazareth.  This village until modern times never existed but may have been an 'area' where worshipers of the Nazarite Sect may have lived 'separately' from 'other' Jews. (like Qumran and the Essenes)  This would explain Yah'shuas' parents' making an offering at his birth of turtle doves.  (Num. 6:10, Lk. 2:21-24)  Remember:  John the Baptist probably was a Nazarite (Lk. 1:15) and Paul was accused of being one. (Acts 24:5)  Paul also shaved his head before going to the temple. (Acts 21:22-27)   Another study for another day.  (Yes, we know the Bible speaks of a village of Nazareth...but this is an incorrect translation or 'forced fit' by translators trying to make their ideas fit God's mold.)
     Yah'shua said, "John the Baptist is Elias/Elijah," and that all the law and prophets prophesied until him.  (Matt. 11:7-19)  The 'New Testament' "transition began" at Yah'shua's baptism (Matt. 3:13-17) when the dove-like Holy Spirit descended upon Him.  The"transition period ended" at the Cross.  The temple veil was torn open, consequently we can speak with GOD, through His Son, as Moses was able to speak with YHWH in the wilderness.  (Ex.34:34)  NOW, we are under our Priest/King as priests ourselves, able to go directly to Yah'shua for our forgiveness, without animal (symbolic) sacrifices.  SEE!  Yah'shua was able to forgive sin, in this "transition period." (Mk.2:5-12, Matt. 9:13 & Matt. 12:28-32)   **Adding the foot washing service (John 13:1-17) is a nice touch to this ceremony but not required.  It's a beautiful "example" for us all to observe in our daily walk and lives.  (So much  for Big-shots!)    

See the Melchizedek sections for further proofs...........

   As previously mentioned, GENTILE believers, doing the Passover "SEDER" today in any form besides the Bread and Wine or Foot Washing ceremonies, are denying that Yah'shua came already:   Scripture says, that unless we are Abraham/Israel born, we're not to do Passover alone without descendants/Jews present anyway. (Ex. 12:43-45, Deut. 16:11, Num. 9:14,)   This is because it represented Israel's escape from Gentile Egypt and SIN. (Jos. 5:10-12)

    Manna was taken away from Israel at Gilgal and given to the world at the "Last Supper" in the form of unleavened bread or Christ's sinless Body. (John 6:32-58, Mk. 14:22, Jn. 16:7-16, Matt. 26:26 & 55-56, Lk. 23:34)  The world's sins were "released"  on the Passover of Yah'shua's death.  Passover was intended to prophesy Yah'shua.  Putting cut or broken lamb bones on a plate shows another "messiah" as ours was not to have His bones broken.  Tossing them into the garbage at the end of the Seder isn't "EXACTLY" the same as "burning them all up" either.  Duh.  Think about what you are depicting in your zeal to "PLAY PASSOVER."  Remember, your Jewish elders do not see Yah'shua or their Messiah in these Feasts.  Their rabbis will do anything to discredit or 'confuse' the reality of Yah'shua' memory or mission.  (Jn. 19:30-37, Ex. 12:46, Num. 9:12, Psm. 34:19-20)   Non-believing Israelites deny Yah'shua and seek through their "Hierarchy" to disprove Him every way and chance they can.  Don't give them 'your blessing' or the satisfaction of watching you ignorantly following their CUSTOMS of denial. 

     Looking out of  the door or window for Elias/Elijah also denies Yah'shua, as He said, "that John was Elias/Elijah." (Mal. 3:1-9 & Matt. 11:9-15)  Many Jewish believers continue to hold to their "traditions" learned as children in non-believing families. They mix the second coming of Elias/Elijah and the two witnesses with the first coming of Elias'/Elijah's spirit through John the Baptist.  John was the Elias/Elijah of the Messiah's first coming. (Matt. 3:1-6 & Isa. 40:1-11)  Mainstream Rabbis deny Yah'shua's life and hope their Messiah will come at the end of the age when they expect Him to appear for the first time!  Those accepting the First Coming are now Priests. The others still have scales over their eyes and can't see clearly as Esaias prophesied.  (Isa.6:9-10)  Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit/the New Manna come down from Heaven. (Gen.16:15, John 6:32-58)   Wake up, accept it and walk-on in the HOLY SPIRIT of the New Testament/Covenant, which is the renewing of the original Melchizedek Priesthood. (Heb. 9:1-28)  See studies on Melchizedek. 

    ***Note: The "supposed spear," that pierced Yah'shua that day while on the cross, was said to have been owned by the soldier Gaius Cassius, who later became known as Longinus. (Jn. 19: 33-34 & 1 Jn.5:6)  (We believe this legend is a corruption of facts and is being used similarly to the Holy Grail nonsense being spun by Dan Brown about Mary Magdelene's womb.  This mentality perverts the real facts and gets us to accept myths that only help the Anti-Christ's claim to the throne of King David.)  Today, some believe that the spear is on display in Vienna, Austria and was once captured by Adoph Hitler in 1938 and returned to the Hapsburg Museum after WWII.  Prior to that, it is believed to have been owned by Roman Emperors and Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire as a charm.  Pagans and occultists believe that whoever owns it can rule the world.   This spear is probably a hoax and satanic.  The myths surrounding it certainly are.

NOTE!  As we now see these "SHADOW PICTURES" unfold from Old Testament Historical stories portrayed
prophetically as images on bedsheets hung over ropes in a darknened room with a light on behind the 'actors,' we now see
Yah'shua' life unfold.  We can turn off the light on the "prophecy side" and turn it on behind Yah'shua so that the stories can be shown backwards to the Old Testament Patriarchs in fulfillment.  Matthew chapter 11

Bread (Matzot) This is the SECOND Feast and begins on the 15th of Abib (Nisan) or the evening of the 14th day.  Passover, was one Feast of YHWH.   Unleavened bread was eaten at the Passover Meal usually at the start of the 15th day. Because of these two Feasts being 'together' they are often not viewed separately as YHWH intended.  The seven days of Unleavened Bread do not start until the 15th. (Lev. 23:6-8, Deut. 16:13, John 6:32-58) Since no work was to be done on the first or the last days of this festival, YHWH again put into His divine plan reasons not understood at the time.  (see First Fruits)  The Hebrews were forced to leave Egypt quickly at the Exodus and in doing, took with them their bread dough mixtures.  (Exodus 12:34)    

     Traveling jostled the dough and prevented the dough from rising.   Both sourdough and yeast fermentation recipes require their dough to lay untouched or idle for a period of time in order for the gases caused by the fermentation process to inflate the bread.  This is somewhat like blowing up a balloon.  Yeast fermentation "spoiled" the bread and was equated as the same as sin.  Obviously, the baking process destroyed the bacteria in the fermented bread.  The idea was a little leaven (sin) goes throughout the dough and spoils it all eventually.   This Egyptian custom of baking fluffy bread was 'picked-up' by the Hebrews while there.  Read Paul's thoughts. (1 Cor. 5:1-8)  Cast off the pagan ways associated with Easter or Astarte that hide Yah'shua's true messages to us. 

    In remembrance of this food, the Festival gets its name.  Today, when observing this Festival, modern Jews have a custom of cleaning out or purging all of the leavened bread and crumbs from their cupboards and homes in preparation for this holiday.  This ritual is usually done with the children's involvement and is completed prior to Passover.   The process is likened to cleansing our sinful natures and symbolically removing it from our homes and families prior to the beginning of this Holiday period.  Could this be the origin of 'Spring Cleaning?  Remember how Yah'shua cleaned His Father's House by throwing out money changers and crooked merchants that sold blemished animals to unsuspecting pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem's Temple for Feasts or sin offerings.  These were unfit for sacrifice. They'd also bring money to buy the animals at the Temple when they arrived.  Since, it was unclean to bring pagan images into the Temple for tithing or free will offerings, they had to use the crooked money changers to exchange their coins, stamped with Pagan images on them for the unmarked Jewish coins that were blanks of various weights.  Their weights didn't measure up and cheated the pilgrims and the Temple of intended offerings.  Don't cheat yourself by accepting Pagan holidays as Roman Catholics, Protestants that didn't know to go back before Rome to the real "old fashion religion" and the Greek or Eastern Orthodox followers have by replacing this Feast of YHWH with Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesdays, Ash Wednesdays and Lenten services.  These all have pagan origins and counterpart theologies...see any dictionary, encyclopedia  or google them in Wikipedia.)
    We must say that ham eating, (unclean pork and fromTammuz's death celebration feast), parades with new clothes and hats with spring flowers, and colored eggs, etc. have no place in YHWH's observances. All of these have pagan fertility roots.   (Dt. 18:9-13, II Chr. 7:19-22, Psm. 1:1-6, 81:8-16, 119:97-128  Jer. 10, 25:6-17, Ezek. 11:12-21, Dan. 3:28-29, Prov. 21:)  All this "paganism" gets its identification and origin from Babylon and the "Sexually oriented" Spring Fertility observances that YHWH chastised Israel for adding to His Temple Services. They have MATERIAL OR WORLDLY WEALTH at their core!   These pagan observances smack right in the face of the original idea of sin-cleansing that YHWH is trying to show through Yah'shua's death.   Remember Paul's admonition about clinging to old ways.  Many christians have returned to their former fornication.   (1 Cor.5 & 6)  See Easter, Sol Invictus  COME OUT OF HER!  Celebrating like this glorifies prosperity or wealth versus spiritual wealth.  All the pagans were asking their 'gods' for a better harvest or more wealth.  They looked to the wrong source. (Luke 12:15-21)  Beware of the "Prosperity Gospel Preachers!"  YHWH's Feasts are not about grain.  They are about Yah'shua and spiritual salvation.  Grain or flour is not the 'aim of this parable.'

     Yah'shua (John 6:26-58) explains YHWH's plan.  In (Luke 22:12-30,) we can read about His final enactment of it during the "Last Supper."  (*Note:  Carrying water was women's work but in  (Lk. 22:10) we see where a man was carrying a pitcher 'of water.'  This was a Nazarite custom.)  Today, in remembrance of Yah'shua, we re-enact this Passover Meal and Unleavened Bread Ceremony by holding a "Communion Service."  It consists of only the bread and wine.  It depicts the fulfillment or end of the "shadow picture phase of Prophecy" and the beginning of the new actual fulfillment that Yah'shua spoke about as His Own Life and Death. (**Yah'shua washed the disciples' feet.  This was slaves', servants', or women's jobs. This raises the Nazarene question again....)
    He read a partial scripture in the 'Nazareth' Synagogue. (Luke 4:16-30 & Isaiah 61:1-2)  It is a prophecy about Himself.  He stopped during verse two because the final part of the chapter was about things after His death.  He knew it would be fulfilled upon His return two thousand years later at the end of this age after the gentiles had learned about Him and many had accepted Him. (He knew that some Gentiles would boast about 'their salvation' and seek to deny the Jewish roots of  'their' faith.)  They'd soon scorn the original Jewish Christians and change the message to suit their pagan beliefs.  Isaiah tells the Jews, "not to worry" that once the 'harvest ended' they'd be doubly rewarded for their work and service in spreading the 'GOSPEL' outside and beyond the Jewish circle of non-believers.  Note: The final verse of Isaiah chapter 61 is a "grain parable or Bread of Life Teaching."  This is what might have 'peeved' the worshipers in the Synagogue.

   These Israelites couldn't accept Yah'shua because 'their religion' was centered around their false Talmudic traditions. The Torah, Prophets, etc. were  just words or weekly readings to them.  They didn't take YHWH at His word.  They had their own sayings or Talmud they followed.   They couldn't or wouldn't accept who He is!  So, He explained how a prophet, Himself, wouldn't be accepted in His own village.  How sad this was.  He knew, he wouldn't be heard or accepted by His neighbors, play-mates, friends or nation, as a whole, until later.  This didn't stop Him from doing His Father's work.  He loved His Father YHWH's Tree and knew some Gentiles would be grafted into it and that then it would bear the intended fruit of all followers from all nations. The roots of that tree are the Old Testaments.
    PLEASE READ:  (John 4:34, 6:26-63, & 19:30)   We honor Yah'shua by doing this New Meal at the Same Old Feast Time each year because He became the FINAL SACRIFICE and it's no longer a future prophetic event.  (Matt. 26:28, Mark 14:24, & Luke 22:20)  By annually repeating these Feasts we keep the story alive.  We are told to do them forever.  If they are tedious or boring to you, you won't enjoy YHWH's eternity.   Satan's eternity may suit you better as it should be more 'colorful' with its residents more 'normal' or to your liking.

      In (Joshua 5:11-12) we see how YHWH takes away the manna that was given for food to the exiles and replaces it with real food from the Promised Land.  This was plan 'A's' conclusion.  Plan 'B' commenced.  Yah'shua initiated plan 'C' (the Melchizedek order) by becoming the spiritual manna for both Jews and Gentiles.  Plans A & B together were the 'learning phases' of  GOD's salvation plan.  YHWH initiated these at the fall of Adam for us.  Although, taking years to fulfill, this plan has given us an umbilical cord back to Him as the only true God and not the ones invented by men.  Yah'shua has freed us from sin as YHWH freed the Hebrews from Egypt or a pagan lifestyle. (Ex 12:2-18 & 39 & 13:9) ((a sign)) ).  Remember, Yah'shua was baptized and received the Holy Spirit (our modern day manna) at the same place called Gilgal, where Joshua and the Israelites stopped getting their manna years earlier as they finally entered the Promised Land. (1 Cor. 5: 7-8)

First Fruits is found in (Leviticus verse 23:10-14).  This Holy day was to occur on the first day after the weekly Sabbath (Saturday). So, First Fruits is always on a Sunday, the first day of the week.  (Many Christians try to justify Sunday Sabbath keeping. "in honor" of the SUNDAY resurrection.  This is not scriptural.  Yet, they don't observe or know about First Fruits and have already replaced it, they think, with Easter Sunday services which is not 'connected to Passover observances,' but is a pagan festival determined by the spring equinox.)   

sheaf/bundle of grain from the new Barley harvest was to be presented to YHWH along with a lamb and other burnt offerings.  This grain was to be waved symbolically and is similar to our tithe concept of today. This first cut of the finest Barley was presented to the Lord similar to Yah'shua's concept of separating the wheat from the tares. (Matt 13:24-30)  It represented the Messiah, the bread from heaven, who would die and become the first man accepted by YHWH in His harvest of men.  (Jn.12:20-32 & 20:1-17)  Yah'shua became the Firstfruits (I Cor. 15:20-23) of men and those who chose to understand, accept this truth and follow YHWH.  Again, this is not about getting a better grain or food crop harvest.  We are told YHWH will provide for us if we keep His "seventh year land Sabbath."  (Lev. 25:1-13 & 26:1-18)   Believers are the harvest and should work to bring other people into this harvest. (Matt. 9:37-38, 13:23-30) 

    Yah'shua said, He'd be in the grave for three days.  (Matt. 12:38-41, Jn. 2:18-21, I Cor. 15:1-4)   Some people had to touch Him while taking Him down and placing Him in the tomb. (Num. 9:6-12, 19:16-22)    (Yah'shua ALSO represented the Red Heifer of (Num. 19:1-10).  The Red Heifer was supposedly burned outside of the Gates of Jerusalem during the temple period and on the Mt. of Olives somewhere.)  He said, (Matt:26:29)  He wouldn't drink wine or touch the fruit of the vine until He was in the Kingdom.  He was probably fulfilling some aspect of the Nazarene vows (of Num.6:1-4)  prior to presenting Himself to the Heavenly Tabernacle.  (He'll have to explain it to us when He returns because most of the significance of these ceremonies is currently lost)   The people placing Him in the tomb such as Joseph of Arimathaea  (Matt. 27:55-61) were unclean for a week. (Lev. 5:3, Num.19:11-22)   Only men were "required" to attend the three feasts at Jerusalem. (Ex. 23:14-17)   (I Cor 15:4, Jn 2:19, Jonah 1:17) 

    The point is that YHWH had this plan in motion way back at the Exodus and before Abraham and Isaac. Yah'shua (Jesus) is the Messiah depicted in this Feast.   He died late Wednesday afternoon and was hurriedly interred just prior to sunset, lay in the grave Thursday, (an Unleavened Bread Sabbath, no work) Friday (couldn't touch a dead body because would be unclean for weekly Sabbath/Saturday, (regular Sabbath, no work) and resurrected sometime later during the night between the seventh and first day of the week. (Any time after sunset becomes the next day to the Jews) Thus on the first day of the week or
Sunday/Firstfruits which "undoctored" is also a Sabbath of no work except for cutting, bundling and presenting the barley sheaf wave offering, if not prepared prior

    ****(Forget about the pagan "good Friday" which comes from 'Dagon, the grain and fish god of Nineveh in Jonah's day and the Philistines. (Judg. 16: 23-31, & I Sam. 5:2-7)   Ancient  (2500 BC) Dagon worship was an enemy of YHWH.  Dagon mentality still 'hangs-on' with people that eat fish on Friday, his day, and continue to wear its priests' hat.  (Pope's two peak Mitre)   Google:  (, &   This is not what Yahshua was referring to in (Lk 11:29).  The eating of fish on Fridays still commemorates, to those stuck in the past, this 'mix-mash' of paganism whether they know it or not.  It's funny, but legend has it that the American Indians taught the Pilgrims to plant corn/maize and to fertilize the seeds, at planting, with fish.  Who knows the origin of these fertility harvest festivals.  When does practicality stop and 'worship' begin?  It hides in our culture like snakes in grass.  Pagan customs aren't cute or harmless.  They are deadly to those professing to love and know Yah'shua.)

     YHWH had everything planned down to that week, year, hillside, group of people, and man, of virgin birth, so that we could be saved from sin and death. (I Cor. 15:)  Satan, had also started his "counter-Yah'shua-spin" approximately 2500 years earlier in the same region with Canaanite filthy heathen fertility sun solstice celebrations and sacrifices! (Jos. 3:10, Jos. 16:10)  Don't learn the ways of the heathen and you won't be duped into falling into the sewer of lies that Satan tries to spread.  (Jer. 10:  & 16:16-21)  One drop of ink blackens a large cup of milk.  Since, the Israelites failed to completely destroy the Canaanites they became polluted by their customs through marriages and co-existence.  Israel's peace was removed and they ultimately were driven into captivity outside of the land.

    *AS AN INTERESTING NOTE:  Yah'shua would have resurrected from the grave on the seventeenth day of the first month of Abib/Aviv. (The Firstfruit Day that Year.   Prior to the Exodus the months of the year began in the fall for ALL PEOPLE.  In (Ex. 12: 1-3) we see where YHWH told Moses that from 'then on' Israel was to begin their year in the spring during the month of Abib or MONTH ONE (1).  So.....In (Genesis 8:4) we see Noah's Ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat on the seventeenth day of the SEVENTH (7) MONTH.   YHWH landed Noah safely on the SAME DAY OF THE YEAR THAT HIS SON YAH'SHUA ROSE FROM THE GRAVE.  TA DA!  the old 7th month became the new 1st month after the Exodus.   You didn't hear that is Sunday School because they don't study from a Hebrew perspective.  They study from a Roman perspective and Roman Pagan Calendar. 

     Why don't many of our friends accept Christianity? The answer is, when mixed with paganism, it stinks like fish and doesn't add-up either.  Example; Friday night to Sunday morning doesn't total to three days, at any count.  (Friday evening to Saturday evening equals 24 hours and Saturday evening to noon Sunday equals 20 which totals "graciously" 44 hours and makes either Yah'shua or someone a liar!  The truth will set you free    (Jn 8:31-32).   Yah'shua is the Hebrew Messiah and we have to look at Him in that context, not in a homogenized way.  Blind faith is great but truth is truth.  There is no doubt which god is God.  It's the God of Abraham, YHWH, not allah, of the 7th century AD.  The question is, why do we try to make it so complicated?   It's simple.  YHWH loves us from eternity to eternity and Satan is a liar and wants to corrupt the word of God.    Don't let him get you, follow only the truth and let the lies of our ancestors, friends or whomever be on their heads. (I Cor. 10:19-22)  Judge righteously for yourselves.  Please read these verses to see the truth here. (Ex 13:2, 12-15, 22 & 29, 34:19-26, Deut 18:4, 26:2, Num 3:13, 18:15-16, Jn 20:19-21, Matt 27:52-53, Rom 5:17-19, 8:23, Jas 1:18, Rev 7:1-17, Dan 12:2, Jn 5:28-29, Matt 3:12, 13:37-43, Lk 2:23)

Pentecost: Feast Of Weeks
(Shabuot or Shavuot... the Hebrew word for fifty.)  You can find it in (Lev. 23:15-22.)  This Holy day takes place 49 days after First Fruits "sunday" or the 50th day after the weekly Sabbath that ends Passover week. That makes both Fruitfruits and Pentecost fall on the FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK or modern Sunday. (Actually, First Fruits is always on the day after the weekly Sabbath (verse 15) and counting 50 days from then, again always makes Pentecost fall on another first day of the week.)
    Following whatever weekday Passover is on any year, the seven weeks end on a Sabbath and the 50th day is the next day, a Sunday again.  (Start counting on Sunday to Saturday = 7 days X 7 = 49 or Saturday / Sabbath again.)  *Some Jewish sects always hold Firstfruit on the 16th of the month of Nisan based on Hillel's 'calculated' calendar.  This obviously changes Pentecost also.  THIS IS A WRONG APPLICATION OF THE TERM SABBATH.  (YES, The Feast of Unleavened Bread is a Sabbath day, but it would have been called a "High Sabbath Day" because it was a Feast Day and not a weekly Sabbath.  This is now deliberately taught so as to "prove that" Yah'shua wasn't in the grave three days or didn't Resurrect on a 'first' day of the week as Christians teach.  

   WOW!.....The offering was two loaves of leavened wheat bread.  Traditionally, this completed both the barley and wheat harvests.  (To many people, these represent both Jew and Gentile (Eph 2:11-19).  Jewish Rabbis (Book of Jubilees c200 bce) believed that this was the day on which YHWH descended on Mt. Sinai to give Moses the Law or commandments. (Exodus 19 verses 1, 11, & 16)  So, starting about the 14th of the first month with 16 remaining days and adding 30 for the second month gets us to (Exodus 19:1 with) an approximate total of 46 and add 1 (verse 10) to clean-up and three (verse 11) to remain sanctified equals 50 or VERY CLOSE!  If true, then YHWH gave His Commandments on the 'same day' that years later He gave His Holy Spirit to those that understood and accepted what was first accomplished at Sinai in words or writing.   In Jerusalem, YHWH gave the Holy Spirit to those that had accepted His Son Yah'shua as the Messiah.

    So, how can worshipers today claim to receive the Holy Spirit when they willfully deny the Lord's Sabbath or 4th Commandment as given on Mt. Sinai or willfully break any others?  (Sure, Gentiles received the Holy Spirit as evidenced by Peter.  However, they were 'Observant Gentiles.'  (Acts 10:1-3)  Note, in verse 2, Cornelius is called "a devout man" and only prayed to GOD or YHWH.  In verses 34-36, Peter explains that the Gentile (Second loaf) would be acceptable IF THEY FEARED YHWH and understood that the Old Testament pointed to Yah'shua.  This WORD given at Sinai (Ex. 20) along with (Lev. 17:10-14) should exclude many Of the "McDonald's Believing" (blood eating) Christians from any REAL Holy Spirit Gifts.  Yah'shua answered the Question: Which is the Greatest Commandment? (Matt. 22:36-38)   Yah'shua answered, "Love YHWH with your whole heart, soul and mind." Who today does that when we make 'EXCUSES' for not following the LAW?   He identified and warned these 'do-gooders' in Matthew chapter 13.  Acts chapter 13 explains how the Gentiles were already in the synagogues when he arrived and when they heard the WORD/GOSPEL of Yahshua they believed.  They weren't ignorant of the OLD TESTAMENT.  They were believers and keepers.  Acts 15:17-21 is James' advice to Gentiles WANTING to be Christian.  He stated 'how to start' and that the Law is read in the synagogues every Sabbath, for LEARNING WHO YHWH AND YAH'SHUA ARE.  They go hand in hand.  You can't make up your own "stuff" and claim the Holy Spirit gave it to you.  Read Psalms 119.  This was "legitimately" given by the Holy Spirit.  It doesn't sound like much we hear today!  YHWH is the same forever.  The "church" changed YHWH's words not Paul.  Paul only said "some things required by Jews (because of Abraham's Covenant) were not applicable to gentiles.  The TEN COMMANDMENTS ARE APPLICABLE ALONG WITH JAMES' ADVICE.  Please stop Satan from tricking you as he did Eve.  It's the same 'Tree of Life."   It requires the same obedience!  

       Later, (in Acts 2), the Holy Spirit descended upon the believers, allowing or anointing them to communicate in other languages, with tongues of fire rising from them.  These voices were used to further or embellish understanding and not to confuse or confound it.  Be wary of false teachers that claim this "gift" and mumble gibberish without the telltale fire, of YHWH's spirit evidenced as flames or tongues of fire as seen at the First Pentecost (Acts 2:3 and said to be evidenced again in the last days (Acts 2:19), also at Mt. Sinai (Ex. 19:18), the burning bush (Ex. 3:2-3) and as a pillar of fire leading the nation in the wilderness.(Ex. 14:19-20)  (Matt: 13: is different.  Yah'shua spoke in parables because he didn't want to let the "cat out of the bag" so that unschooled, unable and unskilled "preachers could start preaching half truths in His day.)  Remember, YHWH is trying to communicate with His people during these occasions and is not 'showing-off.'  Yes, 'sometimes' the language of heaven is spoken as a witness by someone BUT another person should  interpret the message. (Joel 2:28) 

     Yah'shua speaks of sending a comforter (John 14:15-21) and only asks that we keep His laws.  He says, those that love Him, He'll love and shall be loved by the Father of whom Yah'shua is with. (Jn. 16:)   In (Deut. 16:9-17), the Hebrews were reminded that they were set free from Egypt, just as we today are set free from sin by Yah'shua. (Rom 6-8:1-4). Baptism is an important part of receiving the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:44-47, 11:15-16) Many claim to have it but just never got around to being baptized. Be comforted in Yah'shua Messiah (Jer 31:32-33,  Ex. 14:22, I Cor. 10:1-6)  On the 40th day after His resurrection from the dead, Yah'shua, at Bethany, was taken into heaven (Lk 24:44-53) and 10 days later the Holy Ghost came to many followers in the upper room. (Acts 2)   However, most Christians don't realize that on the Sunday evening of His resurrection from the dead, Yah'shua breathed the Holy Spirit onto 10 of His disciples. (Jn 20:19-22)  It was on the 50th day, or Pentecost, that the Holy Spirit was sent to earth for all of us and has been here ever since for those who accept Yah'shua and keep His Father's Commandments.  John the Baptist introduced Yah'shua as the Lamb of YHWH who takes away the sins of the world and baptizes with the Holy Spirit.   (Jn 1:29-33, Matt 3:11, Mk. 1:8, Lk 3:16)    All agree.  (Romans 1:16-17) spells it out to the Jews and Gentiles alike.

This is expressed remarkably well by Yah'shua in Matthew (15:26-28).  His bread was for the Jews because they could understand and for Gentiles that came to learning and faith.  He is the bread of life. (Jn. 6:32-40)  For 3,500 years, the Jews have been meeting on this day to "honor" the law but the law pointed to Yah'shua who baptizes with the Holy Spirit.  Love is the root of the Law. (Matt. 22:36-40)  Many people say, they love God, but when they find that they are doing things wrong or need to "clean the leaven from their temples," refuse because they don't love Him and His Laws more than their "old comfortable ways."  They think YHWH should love them enough to understand their "rebellion" and change His universe to "their way."  How many ways are there out there? (Rev. 7:9-17)  Remember, Satan's first victory came from asking Eve, "did the Lord say?"  Don't question.  Love & serve  Him!

The Feast Of  Blowing Of Trumpets (Shofars), Zikhron Teruah, or Yom Teruah
is found in (Lev. 23:23-25 and in Num. 29:1-6).  It's a Sabbath of rest and blowing of rams' horns.  No metal trumpets were allowed to be blown on this day.  Four different 'traditional blasts or calls' were sounded throughout the FIRST day of the SEVENTH month Festival.  Starting around the second century AD,  (Rosh Hashanah) the 'OLD' New Years Day or the 'head of the year' was always announced with the blowing of shofars.  Many Jews still  consider the first of Tishri their "legal or civil new year" and believe that on this day YHWH created the world.  The FIRST day of the month when using a lunar sighting to mark or signal the start of the month required diligent observation.  The original and last 'watchmen on the wall' will rejoice.  (Isaiah 52:6-12, 56:7-12, Micah 7:1-9 & Luke 21:36)

    The Book of Revelation is filled with Trumpet calls.  In (Rev. 8:2) we see seven Angels are given a trumpet apiece and in chapter 10 we see the Seventh or Last Angel is probably Yah'shua.  His trumpet blast is often referred to as the "Last Trumpet."  In conjunction, the Old Testament idea of the Jews was that the Messiah would come on Tishri one to judge the world and start His new Kingdom with Israel ruling the world instead of sinful gentiles.  (Psalm 81) was read on this occasion and is 'believed' to have been written for this Feast.  (I Cor 15:50-58)  At a King's Coronation, horns were blown.  A ram's horn, (Shofar) was used many times in dealing with Israel.  In (Ex. 19:16-19) it's used to announce YHWH and in (Gen. 22:13) we see where Isaac was spared because YHWH sent a ram that became caught in a thicket by its horns.  Jericho, perhaps a shadow picture of our modern civilization's future destruction, was destroyed after seven days of trumpet soundings.  (Joshua 6:1-18)  YHWH has always used symbols and analogies along with history to prophesy. 

     *Today, many 'Jewish Identifying Messianic Christians' believe this Feast prophesied  the historic day of Yahshua's birth to Joseph and Mary 2000 years ago.  We can read about angels singing "Peace on Earth, etc. but we can't find any playing trumpets that night.

     **We, however, believe Yah'shua hasn't fulfilled this Feast yet.  It prophesizes His Second or Next Coming at the Last Trumpet of  Revelation chapter 10.  Traditionally, no one could ever know for certain when this Feast would commence as it required a crescent moon sighting.  Unlike other Feasts, this one is the only Feast that occurs on the first day of the month.  There is no room for error or catching-up days later by reports from others.  The Jews began to make it a two day festival in order to cover themselves. They got ready early. 

    Yes, we always hear the 'traditionalists' that want to always take the Bible "at its word," except for the 4th Commandment,......saying "of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of Heaven, but my Father only." (Matt. 24:36) but never take (Matt; 24:35) "at its word."  They claim we are not supposed to know because they are too lazy to look at what's actually being said in Matthew chapter 24.  Yah'shua's giving all kinds of advice and signs (like verses 20 & 42-44) "But pray ye that your flight be not in winter, neither on the SABBATH DAY."  Hello!...  THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS IS IN THE LATE FALL AND IS ALWAYS A SABBATH DAY THAT STARTS WHEN A VERY HARD TO DETECT CRESCENT MOON APPEARS ON THE HORIZON OF ISRAEL'S SKY FOR A BRIEF TIME BEFORE DISAPPEARING AGAIN FOR 24 HOURS......  WOW....HOW DOES THIS FIT WITH REVELATION 3:3.  "Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent.  If therefore thou shalt not WATCH, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what HOUR I will come upon thee."   It certainly sounds like YHWH with His celestial clock and weather conditions is the only ONE that can know in what year, what day and hour His Son is going to be sent for His Bride.   Please don't let Satan's lazy "FALSE PROPHETS" also from Matthew chapter 24 verses 4 and 11 get you to FALL ASLEEP!   Listen for the Trumpet in Matthew 24:31.  Don't sit around unprepared as the "virgins" in the next chapter.  Matthew 25 continues with more advice the "church" scorns.  IT IS WEDDING NIGHT AND THEY SHOULD BE WATCHING FOR THE BRIDEGROOM WITH THEIR OIL LAMPS FULL.  INSTEAD THEY CAME LATE AND WERE NOT PREPARED TO DO THEIR SERVICE.  WHEN THEY SHOWED UP AND KNOCKED THEY WERE TURNED AWAY.  SADLY, THEY WERE SO CLOSE AND YET SO FAR AWAY!  

    Visually, it is always very hard to see the new moon at the beginning of Tishri.  That is because it is usually only visible early in the evening before sunset, while there is still some daylight.  It takes great vigilance to see this new moon because it is usually visible only low on the horizon.  Perhaps this is what Yahshua alludes to in (Matt. 24:36-51).  His return is to be unexpected as a thief in the night.  Only the most watchful would be ready and it is easy to miss if not looking earnestly. (Matt. 24:42-44)  Once it slipped over the horizon, it couldn't be seen again until the next day. (Rev 16:15-16) (Rev. 1:10-16),  A trumpet sounds. The Day of the Lord is accompanied by Trumpets and warnings. (Psm. 81:1-4, Jer. 4:5, Joel 2:1-3, Zep. 1:14-16, Mal. 4:4-6)

    For these reasons, we don't believe that Yahshua has fulfilled this Feast yet. (I Thes 4 & 5) gives good guidelines in staying prepared for what may ultimately commence when Yah'shua returns as THE KING with His two edged sword in His mouth.  A two edged sword can cut both ways and if laid flat on a faithful servant's head or shoulders can give pardons or bestow blessings and rewards. His WORD IS ETERNAL AND IT WILL DO THE JUDGING.  (Rev. 1:12-20 & Psalms 149:6)  The "Saints" will do the witnessing and their sword is YHWH's WORD.

     Other verses tied to this festival are found in (Ezra 3:6 and Neh 7:73-8:12) when the second temple was about to be built. This was a Holy Day with a Great Feast like the Marriage Supper of the Lamb will be. (Rev. 19:5-9, Jer 4:4-5, Zeph 1:14, 2:3, Zech 14:1-4, Mal 4:4-6, Rev. 1:10-18, 8:1-6, 11:15-19). In (Joshua 6) we see the command to blow seven trumpets before Jericho for seven days.   Read (Revelation chapter 22) and watch for our salvation promises.  Since, Yah'shua has probably not fulfilled the "picture-play" of this Feast, we can only stay ready, watch and wait for its full significance to unfold soon. (Rev. 10:7)  PLEASE DON'T BECOME LIKE THE SERVANTS IN (LUKE 12:41-53)  If you've come this far hang-on because the end is near.  You'll begin to see less people traveling Melchizedek's Pathway and you'll know it's a sign of the times.  Yes, it will be a sad sign but a sign no less.     Rejoice in reading:  (Matt. 7:21-29 & Luke 10:16-24)

The Day Of Atonement or Yom Kippur is held on the 10th day of the 7th month and is the day the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies alone and made offerings for himself and the other priests with a bull in the courtyard.  Blood was sprinkled on the Ark of the Covenant while the High Priest used smoke to cloud the brilliance of the Shekinah Glory that appeared and rested  above the Ark on that "Day."  (Lev. 17:11)   It is a day of FASTING.  It is the only 'Feast' Holiday or Holy Gathering with no eating or drinking unless for 'health issues.'

    A scapegoat (azel..Hebrew for escape)  was used to carry the sins of the nation into the wilderness and was pushed off a cliff so that it wouldn't find its way back to town.  Originally, this goat was supposed to be spared but like all "pretenders" none of YHWH's words really mean what they say.  They seem to always get "the twist' and changed for the convenience of "the ruling class" and Satan's "muddling of YHWH's truths."

    (Leviticus 23: 26-32) outlines this festival and (chapter 16) explains the High Priest's offering ceremony inside the Holy of Holies chamber.  This was a day of repentance and redemption with Messianic overtones. During the week leading up to this Feast, The High Priest performed the Temple Rituals Himself.  

     The Jews envision Isaac as "a Messiah type" able to atone for them.  Since, Yah'shua died on the cross "as our scapegoat," we no longer need to ATONE for our sins through sacrifice.  All we really have to do is repent and ask Yah'shua for forgiveness.  The two goats were named "for YHWH" and "for Azazel."  They were named by a chance drawing and the Azazel goat had a red thread tied to its horn for identification.  This goat was led into the wilderness to "be released."  The other was sacrificed and its blood was used in the ceremony.  (You can now read Matthew 27:15-26 and Mark 15:6-20 to understand what was being 'played out' according to the Shadow picture  portrayed by this ceremony at Passover for centuries and hidden even then from the 'Learned Elders' as they 'acted out' this prophecy's completion.

     In (Mal. 3:3 & Job 23:1-10), YHWH speaks of refining gold and silver to remove impurities.  Before Yah'shua "the Messiah" came, Israel cried to YHWH for help and gave Him sacrifices for their sins.  Today, our suffering is for the glory of YHWH. (I Peter 4:12-19)   So expect suffering!  Remember that our scapegoat, Yah'shua, has come.  Yah'shua is "the fixer." (Rev 19)   Because we suffer, Yahshua is 'Glorified' when we refuse to return to the Babylonian System and 'cash in' at Satan's 'PIG BANK!'  We ignore the temporary worldly riches and hang on to our ETERNAL REWARDS.  WE are being "refined" and THEY will soon be casting THEIR gold into the streets when the Real Prince returns. (Ezekiel 7:19) 

     Property and slaves were supposed to be restored on this day during the Jubilee Years.  Jubilees should have been declared every fiftieth (50) year.  These were determined by seven sets of seven year Sabbatical periods. (Ex. 23:10-11, Lev. 25: 8-12 & 20-55, Num.36:4)  Failing to allow "the land to rest" caused Israel's two kingdoms to be deported into  Assyrian and Babylonian captivities.  Since, the land is His, YHWH protected it by sending Abraham's descendants away.  It received YHWH's 'blessing' without Israel following His Commandments.  *Note:  It was for the land's sake.  If Israel's people were too dumb to take YHWH's Sabbath Blessings for themselves, YHWH knew they were 'hurting themselves' but He wouldn't allow them to ignorantly or selfishly hurt HIS Land.  

    This, idea of restoring families and property, back to the ancestral tribal owners ensured that no matter what the circumstances, every generation 'started fresh' with their land inheritance.  It prevented families suffering hardship from poor judgment, sickness, poor crops and lack of male heirs.  It did away with "land- hogging" by "special interests."  If it had been followed, Israel's and the world's present "welfare state" mentality would not have been necessary.  It certainly holds promise for the future when Yah'shua returns and rules by YHWH's Laws. 

    Jewish tradition claims that this was the only day that YHWH's name could be uttered.  They supposedly pronounced YHWH, 3 times on this day.  They would fall on their faces and repeat "blessed be His name, YHWH, whose glorious kingdom is forever and ever."  As a side note, it is believed that they stopped using the name of YHWH because the penalty for blasphemy was death by stoning.  Casual use of the NAME led many to begin using it in curses, etc. which was blasphemous.  No one wanted to stone children or neighbors.  To avoid this, they substituted other words like GOD, etc, in place of  using the Holy Name YHWH. (Jer 23:27, 34:16, & Ez. 20:30 hint of this). 

    Devout Jews continue this custom today when writing.  When the word  God is used and the 'o'  is left out or written G-d.   YHWH wants us to call on His Name not title. (Matt.12:21)  Why do we continue to let rabbis, Popes, preachers and any others dictate their "imaginations" to us?  Read the Book!  The answer is obvious!  Now, it's politically correct to say, "I believe in God" but not "acceptable to "Name God or His Son."   In the end the anti-Christ will blend 'all these gods' into himself and claim "Yah'shua's Mercy Seat" in 'the soon to be rebuilt' Temple or 'temporary' Tabernacle Tent. 

Tabernacles, Festival of Booths or Sukkot/Succot.  These are all the same name for this last of YHWH's Feasts, Gatherings, Oracles or Holy Convocations for the year.  We can read about it in (Lev. 23:33-43.)  This fall festival occurs in mid September or October.  It starts on the 15th day of the seventh Jewish month and all grown males were to attend.  Israelites were required to live in "huts" called booths or succots made from local plants and bushes for seven days.  All week was a Festival.   Eating and merrymaking 'were in,' similar to  America's Thanksgiving Day concept.  This was a week of rejoicing with YHWH.  The first day and the last or eighth day were to be Sabbaths of rest.  This is the Feast we believe Yah'shua fulfilled, at least partially, with his birth.     (see the Real Christmas story...below.

     Praise and thanks were given to YHWH for the crop harvest.  It was the end of the harvest and summer crops like grapes, fruit and vegetables were gathered in.   Thanking YHWH for rain is one of the themes  during this fall holiday celebration.   Harvest offerings were done and we see Yah'shua appearing and saying that, He is, "the water of life." (Jn.7:37-38, Jn. 4:5-14)   A part of this service included a Priest  drawing water from the pool of Siloam and re-entering the temple area through the southern or water gate before pouring it, along with a wine offering, onto the altar while the crowd recited (Isaiah 12:3) about "wells of salvation." 

   Yah'shua attended this Feast in John chapter seven.  He makes claims about being the "water of life" in verses 37 and 38.  We see at his death that blood and water came from His spear wound in John 19:32-35 and His water is again explained in 1 John 5:6-9.  We see the significance of Yah'shua's WORDS at this Feast and how many of the other Feasts and His Sermons and Parables speak of this "life giving water." (Matt. 5:6, Jn. 4:9-15, Jn. 6:35, Ex. 17:1-7,  I Cor. 10:1-4, Numbers 20:8-11 &  Mark  9:38-41)
    Light is also necessary for plant life.  Although not understood, the Priests used (Psalms 27:1) 'shadow pictures'  to prophesy about Yah'shua becoming "the light.'  Yah'shua enraged the Priests by claiming to be the, "light of  the world" or life. (Isa. 6:10,  Jn.12:35-50, Jn.3:19-21, Rom.10:16-21)   

     The Priesthood had become secular and worldly.  This led Israel to count their treasures in gold.  The High Priest's Office was purchased or "rented" from the Romans.  The majority, of the Temple crowd, failed to see the prophetic spirituality of this Feast.  Yah'shua, revealed 'the spirituality' behind the Feasts, if not Himself in them.  Like most rich city folks, they couldn't accept a poor country leader. (Mk 10:23-31, Jn 8:37-53)  In fairness, it should be said that Yah'shua sought to hide His Messianic Identity until near the end of life. (Lk 10:21-24  He taught that man's treasures should be in Heaven. (Matt. 6:19-21 & Luke 6:22-24 & 30-38)  He taught that He was the "true Bread" sent down from Heaven and not the bread from the field's harvest or wealth.  (John 6:26-27 & 32-58)

     The Feast's 8th-day-Sabbath pointed to the "new millennium city" of rest we look forward to. (Rev 21 &22)   During this festival families lived in booths or succots to remind themselves of the type of dwellings they lived in while escaping Egypt. (Lev. 23:39-44)  In the Hebrew language Succot, Booth or Tabernacle are the same word and, in Greek, could be translated to the word used for 'Manger.'   Faith in Yah'shua is our shelter or refuge as Abraham's was in YHWH. (Heb 11:8-10)  Faith is the point.  It is our body armor and the walls of our home/temples. 

   Many Bible scholars now believe, this Feast is why Joseph and Mary were staying in a "manger/succot" when baby Yah'shua was born. They were probably living in or near Bethlehem.  This was Joseph's inheritance area.   It was King David's and the tribe of Judah's ancestral home country. (Ruth 4;17-22, I Sam. 16 & 17)   If Israel had been a free country, not under Roman or other rule, Joseph would have rightfully been King.   He was the eldest living descendant of David in his day.  No wonder Herod and the Priests ignored the stars overhead that the "Wise Men" saw from far away.

     (The "taxes and or the census" story has never been found in secular historical documents, neither Jewish or Roman. Luke 2:1-5)  Mid-winter was not a harvest time for anything. (Snowballs ?) Since taxes were often paid with grain or other agricultural products, it was the wrong time of year to 'get them.'  The Roman's were smart enough to send their tax collectors out while the harvest 'goodies' were still laying out and could be counted.  They wouldn't wait until some were eaten or hidden safely away.  Da!...  (The Roman's weren't warm trusting overlords.)

     Roman Christmas 'fabrications' were probably invented around the fourth century A.D. when Rome was  'de-Judaizing' the Messiah.   They needed another reason for Joseph and Mary "to be out in the winter cold" instead of in YHWH's succot.  Constantine and all of the Empire's 'old' winter solstice pagan fertility rituals had to 'fit into' their new religion.    *There needs to be 'another explanation.' 

     *Jesus' birth needed 'to fit in' with Rome's Mother Queen of Heaven 'Religion.'  Rome's (Adonis & Venus or Diana) were 'warmed-over' versions of Babylon's Tammuz and Semiramis Cult theology that had 'their baby' born at the Sun's New Year's winter solstice.  {The days begin to get longer again then until mid-summer...we hope you knew that!)  Paganism really 'got warmed-up' by spring planting season when FERTILITY WAS CELEBRATED with "Easter" Astarte/Ashtoreth eggs, rabbit virility, hats adorned with the 'newly appearing' flowers and "oh my" whatever else that got them 'aroused' could be imagined.  Yes, the Easter ham dinner also went back to Tammuz's story because in it, he was killed by a wild boar that he was hunting.  All king Tammuz's subjects mourned for him for forty (40) days 'of Lent'....then killed their own nasty old "unclean/non Kosher" pig and ate it for Sun day's Easter Dinner.  
    Oops.   Sorry:  We are getting ahead of ourselves.  We should explain why these early 'colored eggs' were always red or more specifically blood red.  Imagine for yourself why eggs and blood were sacred.   The blood came from child sacrifices.  (Don't tell your kids when you want to make a party of coloring yours next time.  They 'might' see the horror in it even if you can't.)  Today, some of the Eastern Orthodox church's members still only color their eggs red.  They say, "they don't know why!"  The secret's been kept so long they forgot it.  It is one better left "in the closet."}  Google: 'Red Easter Eggs,' for all the modern 'spin on the subject.  Get ready to laugh, if you have a sick sense of humor.
     Sorry again: You "purists and children" but Santa came later, thanks to the English, Gauls, Franks, Irish and Coca Cola.  We realize these revelations are not going to 'go well' with many of you that "want to keep Christ in Christmas" but the 'Good News' is Yahshua never was in it.  He was warm and comfy in His family's succot in early fall.  We also know K-Mart, Macy's and Hallmark will fight us 'tooth and nail' over this.  After all, what would they do without "BLACK FRIDAY," America's newest Holy Day.  {Yes, we are sorry to say, IT DOES show what 'gods' we really worship.....ours and China's GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCTS...pun intended.}  
     We are trying to depict how disgusting these surviving pagan "fun-times" really are.   So, we will 'wrap-up" with why we've 'tied Easter and Christmas' together.  THEY ALWAYS WERE TOGETHER!  In the 'old days'  young girls had an important part to 'play' in the spring fertility rites.  They  would 'get' to go up to 'the pagan temples' where  there were many anxious willing Priests 'willing' to serve them, as you can imagine, once you've heard the 'rest of the story.'  These sweet believing obedient girls would be 'introduced to sex' by these really righteous Priests and some would become 'miraculously' pregnant.  This was great because their babies would then become the "Mass" or the massacred  at the next New Year's Child Mass nine month's later.  Child Mass became Christmas when Constantine 'repented' and became 'saved.'
    You see, Easter's Day (or Diana's, Astarte's, Ashtoreth's or Venus') was at the spring equinox. (Only, now in our newest calendar is it after the spring equinox to insure it won't fall on the Jewish Passover.   No sense in letting that 'cat out of the bag' after so much 'spinning' to hide it.)  So, divide the year into four (4) ninety day units and the (before all the calendar 'juggling') New Year's Child Mass fell  conveniently on the winter solstice or nine months later......  
    The 'really' convenient part, for the 'righteous' Priests was they got out of "child support" which 'really pleased' their gods Baal, Dagon, Molech, SATAN or whatever name they knew him by.  Now, you 'might' imagine why YHWH wanted the Israelites to "clean-off" His land when the Israelites crossed the Jordan with Joshua.  Baal and Dagon were the Canaanites' and Philistines' favorite 'HIGH GODS.'  (Judges 16:23, I Samuel 5, & I Chronicles 10:7-10)       *Moloch or Molech also required child sacrifice but his preference was fire. (Lev. 20:1-5)  This is probably why YHWH 'tempted' Abraham with Issac or Abraham felt obliged to sacrifice his son.  (Genesis 22)  It was 'common practice.'  YHWH had to know if Abraham loved Him enough to do what Abraham's old gods would have required of him.  Yah'shua was YHWH's answer. Jesus was YHWH's lamb.  He was the spring Passover sacrifice not Nimrod's, Antiocus' or your Easter pig.  This could go on and on but we've had enough.  Think about this when you say, "Merry Christmas or Happy Easter" to YOUR CHILDREN next time.  We'll stay with YHWH's

   The Real Christmas story: is explained here. (It POSSIBLY Occurred On..... the15th Day of 7th month or on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles in the year 3998 FC/from creation... or Thursday Sept. 12, 3 BCE according to our Roman Gregorian calendar)  We know there are multiple dates used around this time by serious Bible students!.   The main thing to remember is that Jesus/Yah'shua was born and died according to YHWH's timetable and not on 'various' filthy Pagan Cult Days so they could 'steal His Thunder!' 

     In (Luke 1:), we read about John the Baptist's conception in late spring or early summer.  Zacharias, John's Father, served in the priestly course of Abia/Abijah  which served  as the eighth (I Chr 24:10) of twenty-four different courses or teams of Priests.  Opinion differs on how long each course served for.  Most believe it was for one week two different times a year. (I Chr. 9:25, II Chr. 23:8)  They also had to serve at all of the Feast times.   
    Since Zacharias was serving in the order of his course Abia/Abijah, he would have been a Levite under the "Sons of Aaron."   These Priests were highly esteemed. (I Chr. 23:1-6 & 13-24)  Zacharias was burning incense because he "won" the "lot' or drawing/lottery, to do so. (Gk # 2975)  (Lk.1:8-11) this was a custom among the priests as there were so many wanting this Honor..  (I chr.24:5,31, 25:8, 26:13) 
    Take eight weeks times seven days.  It equals fifty-six days or would be seventy-two days maximum into a Jewish New Year from Abib one. So Elisabeth conceived after Zacharias' Pentecost service.  Even with services attended by all courses during Passover, Unleavened Bread and First Fruits (never later than the 21 day of Abib), it seems logical that fifty days after First Fruits has to be "in the Ballpark.."     Elizabeth's pregnancy started aound the third month and she was six months ahead of Mary.  Doing the math and reading  (Luke 1:23-36), should show that John was born around the eleventh to twelfth month (our February to March and that Mary had Yah'shua six months later in the fall quite probably at the Feast of Tabernacles or Succot
    The English, unfamiliar with these Jewish  customs, probably translated the word Succot/Sukkot into "manger" ( see Grk. # 5336 or Booths/Sukkot in Hebrew #5521 or #5523 ..Gen. 33:17 & Lev. 23:42-43.) and it has stuck.  A final point on this subject is that the Shepherds were still out in the fields with their sheep and this would not have been the custom in mid-Winter.  Watch the 'Youtube web sites' under the "Passover Feasts"  again.

   Yahshua has quite possibly fulfilled another 'part' of all His prophetic feasts with Succot. (Heb.9:1-28)  Also, Yah'shua had to be circumcised on the eight day of His life.  (Lk. 2:21-40) This explains why the Eighth day of Succot was a Sabbath Day every year.  (Lev. 23:33-36)   Mary's purification and first born offerings at the Temple fits with Simeon's and Anna's ability to recognize Yahshua as the Messiah.  He was probably the only male child being redeemed that day.  These two knew the Laws and could count back to the Feast.    At His second coming, we'll all tabernacle with Him again.  In (Zech 14:16-19), we're told that after Yah'shua's return, the gentile nations will have to go to Jerusalem, to the Feast of Tabernacles in order to get rain for their crops.

   Another myth can be put to 'rest' at this time.(Ex.34:19-20, Num. 3:11-13)  It's the argument about when and where the "Wise Men" arrived to see Baby Yah'shua.   In (Lk. 2:20-24) we are told Mary's sacrifice was either a pair of turtledoves or pigeons.*   This offering was a poor person's offering as we see in (Lev. 12:6-8.)   Joseph and Mary would have been required to offer a lamb if they had the gold or "riches" from the Wise Men if given at His birth.  We know the offering was made a couple of months after Yah'shuas' birth.   The Wise Men could not have given them the given them their gifts at the birth crib or manger.        *Note: A Nazarites' offering was also "turtledoves or pigeons."  So, Mary may have been offering Yah'shua to YHWH's service as a Nazarite like her cousin Elizabeth offered her son John the Baptist. (Matt. 2:23, John 1:45 & 7:15) (This may explain why there is little history on the boyhood days of Yah'shua  and how He knew things.  He'd have learned from the Nazarenes.(Luke 3:46-47, John 7:15)  The Elders at Yah'shua's synagogue asked each other if he was Joseph's boy. (Luke 4:16-22)) Possibly because He spent most of His childhood in the Nazarene conclave.  ONLY ASKING!

     Also in (Matt. 2:1-18) we read that the Wise Men saw the infant Yah'shua in a house in Bethlehem (not Nazareth).  Soon after, Joseph awoke from a dream and headed for Egypt before Herod started to have the children two years old and younger killed.  Herod determined the age of the Messiah from his diligent inquiry of the Wise Men about when they saw the star or constellation.   It probably took some time from the appearance of the star-sign seen by them until their arrival about two years later in Bethlehem.***  (Jesus 'of Nazareth' more than likely meant that Jesus was a follower of the Nazarene vows like Sampson, John the Baptist and others.  A group of approx. 300 lived in the Galilee area around 100 bce.  Both men and women could join.  Wine drinking was not allowed.  *Note: Yah'shua said, He wouldn't drink of the fruit of the vine until later or in His Father's Kingdom. (Matt.26:29)  Touching dead bodies was also prohibited.  Importantly, both the Nazarite men and women were equals.  In regular Jewish society only women or slaves carried water.  In (Lk 22:7-18) we see a man carrying a pitcher of water and Peter and John are told to follow him  and tell the goodman, owner, or caretaker (Gk. # 3617)  "the Master wants to use the guestchamber for Passover." The Nazarenes must have had a "city house" they used for Feasts so they could remain apart from the 'unclean' other Jews.)  If, these people were from this small Nazarene sect, they would have understood who the Master was and would have obeyed  without questioning.  

      We can look forward to celebrating these Feasts of YHWH's with our Lord Yah'shua ourselves. (Matt. 11:25-30)  (Deuteronomy 16) is also a big help along with (Leviticus 23) and (Numbers 28 & 29) for Feasts information. In Revelation 19:10, we are told; "for the testimony of Yah'shua is the spirit of prophecy". Certainly in these Feasts of the Lord, there is enough prophecy of our Messianic Lamb to cause a true seeker to investigate the subject.

     The current "Sun Oriented Christian" holidays remind us of (Colossians 2:8 Jeremiah 10:1-5 and chapters 16-20).  We have inherited lies about Yah'shua.  Intertwined with paganism, ignorance and the desire for money or position, these lies are kept alive today because our church scholars don't want to address these subjects.  Their mentality is to let sleeping dogs lie.   We prefer the dog story in (Matt. 15:22-28).  Whatever crumbs fall to us, we relish and don't waste. 

     Todays organized churches seem to prefer their buildings to be full rather than heaven being full with you and their other 'suckered members.'.  Full churches mean full bank accounts.  Please don't help by contributing to these falsehoods that lead others that you love and others your MISSIONS are teaching down the path to separation from YHWH.  Yah'shua warned us (Mk. 13: 4-7) and spoke a parable that is shocking in its sadness.  (Matt. 8:21-27,  23:15 & 25:1-13, Jn. 4:22)    Study for yourself and pray directly to our Priest King Yah'shua. Don't get caught up in what Yah'shua addressed in (Luke 11:39-54.) Let no man deter your quest for salvation. Yah'shua says that only "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by Me" (Jn. 14:6)  If you love Him, keep YHWH"s commandments, fore they are one.(Matt. 28: 17-20 & 23:8-12)   

     Modernism has tried to change the truth for centuries. Today all "religions" want to blend into something Satanic that they claim will prevent war. Follow the true God YHWH and His Son Yah'shua/Jesus. Love your enemies and leave the wars to YHWH.  He's capable of winning them all when He gets ready. Those that live by the sword, die by the sword. (Matt 26:52)   Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Melchizedek was the King Priest of Salem (old Jerusalem) (Salem meant peace, like the word shalom).  

  In closing, we'd like to add, that the Jerusalem Temple is destroyed, and consequently, animal sacrifices cannot be made. Modern day Jews are taught that today "good works" substitute for animal sacrifices.  If this is the case, then why doesn't that work for all men of all religions and atheists too.  If so, then what was the reason for any of this? Don't get caught up in this lie or get caught up in the one about animal sacrifices being required again if the temple is ever rebuilt. Yah'shua is our YHWH given sacrifice.   Even the Jews acknowledge that the Messiah will save them when He comes.  They just don't want to believe that He has come once already and His name is Yah'shua.   Remember many Jews did accept Yah'shua during His life and the times after His resurrection.  

     We don't have to 'practice' the Feasts as they were done in the Old Testament.  No one knows what was required or done during them anyways.   They were there to point to Yah'shua and He has come and fulfilled some of their prophetic teachings. These Feasts were teaching tools, as blocks are to children, learning the alphabet. Once they've learned the letters they can learn to read.  They don't need the blocks any longer other than to instruct the next group of babies. (Rom 5:1-15, 20-21 & chapter 6-8:23) The Melchizedek order doesn't require lambs, rams, cattle, sheep, doves, etc, to be used on the altar. Yah'shua did it once and for all. Our bodies are the new temples. (Jn 2:19-21, Acts 7:44-50, I Cor 3:16-230  However, we should still honor them by learning about them.  Their dates and prophecies still tell the age old story of our Messiah.  They are important now and to future generations.  They should be kept as best we can to insure theirs,' our's and our descendants' survivals.  Their message is timeless.

     In (Exodus 12:43-51) we are instructed that no stranger (gentile) was to observe the Passover, unless he was a circumcised servant of an Israelite. This was probably done so that they wouldn't get polluted with paganism as we've seen done.  Although, we are 'grafted-in limbs' to Abraham's tree, we are Christ's.   We only caution against 'over achieving.'   The GRACE given by YHWH  is sufficient to cover our sins if we accept it.  Our reward is the same as everyone elses that accepts  (Matt 21:16) and follows Yah'shua.   (Matt 5:17-29 & 7:29)  For all of you saying, "Yah'shua did away with the Law," think again!  It sounds  like He made the Law harder to follow.  Now, He says, our minds can condemn us and not just our actions as in the Old Law!  DON'T LET YOUR MIND DECEIVE and CONDEMN YOU!   BE LOVE ORIENTED!  Keep in mind that YHWH's love isn't self love which the world has too much of, but BROTHERLY LOVE like the "Golden Rule."  (Matt 19:19 & Heb 13:1-3)  Don't practice the ideas of men where they say, "he with the gold, rules!"  That one is short-lived and is about to be stamped out. You can't take it with you.  Ask any Pharaoh.  They thought they were gods and had more gold than most of us.  They and their gold was found and usually robbed long after "three days" entombed.   Yah'shua's tomb is empty!  Use, "The Lord's Prayer" as a guide.   It is in (Matthew 6:9-13).  May the peace and joy of this GOOD NEWS be yours forever.  Love the light and hate the darkness. (Jn 3:16-21)  Praise YHWH ..Hallelujah..  Love and Shalom/Peace to all.