YHWH/YHVH in Hebrew means "I AM"  Ex. 3:13-15)

1 Peter 2:1-9 
(We are the stones of the New Temple.  Jesus, the Eternal Melchizedek is the WAY and LIGHTS His Path for us all.)
 Please read:  Hebrews 5:4-10, Psalm 119 verse 105,  
Jn. 3:19-21, 1 Cor. 3:16-17, and Rev. 3:10-13.

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Who is Melchizedek?   (The Righteous Priest-King)

Much of this has been covered briefly on the Home Page and verses study.  Here we seek to reveal the full story.

     Melchizedek (was/is) the Priest-King of Salem (pre-Jerusalem). He was an unknown and unidentified character.  There was no person identified as Him.  (Perhaps Shem or Enoch held the office and some think God Himself held the office before turning it over to His Son Yah'shua after His resurrection)  Abram, before Abram's name was changed to Abraham, met with Melchizedek at the valley of Sha-veh (southeast of Jerusalem).  Abram had just defeated a union of four Kings and retrieved his nephew Lot, along with others taken captive during a previous battle, when Melchizedek is "introduced" he blessed Abram of the Most High 'GOD' YHWH.  He broke bread and drank wine with him. This is the very same sacrament that Yah'shua gave to His followers at the last supper.  He told them to "do this in remembrance of Him." (Gen 14:18-20 & Matt 26:26-29) 

    In (Jeremiah chapter 31:31-40) we can see a prophecy of a future time when Yah'shua will return and complete the new covenant with His people.  That will be the restoration of this Melchizedek Priesthood to Israel, Judah and the grafted-in gentiles by doing away with sin and putting YHWH's Laws in their hearts and minds.  A new Jerusalem will be built and it will last forever.  It will be ruled by the Priest-King Yah'shua and He will rule the world as the Melchizedek.  (Hebrews 10:1-12:2)

     Currently, the faithful guided by the Holy Spirit, have the Laws of YHWH/Moses in their hearts and conscience to guide them.  (1 Jn.5:7-8)  Upon His return,Yah'shua./Melchizedek will put the love and knowledge of YHWH into their DNA.  They'll know His way is the only way to life and happiness and will love it. (Psm. 100)  The Melchizedek Order has replaced the Aaronic Priesthood, given to Abraham's descendants at the time of Moses.  Prior to Yah'shua, the laws or covenant was only broken by ACTIONS.   IF SOMEONE BROKE THE LAW, THEY WERE PUNISHED OR MADE ATONEMENT SACRIFICES.  NOW, our "mindset or thoughts" can cause us to break the law.  People think Yah'shua did away with the Law.   He made it harder by adding LOVE as a requirement.  The original 10 Commandments, told us not to COVET things that belong to others. (Ex. 20:17)  This is similar to Yah'shua's explanations for "inner sin."  It's the same.  So many Christians think that they are under "grace" and that let's them "off-the-LAW-hook." They are dead wrong.  Yes, we have grace to clean us up when we sin if we acknowledge that we have sinned , are truly sorry and ask Yah'shua to forgive us.   We are NOT "unable to sin" as many people PREACH by saying, "we are NOT UNDER THE LAW."  THE LAW WAS NOT DONE AWAY WITH!  It's just that now it's easier to get "FORGIVEN."

    Today's Laws are harder to uphold than the Old Testament's concept of the Laws.  There are less Laws to be followed.  The Temple and sacrificial laws have been either abolished or put on hold temporarily.  Now, we have a New High Priest Order that can wash away sins when we acknowledge them, are truly repentant and ask Him to forgive us.  He uses His blood, 'spilled' at the cross, instead of  'representative' innocent animal blood as before.  Also, now, the  Holy Spirit works to help prevent us from sinning willfully as a conscience.   (Matt 5: 21-48, Matt 15: 18-20,   Heb 13: 1-16, Jn 17: 20-26, Acts 1: 8)  We now should have BROTHERLY LOVE IN OUR HEARTS TO GUIDE US instead of our selfish egotistical old "flesh selves." 
    Yah'shua's "Last Supper" and death fulfilled the old Levitical instructions and promises of a Messiah.   The Hebrews were to live by these rules and  grafted-in Christians have inherited many of them.  We are still instructed to live Holy and Clean lives, sanctified and set-apart from the world's pagan lifestyles, as described by YHWH to Moses.  These include clean living and eating. (2 Ths. 2:14-15, Acts 15:13-29 ...More later)
    The Old Priesthood, using the descendants of Abraham, Levi and Aaron has ended.  Many of the Laws have not.  There is no longer a Temple in Jerusalem and few 'Jews' can accurately discern from which of Jacob's Sons or Tribe they are descendants of anymore.  (After World War II many of the Old Testament's hereditary rules were changed and because of the disruption, caused by the Nazi's, many 'Jews' lost track of their genealogy.  The bloodline inheritance began to be passed 'incorrectly' down through the female gender rather than YHWH's rule of from the males.)  (Acts 17: 24-30, 2 Ths. 2:3-4, Eph. 2:18-22, 1 Cor. 2:16-20, Heb.7:10-26, Psm. 110, Matt. 22:41- 23: 8)  The Temples and rituals  showed us about Yah'shua and YHWH's eternal salvation plan.  It pointed to a "human-birthed" Son of God from Adam. This person would re-start the promised "new" Melchizedek covenant.  He came 2000 years ago.  He used His own blood to atone for sin rather than the blood from Old Testament animals that only "POINTED TO JESUS' CRUCIFIXION" as the REAL BLOOD SHEDDING revealed to Abraham way back before Isaac.  (Genesis 17:10-14 & 21:3, Ex. 4:25-26, Heb. 5)

     Now, our faith, (Heb. 10:22-23) in Yah'shua and His divine mission, can redeem us from our "filthy rag" existence. (Rev.22:11)  Our blood became unclean when Eve sinned (unfaithful to GOD) and childbirth became necessary for 7000 years.  Yah'shua (GOD'S SALVATION) came around year 4000. Thus, the idea of sin is sometimes tied to the idea of menstrual blood for filthiness or unfaithfulness.  (Strong's # GK 4510-4511 & Isa. 64:6..Strong's # Heb. 899-898)  Eternal salvation is possible by asking the true High Priest, (after the order of Melchizedek) Yah'shua the Messiah/Christ, who is sitting at the right hand of His Father in Heaven (Lk 22:69, Heb 1:3) to intercede for us and wash our sin stained garments. It's almost too easy!  We must repent and ask to be forgiven at YHWH's Gateway, which is Yah'shua. (Lk 13:24, Jn 10:7-11)  Yah'shua is the gatekeeper of the of the flock.  The walls are strong and the doorway is open and obvious to be seen.  He's standing there letting the sheep that know Him enter in to safety.  We need to trust in His care, profess our sins and be Baptized with the Holy Spirit.  Peter, who denied Messiah three times (Jn. 18:15-27) on the night Yah'shua was judged, witnessed the resurrection and made these remarks comparing Him to the late great King David.  (Acts 1:4-5 & Acts 2: 21-39) 

     This study will show how the Melchizedek Order was given to Yah'shua.  (Heb. 7:5-17 & Lk 3:23)  At Abram's and Melchizedek's meeting we see two things happened.  First, Abram tithed to Melchizedek and secondly, they shared bread and wine. (Gen. 14:18)  These two factors are important to keep in mind as this study unfolds. Yah'shua sits on the right hand of His Father in heaven. (Matt 22: 41-46, Heb 1: 1-5 & 13, Heb 8,  Jer 31: 31-34)  Many Jews accepted this in the first centuries after Yah'shua's life.  Most were killed for their faith by the Saul/Paul-type purges instigated by Jerusalem's priesthood (Acts 9:1-2, 13-14 & 21) and later by the Romans for not bowing to 'their god' Caesar, etc.. 

     Soon, all the misled but "observant" Jews (Genesis Chapter 17 and Exodus 31:16-17) will have Messiah Yah'shua revealed to them as the Melchizedek as YHWH promised Abraham in their Covenant.  He sits at the right hand of God the Father as David sang about seeing in Psalm 110 years before Yah'shua was born.  Yah'shua explains this Psalm in Matt. 22:41-46 & Mark 12:35-37)   Gentiles are 'grafted into' Abraham's Covenant with YHWH (Romans 11) and 'should' consider themselves the "purchased servants" of Genesis 17:12. *(In I Kings 19:16-18 we see the 7000 spared by YHWH that Paul is talking about in Romans 11:4)

    When we are blessed with understanding of scripture we should beware of seeking 'praise or rewards' because none of us knows the 'whole thing.'   *(Now the story about the Mother of  Zebedee's sons (Matt. 20:20-28) should be a little more clear.  Be careful what you ask for because YHWH the Father was sitting on Melchizedek's left side!)  This is the seat Lucifer coveted also!  YHWH knows us better than we know ourselves.  

                                                        Take whatever seat you are given at the Marriage Supper.
    Please read: (Luke 14:7-27).  Remember Yah'shua's 'water to wine miracle' of John 2:1-5 (Jn. 19:34 & 1 Jn. 5:6) is on His third day of ministry and his Mother in verse five (5) represents the 'old school' of Moses mixed with the "takkanah" or added customs of the day represented by the six "ceremonial or ritual hand washing water pots" that the Jews would have shunned as unclean.  Yah'shua turns all our un-beliefs and falseness into the best wine if we follow Mary's advice in verse five (5).   "Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it."  When Jesus asks His Mother, "Woman what have I to do with thee?"  He is probably acknowledging His later teaching in Luke 14:12 when He speaks against throwing feasts for friends and family only.  **Jesus explains this  "traditional hand washing" versus "Moses' Kosher cleanliness"  in  Mark Chapter 7:1-9.  Note in verse three the words, "except they wash their hands OFT/often," like the six water pots used in John 2:6.  We see this several times in scripture where Jesus and His disciples are accused while eating grain, on Sabbath, etc. of not "washing properly."   These accusations are not the same ones your mother was saying to you when you were five or six years old.

     Prior to His death, Yah'shua spoke of Herod's temple being destroyed. (Matt 24:1-2)  This happened in approximately 70 A.D.  Without a temple, alter or Tabernacle the Levitical  Priesthood could no longer make sacrifices and so "logically" it ended.  The forty years between Yah'shua's death and the burning of the Temple were allowed so that the faithful Hebrews, scattered amongst the gentile nations, could when returning to Jerusalem, to observe the Lord's Feasts learn the GOOD NEWS/GOSPEL about Yah'shua.  He, as the Messiah, had come and fulfilled the parts of the law and prophets that pointed to Him. (Matt 5:17-18 & Lk. 24: 25-31)   He had resurrected from the dead.  (Isn't that GOOD NEWS?  YAHSHUA HAS POWER OVER DEATH.  HE WANTS TO SHARE IT WITH ALL WHO WILL BELIEVE and follow the voice within, that lets us know that when we break the Covenant or stop loving each other we sin.  If we love YHWH, WE'LL STOP WORSHIPING HIM IN THE SAME MANNER AND CUSTOMS AS THE PAGANS worshiped their gods.  (Jer. 10: 1-6)
           SEE:   (please browse through the origins of many current "christian holidays or foolidays."

    This forty year period, after Yah'shua's ascension, until the Temple was destroyed was similar to the forty years required to bring forth a new generation in the wilderness after the Exodus. (Num 32:13)  YHWH was fair and wanted all to have the opportunity to receive the "WORD" before destroying the temple and Levitical Priesthood, which had  been tainted  by political appointments, foreign bloodlines, corruption, etc. during the 400 years, approximately, since the exiles returned from Babylonian captivity.  Yah'shua was tempted by Satan while fasting for 40 days (Lk 4:1-4) and spent 40 days after His death on the cross with the disciples. (Acts 1:3)  Yah'shua's life mimics history.  Now that you have the overview, the rest of the study will be done in outline form.

                                                                     Seven Changes That Needed To Take Place
       1. No more Temple (1Cor 3:16, Matt 24:1-2)
       2. Better Priesthood, where sacrifices are not required. (Heb 7:17-28, Rev 1:1-6)
       3. Tithes to begin, in place of sacrifices. For helping POOR brothers & sisters and not for supporting "PREACHERS" 
(Mt.10:7-14, Lk.10:1-16 and 22:35, 1Cor. 16:1-3, 2Th. 3:7-12, Gal. 6:3-5  (too many "Preachers" think talking is while you work, and too much of GOD'S money is spent on luxury)
        4. Direct Access to YHWH (Ex 26:31-33, 34:29-34, Matt 27:51, II Cor. 3:13-16, Heb 6:13-20, Heb chapters 9 & 10) 
       5. Man would no longer be able to intercede for another man's sin. (Ex 32:30-35, Jn 16:7-11)
       6. Priesthood to change to believers. (Rev 5:10, Heb 7:11-28, Ps 110) 
       7. Yah'shua interpreted the Laws to include one's thoughts and not just physical actions ( Matt 5:17-48)

                                                                      Authority Structure Of New Priesthood
       1. Yah'shua is of the House of Judah (Matt 1, Lk 3 & Lk 1: ) Mary's cousin was married to a Levite Priest Zacharias, of the  course of Abia, John the Baptist's parents 
       2. Life is in the blood. (Heb 13:20-21, Gen 9:4-7, Lev 17:11-14, Acts 15: 20-21, & 28-29, Acts 21: 25, Heb 9:14-28, Heb 10:10-19, Matt 26:27-29)
       3. Pure seed.(Matt 1:23, Lk 23:14, Jn 18:38)
       4. To the Tabernacle/dwelling or be with us. (Jn 1:7-19 Lk 23:29-435.
       5. Came as a Lamb. (Micah 5:2, Lk 2:1-20) The sacrificial lambs were raised in David's city of Bethlehem Ephratah (search Tower of the Flock or Migdal Eder).
       6. John the Baptist expected to be baptized by the Priest Yah'shua. (Matt 3:13-17, Lk 3:15-23)
       7. John's authority became Yah'shua's. (Mal 3:1, Lk 1:5-17, Jn 1:1-33, Acts 1:5, Jn 20:20-23. Mk 1:14-15, Matt 4:11-17, Acts 2:1-4) 
: John the Baptist was constantly asked if he was Elijah/Elisha/Elias or the Messiah for several reasons. (John 1:28... The Bethabara river ford of Abara on the Jordan River where John did baptisms/Mikvehs was on the road to Gilgal or opposite Jericho at Beth-nimrah where Elijah was "taken-up." II Kgs. 2:1)  John was hidden by his parents to protect him from the "authorities." (Lk.1:76-80, Lk. 3:15-20, Matt. 3: 1-7)  The Essenes at Qumran (site of Dead Sea Scrolls) built ritual bath pools with aqueducts bringing in "running water" for Mikveh or baptism (Lev. 11:36)  John said that he baptized with water but the Messiah would Baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire. (Matt.3:11, Jn. 20:21-22, Acts 1:4-5, 2:1-4, 18:24-19:7, Jos. 4:3-10)   The water baptism became a spiritual baptism for gentiles.  
        1. Elijah was taken up in a whirlwind/Chariot in the area where John was baptizing and this is where Elisha picked up Elijah's fallen mantle and split the waters of the Jordan. This is 'probably' where Joshua's Priests' feet split the waters of the Jordan when leading Israel into the Promised Land after Moses' death. (Joshua 2:7-10, 4:19-24,    II Kings 2:1-14, Jn 1:6-28)  *(note Joshua 4:19 speaks about the 10th day of the first month which would be what Christians today consider to be 'Palm' Sunday when mixing their 'PAGAN ORIGIN...'Easter'/Eastre/Estre/Ostarun 'fertility,' spring, full moon and equinox 'celebrations' with historical Hebrew Messianic facts.  This would be four days before Passover, the day Jews chose their Passover Lamb and started inspecting it for blemishes before sacrifice. (Exodus 12:1-6, Lev. 23:5, John 12:1-16, Luke 19:29-40 & Zechariah 9:9)  Yah'shua entered Jerusalem on this day to begin His "inspection process" and since this was the week of removing leaven or unclean 'things' from homes prior to Passover, He 'cleaned His Father's house' by driving out the money changers, or leaven, etc.  (Matt. chapter 21 & Mark chapter 11)  
        2. Elisha received a double portion of Elijah’s power. (II Kg. 2:7-15)
        3. Both Elijah and Elisha parted the waters of the Jordon River at Gilgal, the same place where Joshua parted them years earlier when entering Israel. (Joshua 4: 19-22)  This is one reason why the people asked if John was the return of Elijah.
        4. Jesus became the "new spiritual Manna" (Holy Spirit) replacing the Manna that was no longer supplied to the wanderers when they entered the Promised Land years earlier in the same location. (Jos 3:1-5:12, Jn. 6:31-35, 6:47-58, Heb 9 & 10, Rev 2:17)
        5. The Levites clothing was made to be special. The collar was double strength to guard against tearing. If torn, then this would cause suffering for the people, show sorrow, distress and a turning over of authority to someone or something else. (Ex. 28:31-32, 39:23, I Kg. 11: 30, Lev 10:6, 21:10, Joel 2:13, Matt. 26: 65,  Matt. 27:51,
Mk. 14: 63, &  Matt. 9:15-17).

        These verses show what it meant when the Chief Priest Caiaphas rends/tore/ripped his clothing when he sentenced Yah'shua to die for the sins of the nation. (Matt. 26:56-65)  Obviously, the High Priest would have known what these rules meant, etc. when judging Yah'shua.  (Mk. 14:60-64)   By Caiaphas doing this act of tearing or rending his garment he would have become ritually unclean and would have been prevented from performing his duties during Passover that year.  Yah'shua's response was to answer "I am*" and quote Psalm. 110, where there’s a prophecy of the Melchizedekek Priest being at the right hand of YHWH, when being asked "who He was."  This was blasphemy according to the Priests. (Mk. 14:64)    *Remember: "I am" is YHWH's Hebrew Name which was 'forbidden' to be spoken (by the Rabbis/...we have the POWER leadership) except on Yom Kippur in the seventh Hebrew month. (Genesis 3:13-14)   (read: "His Hallowed Name Revealed Again" by Keith Johnson at  )

         Note: John 19:1-5, & 23-24 says that Yah'shua had on a 'new purple robe' after being scourged or whipped.  This outer robe was not torn. (Psm. 22:18)  Thus His Priesthood was not taken from Him at His death. (Gen 37:29 & 34, I Sam 15:26-28, 24:4, II Sam 3:31) These verses reveal or show that power was changing hands in the Priesthood.  The Veil of the Temple was torn top to bottom at His death. (Matt. 27:51 & Luke 23:45) 
(*note: John 19: verse 31 clarifies that the Sabbath coming was a "HIGH DAY' which shows that it was the beginning of Unleavened Bread (Exodus 12:1-20 & Lev. 23:5-7) and not a Saturday Sabbath and thus not a "good Friday."  This points to a mid-week crucifixion since Jesus was in the grave three days and nights like Jonah. (Matt.12:38-41 & Luke 11:29-30)   He arose from the dead Saturday night after sunset which starts another day.  This would begin a new week or our current 'pagan-named Sun Day.' (Jewish days begin at sunset not midnight...Genesis 1:1-5)  So, early on the first day of the week Yah'shua was missing from His grave when the women came to  finish or properly anoint His body. (Luke 23:50-56, John 20:1-6, & Mark 16:1-9)   (*note: First Fruits Day... Lev.23:9-11 ).   See the study on this near the bottom of our 'Home Page.'
         Along with this idea of tearing sacred clothing, YHWH Himself tears the Veil of the Temple depicting that now man has free access to YHWH through Yah'shua as the 'Doorkeeper' without the need of the Levitical Priesthood. (Matt 27:51, Mk 15:38, Lk. 23:45, Jn. 19:30)  We are free to speak directly to heaven through the Son Yah'shua, High Priest and King of the order of Melchizedek.  Hebrews chapter 7 spells it out and verses 22-26 reveals the NAME of our living High Priest, Yah'shua, who is waiting to return to earth to establish His Kingdom.  He is the "Bloodied Door Posts and Mantels" of the Homes at the first Passover Exodus night.  He can now keep 'Death' from entering the doorway of your 'soul temple/body' and 'permanently' killing you.  This is depicted in the First Fruit Feast.  Yah'shua gained power over death. 

         Brothers and Sisters, this is the "Only Game In Town!"  Only you can win it or lose it by your actions.  If you think you can win by any other way, you lose. (Jn 10:1, Lk 12:22-40)   No amount of pride, trickery, science, false gods, physical mutilation or whatever, can get you there.  It's ALMOST TOO EASY.  Just say " Yah'shua, I know You exist and I want to be a part of Your world. I repent of my sins and ask You Yah'shua to forgive me and wash me clean. Thank You Yah'shua."   It's DONE.  YOUR 'OLD SELF' HAS BEEN DESTROYED!  YOUR 'RAP SHEET' HAS BEEN WIPED CLEAN AND ALL PAST CHARGES AGAINST YOU WILL HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

         You have eternal life.  Find a Brother to baptize you.  If you sin again, repent again and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and remove temptations from your PATHWAY.  (Mk 16:16-20, Acts 8:12-13, & 36-39. 10:47-48) 

        Pray the Lord's Prayer. (Lk 11:1-4) "Our Father YHWH who art in heaven, Holy be Thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done as in heaven, so in earth. Give us day by day our daily bread.  Forgive me of my sins; for I also forgive everyone who is indebted to me. Lead me not into temptation :23-24) 
        Acts 15 shows the difference between "required" worship of the Jewish and the Gentile believers.  James, Yah'shua's half-brother, in verses 15: 19-21 & 29 sums it up. Meat offered to idols really couldn't kill you but it confuses "others" because they'd "assume complicity" that "Christians" also believed as the pagans.  It confuses one's witness.  In other words what James was saying is to be careful of your actions because you could lead others astray.

        Our Christmas and Easter services and timing are rooted in pagan practices.  Knowingly or not, they glorify segments of paganism. Eating blood was forbidden even before Mosaic law. (Gen 9:3-4)  Remember the Sabbath. (Gen 2:2-3)  It was the first thing YHWH made Holy and it points directly to Him as our God. (Creator of the Universe) 

         It's OK to 'observe' church on Sunday as on any day, even though it's confusing to new Sabbath keeping converts.  Just don't call it the Sabbath, like Constantine did on March 7th 321 AD.  We didn't evolve.  We were planned and our salvation was part of it.  The SEVENTH DAY SABBATH was initiated by God to PROCLAIM CREATION!   Doing away with it opens the door to Evolution.  We were warned the Anti-Christ system would seek to CHANGE GOD'S TIME and SEASONS. (Dan. 7:23-27, 2 Peter 2:1, 2 Cor. 11:3-4, Matt. 15:8, 2 Tim. 4:3-4, and Acts 6:13-15)  These verses clearly state that false witnesses were brought against Stephen and claimed that he said, "Jesus would destroy the Temple and change the words of Moses/YHWH."  We are not to always understand YHWH'S WORD but we are always to believe and follow it. (Prov. 9:7-10, Col. 2:8, James 4:17, Rev. 14:12 & Rev. 22:14-15)  Thank YHWH for His Son, Yah'shua, our Melchizedek Priest King. 

      KEEP SABBATH ON DAY SEVEN (7).  (The word Sabbath means seven in the Hebrew language.....NOT six, five, four, three, two or one.)  The reward for obedience is ETERNAL FELLOWSHIP IN "HEAVEN' WITH OUR CREATOR! 
                                                          Malachi 4:1-4 is the end TRUTH.
The Anti-Christ also wants to be a Priest/King. He wants religious, political and economical control.  He expects you to bow down and worship him in ways YHWH sees as BLASPHEMOUS.  Satan is not your Buddy!  Read about His Kingdom in the Book of Daniel if you think he's a 'warm and fuzzy kind of guy!'

                                                          Make "YHWH or No Way" your slogan or creed!