YHWH/YHVH in Hebrew means "I AM"  Ex. 3:13-15)

1 Peter 2:1-9 
(We are the stones of the New Temple.  Jesus, the Eternal Melchizedek is the WAY and LIGHTS His Path for us all.)
 Please read:  Hebrews 5:4-10, Psalm 119 verse 105,  
Jn. 3:19-21, 1 Cor. 3:16-17, and Rev. 3:10-13.

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          Jesus (Greek) or Yah'shua (Hebrew) is Melchizedek...
         the Prophesied Messiah 
Psalms. 110, 119, Acts 7:44-56, & Dan. 9:25-26
                   Melchizedek is the King (Tsedk) of Righteousness, PEACE or Faith. 
              He is Jesus / YaH'shua (pronounce like Joshua only with 'Y' instead of 'J' sound)
                                                      Hebrews 5:5-14 & all chapter 7  

                                         A 'Righteous' King doesn't need Priests to guide him. 
                   YaH'shua (YHWH-SAVES) is the Priest-King SON of YHWH/ I AM GOD. (YaH-VaY)
               This is where the pronunciation Jeh'ov'ah / Yah'ov'ah comes from in modern English and songs
        He was 'earth-born' into Israel's Royal Tribe of Judah.  Israel's King David's throne rightfully belonged to Joseph, Yah'shua's Stepfather by the time of Jesus' birth.  (Matt. 1:18-2:2, Is. 7:13-14)  Had Israel been self-governing and not under Herod's and Rome's foreign rule Joseph would have been the King.  Jesus would have inherited the throne even though His Mother had conceived by YHWH'S spirit 'supernaturally' because of adoption by Joseph.
      The 'Jews' were looking for a king and not a priest.  Unfortunately, FOR THEM, they hadn't done their 'homework' and had their timing and expectations mixed-up.  That's what this web-site is about.  It's going to help explain YHWH God's real plan as explained by Jesus after His death.  (Matt.  Chapter 28:, Luke Chapter 24: **take special note of verses 13-31,  and Acts 2:1-38) 
      The Jerusalem Temple Priests 'had to kill' Yah'shua.  They, both the sincere and pretenders, inherited blindness so that YHWH's plans could be accomplished. (Romans 11:7-15,  Isa. 29:10-19, & Psm. 69) He was their Bullock, Goat, and Lamb offerings (Lev. 16,   Hebrews 9, 1Peter 1:2-3 Exodus 12:1-13, John 1:29 & 1Peter 1:18-25) for ALL NATIONS' sins. (Galatians 3:26-29)  (*see OUR FEASTS: 'Passover' and 'Atonement' on the FESTIVALS OF YHWH Page) 
      His life was to 'fulfill' or 'live-out' the prophecies, written about Him, in the "TESTAMENT" prior to his birth. (Matt. 5:17-19 is clear on this!   * whenever you read anything else in the Bible that 'may be confusing about keeping the LAW' please remember these verses are written in RED INK and are Jesus's words.  NOBODY ELSE will judge you!   Jesus IS the WORD made FLESH!  (John 1:14, Revelations 19:10-13, Hebrews 10:16-20, Luke 22:12, Matthew 26:26-28, John 1:1-5, 1Timothy 3:16, John 6:41-58 & 14:9-26)

      All of the 'GOOD NEWS' HAD ALREADY BEEN WRITTEN IN THE OLD TESTAMENT!  It only needed to be made FLESH and SACRIFICED FOR US ALL!  (Please read John 1:1-20 again before continuing. **NOTE verse 14)


       Yah'shua lived, died, resurrected, and ascended to heaven. He, alone, sits at His Heavenly Father's Right Side temporarily until the time foretold for Him to return to earth and set things right.  He'll then rule righteously forever here on earth.   Please read Psalm 119 written by King David or possibly the Prophet Ezra.  (NOTICE:  How many times the word "FOREVER" is used.  How long is "FOREVER?") 

                                                                   Salvation is simple. 
     Believe the above statements and ask Yah'shua to act as your Priest and Lamb Sacrifice, to forgive you of  your sins.  Profess this openly to those you know and meet.  Have fellow "believers" Baptize  (Mikvah) you with water.  This 'total water submersion' symbolically shows that you are REBORN spiritually from your old carnal 'animal nature' of fleshly lusts into a new spiritually clean SOUL or mentality.
           Study GOD's words to strengthen your faith because you're now Satan's enemy. 

                              John 14:, John 3:3-21, Matt. 12:34-37 and Luke 22:67-23:5)
               Hall'el'ujah... Shalom.... May Peace Be With You....and Welcome:

    This web-site is completely FREE.  We have based it on our Christian/Messianic Hebrew Roots.  Please glean or learn what you can from it and pass along whatever blessings you receive.  (In Matthew 10:8-22 we are told "freely ye have received so freely is going to hurt sometimes!")
    We endeavor to understand Christianity from our "Hebrew Roots Base" and not from the converts from the  "Roman pagan" community.   In baseball, the old-timers will tell you, "if you want to know something ask a Rookie!"  The unlearned masses of Gentile believers soon thought they were shopping at Burger King and ordered "it" their way.  This mentallity. quickly entered the original truth towards the end of the first century and was solidified by Constantine the Great in the Fourth (4th) century A. D.  After all, Rome's way was "Might Makes Right."(Rev.3:14-2 & Deut. 31:16-32:47) We are to learn from Israel.   She's the big sister that went ahead.  

                                If we were to have a motto, it would probably be:
 Proverbs 18:13  "He who answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him." 
 Jeremiah, in 15:19-21 prophesied, "truth would be revealed again and those accepting and following it would be delivered."  He didn't say we all would accept it and turn back to that "Old Time Religion." 

       Many of Rome's gods were filthy and very disgusting perversions were GLORIFIED in their temples.  These gods came from the Greeks and other more ancient 'un-civilizations' like Babylon, Egypt, Assyria, etc.

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    The International News sources are Live Stream or Printed.  We've also posted links to books and videos.  Again, we sell nothing nor profit-share with anyone so please respect those authors' copyright policies.  EVERYTHING on OUR site may be copied and shared FREE.  When visiting other sites there is 'often information and ideas' that we DON'T endorse or have not looked at.  Please be aware of this 'other information' and check it out against the Bible for accuracy.  Often verses are taken 'out of context' so read the complete chapters and use Concordances and Study Guides to help you.  We expect you to evangelize as God leads you. 

                                                             ABOUT HEBREW ROOTS

    We realize, Jesus was an Israelite or so-called "Jew" and that He lived in Israel when it was "occupied" or governed by Rome, as was most of the surrounding area, approximately 2000 years ago.  This has caused a lot of confusion in the years since.  We try to include in our studies an understanding of that era's customs, religions, cultures,  languages and the 'mentalities' of all those people.  Pagan Rome's dominant rule influenced what many Christians practice or 'believe' today.  We have innocently and ignorantly inherited many of Israel's and Rome's "WRONG worship practices." (Jer. 16:17-21)  Many pagan ideas have entered into the religion that Moses and Jesus taught.  Many are ideas that ancient Israel fought against, later embraced and were punished with exile for accepting.  Some are new and some are "warmed-over" and passed-down from other civilizations.  We can and should learn from Israel's mistakes.  God hated "the ways of other gods" then and He hates them now!

     The source or originator of most of these non-Biblical ideas was Nimrod's Babylon with Satan's prodding. (Gen.11:1-9) 
   (see Richard Rives' "excellent book" or dvd: Too Long in the Sun  
    The first persecutions of "Christians" began shortly after Jesus' death and were against His many Jewish followers long before non-Israelites wanted to learn or understand about the Hebrew Messiah.  Jesus warned His disciples. (Jn. 15:18 & 16:1-3)  Stephen was the first person recorded to be killed for witnessing. (Acts 6:8-8:4)  Saul, who later changed his name to the Greek "Paul" pronunciation, helped in these persecutions prior to his 'so called' Christian conversion.  Most, of these 'purges', were initiated by the Temple leadership, that merged with "locals" and established themselves after the return from the Babylonian captivity centuries earlier.

   These leaders were blinded by their inherited sins and their lust for the power to rule over their  'Jewish' brothers.  Yet, during this period of greed, blindness and ignorance, God continued to work His will.  He provided His Son Yah'shua/Jesus as our Lamb sacrifice, so that His promise to Abraham might be fulfilled.  (Later the Popes tried to control the converts with their own brand of mind control with cruelty and a 'Bible burning' mentality.  These heresies haven't been purged from 'the christianity' most people preach and follow today.   (Luke 13:23-28....Jesus is speaking about Old Testament Saints being with him, not European and American self-appointed and aggrandized 'wannabees' claiming New Words and Revelations derived through divenations from Satanic sources or pizzas with pork or bad anchovies!)

    Stephen's testimony in Acts spells it out.  This blindness or "curse" was passed-down or inherited.  The returning children, raised as captives in Babylon and Assyria, brought much of their parents' idolatrous ideas back to Israel with them.  Existing remnants of false worship from before the exile, new pagan practices learned while in exile and the adopting of the Canaanite and Philistine practices that had entered or remained in the region during Israel's exile, all worked to 'curse' any righteous attempts over the next centuries for teaching truth.

   Israel's fall started with the first tribes that came out of Egypt.  They refused to destroy the pagans living in the land YHWH claimed and gave to Israel to 'reveal His WAY' to the lost world.  Please read these scriptures to gain the overview
of YHWH/GOD's redemption plan using Israel as the example nation.  (Genesis chapters 14-15, Exodus 3, &Psalms 92-94)  *Note:  They spent 400 years in slavery before YHWH redeemed them.  It's similar to the 4000 years we spent as slaves to sin before His Son Yah'shua came to redeem us.   We've all 'been imprisoned' for Adam's sin.  It's time now to accept our freedom.  Yah'shua's name means, YHWH's salvation. 

     Rather than listening to YHWH, Israel when entering the land, tried to be 'politically rather than spiritually' correct.  Instead of destroying the inhabitants along with their disgusting worship idols and practices as instructed when Joshua first moved into the Promised Land after Moses' death, they instead 'became tainted' as YHWH/GOD knew they would by these heathen influences left there.  (Ex. 34:8-17 & Deut. 31:23-30)  Years later, Israel's third king, "wise" King Solomon dragged many of these abhorrent practices to the Temple Mount area when he built temples for his pagan wives to publicly worship their deities in.  (I Kings 3:1, 9:16-21, & 11:1-13)  So, don't think your 'little indiscretions' don't effect the souls of your children.  They do.  Why would you bring a child into this world and 'leave him' with hell as a reward in the next?  (Luke 11:11-13) 

     By adopting these disgusting 'religions' it caused the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi (priests) to be uprooted and sent into captivity around 606 BCE.  (Deut. 1:13-18 & II Kgs. 24-25)  The other tribes or Northern Kingdom was also guilty of turning away from GOD and was similarly sent into Assyrian captivity earlier around 720 BCE.  Few families from either group returned to Israel.  Many remained in the lands of their captivity or migrated to other areas when freed by Cyrus the Mede. (536-537 BCE.)  Some, of these exiles, kept in contact for centuries through family ties or commerce, etc.

  Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman's books "To Eliminate the Opiate Volumes 1 & 2" and Jewish historian Barry Chamish's book,  "Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism and the Holocaust"  (@,  extensively cover these people from the 15th to the 21st centuries.  There are currently three or four main schools of Judaism.  (see our: Recommended Studies Page for more info.)  Unfortunately, a Sabbataian satanic sect started to 'out think YHWH.'  They thought and decided (conveniently for themselves) that Moses' Testimony was untrue and couldn't be followed so they began to do everything opposite or contrary to the Law. They began to teach that since it was impossible to obey Torah and have the Messiah come, they'd get Satan to come instead and lead their new form of Sabbataian Zionism involving all types of hedonist and unkosher practices.  This "racist Zionism" turned on the religious Zionists and tried to destroy them by hiding in their midst and betraying them by pushing Satanic and socialist ideas into the community through their vast wealth and political base.   These cabalists run the "World's Banking Systems and through "that power" influence all political decisions on earth today.  This is why the current 'modern' nation of Israel is in confusion and is guilty of so much anti-Moses and anti-Jesus decisions and actions.  Jews without YHWH or Yah'shua are like any other group of bigots if they think they are special.  ONLY YHWH's BLESSINGS MAKE THEM SPECIAL LIKE ANY BELIEVER .  People that think that they are better than others are Narcissistic individually and racist if it is a racial rather than individual mentality.
    (please read these books for the whole story....Rabbi Antelman is well respected in the American Religious Zionist community and prior to his death was for many years the Chief Justice of the Supreme Rabbinic Court of America.)  He knew 'the stuff and where the skeletons were buried.'   GOOGLE:........ his name for a short radio interview that he did with an Israeli station ......
   The people that refused to return to Israel are "sometimes" called the "Lost Sheep or Lost Tribes."  After the second temple fell around 70 AD many of Yah'shua's disciples left Jerusalem and wandered about the Gentile nations teaching in the streets, homes and synagogues of those scattered and 'lost sheep' communities in hopes of bringing the "good news" of Yah'shua's life and resurrection to them as Yah'shua had instructed. (Matt. 10:5-18 & Matt. 15:24)  Even Paul began this way and also preached to gentiles that understood the Torah and could understand the "Messianic" concept as was laid-out in the Old Testament. (Acts 13:13-49)  

     (There was no "New Testament" in those days.  It came about later by disciples writing back to the communities where both Jews and/or Gentiles accepted the news.  The Gospels were written after the disciples finally realized that Yah'shua wasn't coming back in their lifetimes and wanted to leave a record for later generations.  Obviously, much has been lost or changed, over time, from bad interpretations, sect 'doctoring' and language barriers.) 

Please see our: Chart Page 

     Without Torah's written laws available, the Hebrews, during the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities, began to rely on and teach from "old memories" and NEW 'rabbinic ideas.'  This approach, although mostly sincere, wasn't from Moses' teachings and was not authorized by GOD.  These teachers put together whatever they remembered, added new Assyrian and Babylonian ideas and just "baloney" they invented.  (We must remember that these were the descendants, of the people, that initially brought about the need for punishment by GOD because of their idolatrous practices.  How much could they remember that was true?  Also,  their captors still worshiped in these pagan ways and forced them as slaves to do the same....Dan. 3:8-30 ...notice: there were just three boys that refused!)   This was inherited punishment beyond just "time served."  This was all they knew without Torah.  New (Free Lunch) Rabbis saw a 'good thing going' and did not need or want Torah (YHWH's WORDS through Moses) to 'spoil their hypocrisy.'  They received gifts of praise, food, gold, etc. on Sabbath days for 'spinning their tales.'  It was 'too good' to lose to a book even if their Fathers had sworn with Moses and Joshua that they'd witnessed the events.   (Deut. 29)
     Since, the return era, many Torah manuscripts and the other books (Chronicles, Judges & Prophets, etc. that comprise the Old Testament) have been discovered and give us a fairly accurate representation of YHWH'S Words.  A good example would be the "Dead Sea Scrolls."  (Recently, many of these fragments have been "sorted" using DNA help.  The leather scrolls' fragments are being pieced together according to their DNA matches of the hides or skins along with the traditional puzzle fitting match-ups.  As recently, as 2014 AD some previously found scrolls have been 're-discovered' in museums' "misplaced areas."  How convenient!  It seems that Satan has his own little fingers too!   (Exodus 31:18)  
    Most Jewish sects (not Karaite) have added the Talmud or Rabbinic writings to their worship documents.  These are what Yah'shua called their "Takkanah," or man made laws, etc..  Of course, by doing this, He received their wrath and was killed.   His death, inadvertently, fulfilled or accomplished the "sin offering" attempted by Abraham.  His son Isaac was replaced years later by Yah'shua.  YHWH provided Abraham with a "symbolic ram" to "stand-in" for His own Son Yah'shua until the prophesied time and moment arrived.  (Genesis chapter 22)  It's funny how YHWH always wins even when we kick against Him and Satan ignorantly thinks he's winning.  (Remember:  What goes around comes around!)  They tried to murder Yah'shua first.  Don't join that 'merry band' and don't think 'playing church' counts either!  (Luke 13:24-30) 
    Once freed and back in Jerusalem, Moses' teachings were "somewhat restored."  (Ezra 9 & 10)  Ezra tried to "purify the bloodlines" of those returning and re-establish Torah living.  (Tradition has Ezra passing away on 9 Tevet 313 BCE)  His efforts were short lived as the "blending" started over again.  As time passed, the partially recovered teachings of Moses mixed further with 'newest returnees' Babylonian rabbinic ideas and the pagan practices of the local dwellers to form the religion Yah'shua tried to set straight. (Jn. 5:37-47)  

    Many of these local "dwellers" (Samaritans) had been sent to Israel, to re-populate the land after the original Israelite occupants had been carried off.  Shalmaneser, the Assyrian King, after re-settling the area had trouble with lions and sent a Levite priest back to deal with the situation and to instruct the settlers in the ways of YHWH.  (II Kings 17:21-34)  This caused further confusion during Yah'shua's time because these inhabitants 'practiced a form' of Torah.   This populace assimilation was usually indistinguishable from the "legitimate heirs" that had escaped deportation or had returned over the years.  The Temple Priests and populace had a prejudice against Samaritans during the time of Yah'shua.  (Jn. 4:7-26)

    Satan's plan has always been to destroy YHWH'S people.  He's tried "changing, blending or watering down YHWH'S WORD" by infiltrating Abraham's descendants. He's sought to nullifying YHWH's promise of redeeming the human race through Israel.  We see it going on today with 'REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY and all the NEW Theology or New Age "lukewarm" teachings being embraced by the "Modern Church" and the Sabbataian Zionists running Israel's government. 

    The Laodiceans were told about YHWH'S feelings toward "lukewarm participation." (Rev 3:14-16)  He will, "spue/spew them out"  or cast them away from Him.  Please don't ever think YHWH lied to Abraham and fall into worshiping with any of these "FALSE DOCTRINE CHURCHES AND SABBATAIAN SYNAGOGS!" Remember reading: Genesis chapter 15?  It's not just the land that's going to be restored.  The 'seed' or descendants of Abraham will again receive a "Miraculous Salvation Sign" that we should all look for.  It will be for all of us because of their continuous Covenant between YHWH and Abraham.  PLEASE READ: REVELATION 11:1-11 AND PRAY THAT YOU HAVE ACCEPTED YAH'SHUA'S "GOOD NEWS" BEFORE THIS TIME.  IF NOT, ACCEPT IT WHILE THE TWO WITNESSES ARE REVEALING IT OR YOU'LL WIND UP LAUGHING OUT OF THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR MOUTH WITH THE "NON- (OR NOT FOR ME) CHRIST" BUNCH FOREVER IN THE LAKE OF FIRE.  ouch! 

     Much oral tradition and common practice has come down as a result of these early communities' gatherings for "religious meetings."   Obscured in origin, these early meetings are generally accepted to have "officially" originated at the second temple site during Ezra's and Nehemiah's days perhaps at The LORD's Feast of Tabernacles. (Neh. 8-13)  These weekly religious assemblies, teachings and practices have continued down to become today's synagog meetings.  The Aramaic root "kenishta" refers to the Greek word "assembly."  (This is the root of the modern word "Knesset" or legislature of Israel)  YHWH's family-style worship on Sabbath started to become institutionalized.

     Jewish synods also met to discuss political matters, policies and practices.   The "modern origin"  dates to about 140 AD in then Roman occupied Israel.  There, rabbis and influential lay-people gathered "unlawfully" to analyze and formulate community policy.  Prior to gentile intervention, Israel's Civil Laws had been GOD's Laws handed down through Moses to tribal chieftains and families, to judges and then kings. (Ex. 18:19-26) The Temple Laws were administered by the Priests.    With this ancient system destroyed and dispersed, it was natural for these meetings to combine "church and state" matters.  THIS IS THE MELCHIZEDEK PRINCIPLE, ONLY WITH MEN "TRYING" to legislate, INSTEAD OF JESUS, THE SON OF GOD, AS PRIEST-KING.  Israel's first King Saul wasn't allowed to pass his throne to his children because he became impatient waiting for Samuel and feared the crowd would desert him.  He performed the offering taking it upon himself to act as both King and Priest.  (I Sam. 13:7-14)  Unlike kings that prey on their subjects, King Jesus would be OUR SERVANT, ruling by His Father's Laws.  (Lk. 22:24-27)  If you don't like or want that, you have no hope.

     The original Hebrew Sabbaths were held in the tents and succoth/sukkot homes of families on the seventh day of the week or our 'Saturdays.'  They start at sunset Friday evening and continue until sunset Sabbath evening. Once Israel was divided into their tribal areas at Mt. Sinai, the Sabbath was primarily spent resting with one's immediate family inside their dwelling.   (Ex. 16: 27-30....see Strong's # 8478 & 4725 for "place")  The Bible records in Exodus that GOD used HIS OWN FINGER to write HIS TEN Commandments.  (talk about written in stone?)   These and the other laws were passed down orally or written on skins, fathers to sons, until the captivity.    After the captivity, Sabbaths became " organized  community events out of necessity."  The lack of written Torah scrolls made group or village worship and study necessary.  These groups became formalized and have remained to the present, although anyone can now own or have a Torah or Bible of his own.

    We have failed to understand that the family is the heart of YHWH's universe and not the Church or false fathers acting as pastors or rabbis.  Yah'shua renounced this title and Pointed to His Father as the only true Spiritual Father. (Matt. 23: 6-12)  The Father of the family should be the center of Sabbath gatherings and instructions.  This portrays GOD HIMSELF ruling over HIS FAMILY in HEAVEN.  Adam's body was the first temple.  The home is the second ordained temple after Eve joined with Adam and began a family.  The first home (Tabernacle) for the Arc of the Covenant was a tent for YHWH's Shekinah (Spirit) Presence. (Ex. 2-27)  He continued to meet the High Priests there for centuries on YHWH's Fall Feast of Atonement, Covering or Yom Kippur.  (Lev. 16:2, Jn. 3:19-21, I Cor. 6:19-20)  Now, our bodies are YHWH's Temples.

    Altars were to be made from 'naturally formed' rocks and not hewn, chipped, cut or purposely shaped ones as heathen religions practiced. (Ex. 20:25)  SEEKING to beautify the alter polluted it.  We've all seen pictures of Egypt's pyramids and huge temples.  Suffice it to say, YHWH was "fed-up" with these and didn't want Israel trying to outshine them as we see every new church or synagog being built today doing.  (Not to mention the perverse phallic/erect penis steeple structures placed on the roofs to emulate Egypt's Pharaoh's "one" portrayed by obelisks as a part of sun worship idolatry.)  Just imagine what Father thinks of these 'Modern Styles' of today's heathen architecture.  As above, so below...........or was supposed to be!   Trust and obey.  It's the only WAY!

    The disruption of both Houses of Judah and Israel, during foreign "chastisement," was caused by worshiping other gods, trying to worship YHWH in heathen ways or ceremonies and from falling away from Torah observance.  To learn how to correct this situation, the re-gathered nation needed to meet together outside the re-built Temple where a Torah was found during construction.  It was read there publicly on Sabbaths and Feasts' Days.  In time, written copies (scrolls) of the Torah became available and some of the gatherings moved out into the country villages and away from the Temple. 

    "Leadership" didn't allow the "full circle" back to restoration of the "family oriented" practice where the Priesthood was the duty of the Father.  The shepherd-wolves or rabbis wouldn't let the sheep loose to complete the circle.  (Kind of like the Vatican not wanting lay people to have scripture.)  These "leaders" or elders invented "institutions with new ceremonial worship requirements that became habits or traditions."  This, rightly or wrongly in their minds, maintained a hold over the "religion" they'd invented to replace the lost 'original intention' of YHWH.  His was family centered rest, reflection, correction and instruction together with a Father "allowed and blessed" by laying down his labors in the fields and spending a day rejoicing at home with his family and "acting out' the divine replica of Heaven.   Institutions still reject this idea today.  Parishioners want to dump their responsibility off and party during their time away from "the job."  We pay others to assume the position of the parents at church rather than acting as the King and Queen in a Godly home.  Satan is always happiest when he can destroy the God given family structure.  Our government is Satan's biggest ally right behind a rebellious heart joined with others of similar persuasion.

    What parent, Father or Mother doesn't know, with Holy Spirit guidance and love, how best to correct or raise their own children.   They see their children everyday and can best determine what needs to be taught to them.  A childless priest or outsider could never do this correctly.  Sabbath is and always was a family day where, after a weeks toil and separation, they could bond anew with God and themselves.  It's funny how "BIG BROTHER'S THING" is exactly the opposite.  It wants to destroy families, nations and YHWH's WAY.       

      The 'new way' became an ingrained neighborhood practice and allowed a rabbinic fraternity to develop.  Eventually, these "Professional teachers" took over the meetings when communities decided to purchase their own Torahs and build meeting rooms to replace the practice of meeting in homes where patrons had Torahs available.  Men made new rules.  (Mk.2:27-28)  Simply stated, that's the origin of the system that has filtered down to us today.  It was not the original plan.  It was a bad "band-aid" until the wound was healed.  Centuries later, we have become so accustomed to this "security blanket/band-aid" that we can't distinguish it from the WOUND.   WE'VE FORGOTTEN, that it was the leadership, that first turned  away from Torah and caused YHWH to have to chastise the nation with foreign captivity. (I Kg 11:29-37)  History is repeating itself.

     Jesus refused to be called Rabbi.  (Matt. 23:8-33)  The title is not found in the Old Testament.  Yes, we should respect everyone as Brothers and Sisters. (Mt. 12:48-50)  Those leading us to salvation truths should always be honored, young or old.   We were never told to form cults or religious societies.  The Elders of the early "churches" are dead.  We now have Bibles to read, thanks to them. (Lk. 8:21, 10:1-12, & 22:32)   It was the Roman Church that erroneously began to set up "christian church structure" so it could ultimately rule over and change Jesus' doctrines, as the Jewish Temple leaders changed GOD's WORDS earlier.  Jewish Christian ideas merged into Roman and Greek myths and cult practices.  Over time Gentile Christian paganism became dominant.  Much of this paganism remains in the new holidays, theology and structure of Roman Catholicism, Greek Orthodox and Protestant (little sisters') denominations TODAY.  It wasn't seen or purged by later Protestant "reformers." 

    The 'three' Branches have grown so far apart and far from the original truths that they've become hateful and suspicious of each others' clergy and teachings.  Yet they support the same statue (false faith and governments) that Nebuchadnezzar told Daniel about in his futuristic dream.  A reckoning of the major organized religions became impossible but is about due to be re-united under a Satanic leadership. 

    Today, it's the home-schooled and non-aligned assemblies that are finding again what was always there.  When there's no money to be made and only a sincere searching of scriptures can these old forgotten truths be rediscovered.   Many 'ear tickling preachers' will always find a crowd to support them.  Like any good business man realizes, it's easier and safer to take a small profit from a lot of customers.  So, 'keep'em happy' and coming back, has become the norm.   "More news right after these commercials from our sponsors," as we say!

     Yah'shua speaks about these "hirelings" in (Jn. 10:6-14, Mk 12:38-40) and "servants" in (Matt.10:5-42, 19:27-34). Today, many "leaders" like to pick and choose the laws, if any, they want followed.  Many want the fine cars, prestigious homes and grand temples from which to lecture "their" messages.  Acts chapter 15:13-30 is what James, Peter and Paul, etc. said.  Jesus said, (Matt 5:17-48, 22:10-14, & 36-40, Jn 7:16-31).  Moses said that God wrote His Laws "in stone" with His own finger. (Ex.31:16-18)  It seemed simple enough for "gentiles that learned on Sabbath from readings (of Torah/Moses) in the synagogues" and the announcement that the Messiah had come, died and resurrected.  (Acts 13:14-52, Acts 15:17-21)  That's the simple GOSPEL or GOOD NEWS.  Came, gone and to return soon......Amen. (Matt. 18:14-20)

     How many of today's leaders enjoy a "nice bloody-rare" steak or roast (Gen. 9:4, Acts 15:19-20, Lev. 17:10-14 and Deut. 12:15-16) after church or anytime?  Do they stop at a restaurant and have others serve them before going shopping or purchasing other recreations on either the real Sabbath or the "Sunday"one they have substituted. (Lev. 23:3, Dt. 5:12-15, Isa. 58:13-14 & Neh. 13:15-22)   All these profane the Sabbath, including purchasing gasoline for the trip to church.  Sounds like a pattern. judgment, the question will be, "Why did YOU....not love God more and STUDY HIS WORD for yourself and for your family's sake?"   (Mk. 12:28-31)   We love to sing, "Give me that old time religion, it's good enough for me."  We just don't KNOW what that "OLD TIME RELIGION" is anymore!  And because of it, we've lost our love for the truth and the value it holds.  Do you tell YHWH, I love you, but......  If a fireman showed up at your burning home with you inside and yelled, "I love you but I'm not that much" and stayed outside blowing you kisses, would you feel that he was insincere?

     Fortunately, for most of us today, primarily because of the Protestant Movement, the scriptures are available in the Bible.  (See: How We got the Bible by Neil R. Lightfoot)  History and prophecy books complete the "Old Testament."  The "New Testament's" history authenticates Jesus as the Messiah and its "early church" writings complete the Bible as recognized by most organizations today.  The  practice of community meetings for "instruction" still continues today, although most "observers" own their own Torah or Bible.  They turn their "sabbath day of rest" into one of "hurrying-off-to-synagog or church," usually for the social experience or entertainment that is provided there.  They want to believe that Jesus will grade or mark on a curve like our Modern University Professors or that there's "safety in numbers."  Ask the residents of old Sodom about that!  
      Is the father fulfilling his obligation to be the Priest-King of the family?  This pattern was established in the Garden. (Gen. 2:21-25 & 3:9-21, Num. 1:2-4 & 18, Deut. 22:5, Matt. 19:4-6, 1 Cor. 11:7-16, Eph. 5:20-6:10) The Heavenly pattern is the Father, the Son and His Bride.  Jesus' prayer was not a joke.  (Matt. 6:5-13)  He taught us to pray for earth to be the same as heaven.   Husbands and wives are equal "under the Law."  YHWH's Law.  They just have different roles or jobs to do.  YHWH chose men to be the Father and head of the household.  This does not diminish the wife's or Mother's role or importance.  The strength is in the oneness or unity of this relationship.

     Are we really resting and rejoicing in the Lord, as YHWH COMMANDED? (Ex. 16:22-30, Isa. 58:13-14)  Do you remember the "old Blue Laws"  that used to be in Europe and America prior to the late 20th Century?  Businesses were closed on Sunday 'mimicking' the old Jewish Sabbath ideas.  Wrong day but right idea.  Leadership, again, was corrupted by MONEY from "large chain stores" and laws were changed to adhere to "more modern economics." (Neh. 10: 28-31, and          I Tim. 6:5-14)
     The Bible is written in Fourth grade English. Exodus 20:10 seems clear and simple! Why do most of us need someone to "instruct us" in it?  (Oh well, we'll probably lose a lot of readers here, but it needed to be said.  Two and many more wrongs don't make a right.)   Obviously, Sunday Sabbath observers don't profane the Sabbath by meeting, shopping, dining or entertaining on the first day of the week any more than anyone else does.  They profane the Sabbath by doing these things on the last day of the week or Saturday like everyone else does.  They just have the wrong day for meetings unless it's for Saturdays' bake, PUMPKIN or rummage sales they sponsor.  YHWH or no way, fortunately!  All of GOD's laws are for a reason and are not grievous.  (1 Jn. 5:1-5)  They are life sustaining!  They shouldn't be followed to try to gain salvation, more "Brownie points" or a larger mansion.   They should be followed because our Father YHWH wrote them in stone for our welfare and because we love Him with all of our hearts and seek to please Him and not some perverted dead Roman Emperor. 

   Constantine the 'Great?' officially declared the 'change' on March 7, 321 AD. in his Edict of Milan.  'Supposedly,' he'd accepted Christ and had become a Christian.  However, in 326 AD, he had his eldest son, Flavius Julius Crispus executed.  A few months later he had his second wife Fausta, Crispus' young step-mother, killed while in a warm bath.  Rumors are that she either had an affair with Crispus or went to Constantine and 'claimed' that Crispus had raped her.  Constantine believed her and had Crispus killed.  A few months later, he either found out Fausta had lied, had instead seduced Crispus or got pregnant by someone else in order to 'accuse' Crispus.  Anyways, she was killed in a 'fashion that prevailed then' for women to abort while bathing in a warm bath and whatever.....?  No more "News at 6:00" 

     GOD allows us to see His 'Images of Creation' through family structures that reveal heavenly things and much more on Sabbath.  Sure, assembly is honorable, if lawful and not required as a 'power grab.'  (Heb. 10:25, Eze. 44:23-25 'priests' & Prov. 28:4-10)  The Sabbath convocation or assembly was intended for the family, in the home, as was the original Passover.  (Lev. 23:3) 

     Required assemblies were GOD's  seven Feast Days of which three required all males to assemble in Jerusalem and the weekly Sabbath rest at home.  The 'church' has twisted this Law to claim Sunday service is necessary.  Again, a Pope's decree.   (If the nation  of Israel were alone in the desert wilderness why would they have been told to "come together" if it didn't mean to go back to their tribal areas, families or own places/homes?)   The idea of assembling at the temple started when they returned from captivity and built a temple.  There is no temple now except in us.  (Acts 7: 48-51, 17: 22-30, Jn 2:19-21, I Cor. 3: 11-17 & I Cor. 12)    Anyways......remember much of these English passages have been 'used' over the years to divide rather than strengthen faith individually and collectively.  Be happy with your gifts and let the 'wannabees' boast of theirs.....real or imagined!
      When Greek rule came, prior to the Romans, with Alexander III, (the Great)  Persian rule ended in 327 BCE.  Many of  the Canaanite locals with  Babylonian, etc. "mixed blood" still worshiped and lived around Jerusalem mingling with the other inhabitants.  They bragged to Jesus that they had never been in bondage/captivity. (Jn.8:33)  So, as children of Abraham they must have been Esau's kin and not Jacob's and/or moved into Jerusalem during the captivities.   They and the "racially pure Jews" had to embrace Greek ways and gods.  After taking Tyre in 332 BCE, Alexander captured Jerusalem unopposed and went on into Egypt where he founded Alexandria before the year ended.  (Later, Ptolemy, the Greek ruler of Egypt, had the Torah and the [old testament books] translated into Greek, the Septuagint, around 246 BCE.)  Greek governmental ideas and religion were forced on everyone throughout the Greek ruled empire prior to Rome's conquest of them by 27 BCE.  According to Jewish tradition the first Pharisee was Antigonus of Soko (a Greek Name) in the early third century BCE.  The last Hasmonean King, Antagonus Mattathias, who died fighting Herod I in 37 BCE, when the Pharisees wanted to surrender, had an older brother Alexander with a Greek name.  The point being, that Greek mentality had spread fast and deep within the Jews.  Few withstood this gentile onslaught.  Most Jews embraced the "new ideas" until the Maccabees.

      After Antiochus IV (Epiphanes) declared Judaism illegal in 168 BCE and sacrificed a pig on the Temple alter, Judas Bar Mattathias, the Maccabee, in approximately 160 BCE tried to restore independence.  After 120 years, of in-fighting and many attempts to start new "royal" and "priest" lines, their dynasty ended in confusion.  Idumean (Edomite) and Roman rule combined to follow.  The Idumean, Herod I (the Great) was king at Jesus' birth.  His sons, grandson and great grand son Herod Agrippa II  ruled Galilee and Judea throughout Jesus' time and beyond.  Herod II (Antipas) was the king who killed John the Baptist and was in Jerusalem for Passover when he "examined" Jesus with Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor, before the Messiah's crucifixion.  Herod the Great's "important" sons were Antipas by his Samaritan first wife Malthake, Philip I by the Jewess Mariamme, and Philip II by Cleopatra.  If you're confused, think about the confusing "religion" Jesus tried to sort out.  (Matt. 15:1-9 & 16:6-11...leaven represented sin, thus only unleavened bread for Pass-over)  The Romans continued to rule for several centuries after the Herods' rule ended.

       Many gentile religions (Mithraism, Dianaism, etc.) developed during these times and several sects of "Judaism" co-existed.  The Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees were the dominant sects in Jerusalem and through "deals" with their Roman over-lords controlled  Herod's temple.  (Around 81 BCE, the Sadducees were ejected from the Sanhedrin ((Supreme Court of Jewry)) but through wealth and position continued to control the Temple grounds.)   Less known and more austere groups like the Essenes and Natsarim (Nazarenes) attended temple functions but generally lived isolated outside of Jerusalem.  (more on this in other studies)

      The Takkanah, Takanout or ordinances that Jesus preached against were loaded with nonsensical rules like putting on sandals in a prescribed manner and the "famous one" about how to wash ones hands "ceremonially before eating." (Matt. 15)  Most modern Christians read this and think Jesus was a dirty uncouth carpenter, who rejected rules for good hygiene.   No, He taught in verses 7-14, that only Moses' laws accounted for salvation.   (Reading verses out of context or bundling verses that aren't connected by subject, is a "modern way" to twist or invent new theology.  Sometimes this is done by ignorance and sometimes by deceit to form new thought.  Usually, this is done so someone can "feed-off" rather than "feed" a flock.  Thus another cult is formed.  Another snake asks, "hath GOD said?" Gen. 3 :1)

     Anyways,  five centuries later, the Takkanah that Jesus taught against and more "things," were written down in the Talmud.  These are still taught in most Jewish centers.  (Karaite Jews or Karaism was founded in Babylon in the late 700 AD and still follows Torah/Pentateuch and not any part of the Mishnah or Gemara which the Talmud is based upon.  This group does not accept Jesus/Yah'shua either as their Messiah and continues to watch and wait for His first appearance.)  Today's Talmud includes a whole collection of man-made dictatorial  nonsense supposedly originating from oral Old Covenant teachings.  When Jesus, the WORD HIMSELF, scorned these laws and spoke openly against them, He made enemies of the leadership and ultimately was crucified for it.  It's queer how, according to the Jews, Yah'shua was crucified for "claiming to be the Son of GOD" (Jn. 19:7) yet today Rabbis claim to have authority over YHWH's words and can change them like the Popes falsely believe they can, etc..  Eastern Orthodox (1200-1450 AD) and Protestant churches (1500's AD) although separated from the Roman Catholic "Mother" church continued to follow the doctrines initiated at 3rd and 4th century Roman conclaves where pagan ideas replaced or joined with Jesus' own "Reform Movement."   (More on this in another study)
      The next, dirty little secret, that sought to destroy Jesus' WORDS is ANTI-SEMITISM.  (The word "semite" didn't come about until the late 1790's A.D.  However, its meaning today reflects similar Roman ideas of the 1st century.  Zionism and Sionism are two different things.)  Roman overlords tried to stamp out ALL things Jewish.  They didn't care what sect, leaders or ideas were involved.  In approximately 70 A.D. to end another uprising, they destroyed Herod's temple after sieging Jerusalem twice.  The Roman General, Prince Titus, is credited with the victory.  He became a Caesar after his father Caesar Vespasian died.  

     Two years, after Titus's reign ended, Domitian erected an Arch of Triumph in Rome that still stands depicting this victory today.  Titus is "credited" with burning the temple, although some historians dispute whether  this was done by his orders or by his undisciplined troops trying to remove the gold that covered its walls.  When burned, the gold supposedly melted and accumulated between the stone blocks and the troops tore the blocks apart to get to the gold.  (Matt. 24:2)  Jesus predicted this event 40 years earlier.

      Christians, heeding Jesus' warning (Lk. 21:20-24) left the city, prior to Titus's second siege that started a few days later.  This infuriated the Jews that weren't Christian and were left behind to face horrendous starvation and hardships, etc. before finally surrendering and watching their temple being destroyed.  This accounts for much of the animosity that continues against Jewish Christians by Jewish leadership today.  They feel now, as then, that they were betrayed and could have won the war, if the large numbers of Jesus' followers had stayed to help fight.  Rather than accept their fate for ignoring "their Messiah's loving prophetic warning," or learning from it, they "stiffen their necks" and imagine they could have changed their destiny as they have changed GOD'S WORDS.   Changing words is easy but it doesn't change truth.  (How did Jesus know that Titus would remove his circle of troops from around the walled city for just a couple of days?  Today, military historians still can't explain it. )

      By 135 AD the Romans had enough with being "Mr Nice Guy."  Another messiah, (Matt. 24:2-6, & Jn. 5:38-47) a false one "obviously" was hunted down and killed after another failed rebellion.  Bar Kokba was endorsed by the Jewish leadership under Akiba and received support from within and outside Israel. (240 years were subtracted, through a couple of  manipulations of the calendar in order  to place Bar Kokba into the 4th millennium's prophetic requirements.   This wasted attempt to make another Messiah accounts for the differences between calendars today.)  His early successes fueled hope and since the Messiah was long-overdue (to non-Jesus believing Jews), Bar Kokba was hailed as 'king messiah' and coins were struck in his honor.  Today, most  Rabbis deny this.  Since Bar Kokba failed to defeat the Romans and set up an eternal Jewish Kingdom, rather than accepting the "other or Real Messiah Yah'shua" of that AGE, they spun the truth again.

   Now, they say the Messiah really wasn't expected during the 4th millennium, but should be coming at the end of the 6th millennium. (Beware of the Anti-Christ)  Unfortunately, for them, the gold coins they minted, recently excavated, honoring Bar Kokba during the short-lived period of self government before the Romans returned to "restore order," showed they did expect the Messiah then.  ( Like many people today, they don't want the facts to influence TRUTH.)  Jesus was to come first as a Priest and secondly as a King.  The Jews only wanted a King.  They thought they could make religious (laws) if they were dwelling in their own kingdom safely.  This sounds a lot like church Fathers today, who will embrace the Anti-Christ, rather than "trust and obey!"   It's identical to the Popes ruling over the European Kings of the Holy (?) Roman Empire.

     Anyways, none of this mattered to "old" Rome.  After gathering troops, from on-going campaigns in Britain and Syria, to replace the defeated ones, killed at Caesarea, by Bar Kokba loyalists, at no small expense, the Romans changed tactics and cordoned off, smothered and defeated Bar Kokba in the countryside where his gorilla style fighters were hiding.  Enough was enough.  ANTI-SEMITISM ran rampant throughout the Roman Empire.  The Jews  had revolted again.  They disgraced many Roman leaders and scared them into believing other provinces might try the same thing.  They needed to be made "an example of" and war losses had to be recouped. 

    This rebellion had cost Rome great expense and took many lives.  It embarrassed the empire and its gods in front of Rome's neighbors and enemies.  Israel's rebellion brought to a halt other on-going campaigns.  These campaigns were the source of Rome's wealth.  Unless Rome's neighbors surrendered peacefully or paid tribute, Rome would attack and plunder them.  They would sell the captives into slavery, and annex their land.  Then, they would sell the land to wealthy investors and allow some of the army to divide it as spoils of war.  Wars were costly and only "made money" in new territories.  Revolutions in their existing provinces "cost money."   

     Rome's armies were constantly replenished by these captives and "united" peoples.  Hatred of Jews naturally became empire wide.  Rome's iron-fist control lasted for several centuries resulting in ANTI-SEMITISM becoming deeply rooted and far reaching east and west.  Initially, influenced primarily by the Greeks and Egyptians, as the empire spread, many religions entered "into Rome's fold."  Many were new and strange but most had similar story-lines that could be traced back to Babylon's (queen of heaven) Mother Semiramis and her husband-child cult. (Gen. 10:8 & Chapter 11)  You've probably heard it said, "all roads lead to Rome" when in reality they all led from Babylon's perversions of the original true Messiah story.   These perversions claimed the place intended for Yah'shua as their own in their "invented" versions.   This is why it was so easy to sell the pagans on the Jewish Messiah and blend it into their similar existing national cults.  Unfortunately, they kept many of their own customs rather than embracing YHWH and Moses' ways.

    The ruling class had their own ideas about the "golden rule."  Theirs' was, "he who has the gold rules."  After that, they believed, "might makes right."  This mixture of cultures and religions ultimately led, in 325 AD, to Constantine the Great's desire to unite all of the Empire's religions into one.  He'd learned that many religions meant many wars.  (Sound Familiar?)  Every religion had to give a little.  Those opposed were killed.  We all know many gentile Christians and Jews were killed during this time.  Some were believers in Yah'shua and some weren't.

      Here, at Melchizedek Pathway, as previously stated, we seek to go back to OUR Hebrew basics or roots as they were practiced in the 1st century AD. with Jesus' original protestant reforms.  Our web-site is open to all fellow-travelers on ALL the paths that lead to the ONE GATE. (Matt. 7:13-14)  This has our Father's son, Yah'shua, our reigning Priest-king-Melchizedek (Heb. 7:11-25) as Gatekeeper at the "STRAIT GATE" on the "NARROW PATH." (John 7: 13-15) Wide and well worn is the path that leads to destruction.  It's the easy one to find.  It's well "lit-up" on Sabbath nights.
      The Levitical priesthood is "ended" becoming merged with the New or Original Priesthood.  At the last supper Jesus/Yah'shua proclaimed the New Testament and gave it to those who "will receive it."  (Matt.26:28)  He said, that His blood is shed for the NEW TESTAMENT or COVENANT which was the priesthood prior to Abraham (Gen 14:18), sung about by David (Psm. 110) and restored  in heaven.  (Lk. 24:44-49)  His blood now works to forgive sin.  Acts 2: 29-36 should be clear now.  ("both LORD and CHRIST or MELCHIZEDEK AND MESSIAH.....twofold .... Yah'shua/Jesus is the ORIGINAL Priest of YHWH)    

      Those accepting this get the "new master" who is the Holy Spirit.  (Acts 2:38-39, Jn. 20:21-23)   Read  (
Heb. 5-6:3)  (please allow this paraphrase of 6:1-3....... 'let's MOVE-ON to PERFECTION/COMPLETION utilizing the "new doctrines of baptism, laying on of hands, and salvation through resurrection" to actually doing these things with the Holy Spirit/Ruach ha Kodesh's guidance.  Let's not start again or continue to do the old doctrines which were based on "expectation in faith" but now "let's claim our inheritance" which isn't to do " forward-looking shadow picture Feasts" forever, looking for Messiah.'  (......Heb. 5:12-15 & 6:6.......)   It's time to grow-up Saints. Eat the real food, not the baby food of the Levitical messages started after the Exodus.  They WERE necessary to point a floundering lost world to the original Priesthood that Abraham  tithed to.  (Gen. 14:18-20).  If we want to go back to the Levitical (which we can't because there's no alter, tabernacle or temple,) then we kill Messiah/Melchizedek again and return Him to the shame He endured the night between the Passover meal and the crucifixion.  (Heb. 6:1-6)  YHWH's seven Feasts should now be Sabbaths of Honor, Gratitude and joyful Expectation for His near completion of the few He hasn't yet "lived-out."  These are not "shadow" pictures anymore.  We know what they represent.  We just don't know when He will cast His Shadow again.   (see study on Feasts) 

       Passover should be a Feast Sabbath, of remembering and accepting Yah'shua's teachings, by cutting out the seder and only doing the bread and wine sacraments if  you are a believer.  Passover now has a new "shadow picture" of the Melchizedek (which is the Messiah Yah'shua in the Levitical  priesthood's "old" shadows, pictured in previous Passovers).    These Feast-Pictures were for teaching about salvation, pointing to the Messiah's actual life and not something done to earn salvation or to "please" YHWH. (Amos 5: 20-27) We don't have to open anymore doors to look for Elijah.  The Messiah Yah'shua and Elijah have come. (Mal. 3:1 & Matt. 11:1-15)  John the Baptist was the "Elijah spirit" looked for, for so many years during this ceremony.   Stop denying Jesus/Yahs'hua by "playing Passover." As believers, we should do the "Communion Service" that Yah'shua showed us.  The wine now represents His BLOOD which the lamb had previously pointed to.  The unleavened bread represents His "clean BODY" that was acceptable to His Father.  Move on: but not into pagan Easter, Christmas or Halloween.  Please read the whole book of Habakkuk.  We are in there.

     In this study, we use the Hebrew original name Yah'shua instead of the commonly used Greek, Jesus.   God's name (YHWH pronounced Yah-weh or Yah-veh) combined with the Hebrew word shua, which means "saves," or  "YH (Yahweh) saves" is the correct name of the Hebrew Messiah.  (see Strong's Concordance Hebrew # 3442, 3443 & 3444)  Thus, the Son gives glory and honor to His Father YHWH (Lk. 13:35, Jn. 5:43, 14:13-15, 16:23-28, 17:17-26, Jer. 10:25, 16:19-21) and NOT to the Greek's high god and mythology character Zeus.   THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME, YAH'SHUA!  Read Acts chapter 7.  
(Many people use the name Yeshua, but YHWH's / YHVH's name is pronounced Ya Way or Ya Vey and not Ye Way or Ye vey.  These are just our reasons for using these formulations of the NAMES.)
      The Greek's Zeus or "Christos," was represented by the planet Jupiter (Ex.23:13) and later became known as the son of the Roman sun god by 325 AD.  Thus the 'halos'/sun rays, in "Christian artwork" began.  Also, the "day of rest" was moved to the first day of the week, to honor the sun god (Sunday) above YHWH's Sabbath on the last or seventh day of the week that taught CREATION.   SO.....when did the theory of "Evolution" get its 'toe hold?' (Gen. 1:14-18, Deut. 17:2-5)

     Remember, this mentality, tried to fit Paul with the title "Christos" in Lycaonia (Acts 14: 7-16, 19 :34-37)  Yah'shua is pronounced the same as Joshua without the 'J' sound.  (sorry no J in the English language until the 15th century)  It's more like the Scandinavian Ya' sound.... and not Jehovah)  Yah'shua is everyone's Melchizedek (Priest-king)  (Heb. 5:5-10) sitting on the right side of  YHWH  (Heb. 1:13, Matt. 22:44 & Psm. 110:1) until He returns to rule forever.

    Also, we will be using "that old time religion" name of God, as given to Moses, at the burning bush when Moses asked, "What god (Elohim) shall I say sent me?"  God replied, "Tell them, that I am that I am" or "YHWH," in the Hebrew, "sent you." (Ex 3:3-14)  Don't lose-out, on the blessings of using these sacred NAMES, by paying homage to Zeus or by calling YHWH by a northern European or Celtic title (GOD) rather than His name, that He told Moses to tell to the gentile Pharaoh. (Matt 7:21-23)  These, were the NAMES used prior to the paganization that was introduced by second and third century gentile followers that introduced "replacement theology" because they coveted Israel's place.   (Please see Keith Johnson's book at  and Nehemiah Gordon's book Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence at  )

     English 'royals' were called LORDS.  The King James Version chose to use this same word for ADONAI OR YHWH.  King James wanted his 'little slice of heaven' on earth.   He wanted His subjects to think of him as an equal to YHWH like all 'tiny men"do.   When they can't reach the stars they try to bring them down to their level. The word GOD is used because the European pagans called their supreme deity's name, pronounced "gode." Thus YHWH became "God" in the early translations....  YOU FIGURE WHO YOU WANT TO PRAY TO!   YHWH save the Queen!  She can't save you!

     Personal and political ANTI-JEWISH-ISM or ANTI-SEMITISM combined to persecute all Jews and sects practicing in Jewish ways.  Besides physical persecution, taxes were used to punish those of "Jewish" faith.  The Romans lumped Christians and Jews into this same 'pool.'

    Fears of higher taxes for doing anything Jewish (Fiscus Judaicus laws taxed up to 40% of ones yearly gross income to HELP restore lost war expenses incurred at Bar Kobha's revolt.   'Painful' persecutions administered by Rome, caused many believers to "stumble."  Facing gladiators and hungry lions were some of the "extra-curricular activities" many of the early faithful faced from "blood worshiping" Roman cultist officials.  Without strong faith and a complete understanding, one would have almost had to have seen Yah'shua performing miracles or rising from the grave, to have withstood these unspeakable barbaric persecutions.  (Just imagine how bad the "real bardarians" must have been because Romans considered themselves refined or cultured compared to the surrounding nations or tribes.)  Christian families and communities, old and young, were butchered for entertainment or for pagan cult  sacrificial demands.

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     Both Peter and Thomas along with many others, (Lk. 24:13-31) agonized over their FAITH immediately after Yah'shua's crucifixion.  Both had spent much time with Yah'shua and witnessed the healings, exorcisms, etc..  Peter denied knowing Yah'shua three times on the night of his trial and Thomas refused to believe Yah'shua had come back from the dead, after three days in the tomb. (Jn. 20:19-31)  Yah'shua showed Peter that He knew, he had denied Him even though they were separated from each other.  Yah'shua asked him later, at the "fish bake," three times, "Do you love Me?"  How heartbreaking that must have been when Peter realized that Yah'shua knew he would and did deny Him that night.  They  had not just been 'idle' words.  (Matt.20:17-19,Matt. 26:69-75 & Jn.21:14-17 )  Pray that Yah'shua says, He knows you, BEFORE the final "bake" takes place.

If this seems like fables and foolishness to you, think why would these doubting "scare-di-cats" do a complete 180 degree turn-around and preach openly with boldness thereafter?  (Acts 6:5-7, Acts 2:14-4:31)   Most continued to preach the doctrine of resurrection and salvation in Yah'shua's name  (Acts 4:8-14) until their own deaths.  Most died horribly, but because they followed their Master's teachings, with love they turned the other cheek  and after a life dedicated to going the extra mile (Matt. 5:38-48) they helped defeat the strongest empire on earth.  They didn't use swords.  They used love and it broke Rome's blood lust heart.  (Please see Foxes Book of Martyrs available anywhere)

      Praise YHWH       Hallelujah        Praise Yahshua       Praise YHWH       Hallelujah       Praise Yahshua      Praise YHWH     Hallelujah     Praise Yahshua

 Even John the Baptist or his followers may have needed assurance that Yah'shua was the anointed one/the Messiah.  John, probably knew and was just making it clear to his followers.  He didn't want his followers starting a cult around him when he died, as the Mormons and others have done.  John wanted them to accept his cousin Yah'shua as the real Messiah.  see:
Matt. 11:1-19, Mk. 6:17-29, Lk. 1, Matt.3, Mk. 1:1-17, Mk. 6:7-16)


       Many Christians are happy to proclaim that the Jews were under the "LAW" and that now everyone or at least Christians are not, but are under "GRACE."  This is incorrect.  Both the Jews and the Gentiles alike, are still under the "LAW" and "GRACE."  These laws, everyone's still under, are the non-temple ones and the ones not dealing with animal sacrifices. (Yah'shua died approximately 30 A.D. and the temple was destroyed in approximately 70 A.D. or one generation later.  This "change-over-generation"  allowed observant Jews, living in far off places, to come to the temple for FEASTS, as required, and while there to hear, the "GOOD NEWS or GOSPEL", that the Messiah had come, died, been raised from the dead and ascended to Heaven.  They heard it from the disciples, Peter, James, etc. who remained in Jerusalem during this time.  ((Acts 5:16-42))  Both, a Jew's and a Gentile's "GRACE" now comes from Yah'shua's sacrifice and not innocent animals that portrayed it.  By "FAITH" people were and are now saved by "GRACE."  Prior to Yah'shua's death, it was the "FAITH" of the person sacrificing the animal, that allowed Father YHWH to"accept" the sacrifice, in place of His Son.  "GRACE" was dispensed from YHWH, in the memory of His Son's actual  future sacrifice.  Now, it's our "FAITH," that these lambs represented Yah'shua.   His death fulfilled the sacrificial requirements that allows Him as our High Priest to dispense the "GRACE" directly, when we ask  for forgiveness through Him to our Father God.

       Wow, that's certainly different, you're probably saying.  Yah'shua turned the law up-a-notch.....( Matt. 5:17-48.  He basically says, that if our heart is impure then we are impure throughout.  Our actions are not the basis of sin.  Our minds are.  This is not an Old Testament Law but it is the beauty behind it.  Offerings were not required for impure thoughts.  (Sheep would be extinct.)  In Yah'shua's WORDS, He now wants us to search deeper inside ourselves and cut out these thoughts.  Most people that hate someone wouldn't murder them but He considers it the same.  His WORDS (Matt. 5: 17-19) seem clear.  The Law remains until both Heaven and earth pass away.  Our hope is that this never happens. He taught us to pray, thy kingdom come to earth as it is in Heaven.  (Lk. 11:2-4)

        Animals' blood never saved anyone.  Its use, by "FAITH" pointed to Yah'shua's future blood, which saves us all.  The act of sacrificing predates the Jews. 
Noah in Genesis Chapter 8 verses 20-21 made animal sacrifices.  YHWH prepared Noah and his sons for this in Chapter 7 verses 1-3.  He told Noah to bring seven (7) pairs of all clean animals and fowls of the air.  (Forget the Sunday school story that tries to diminish "things Jewish" by claiming only two animals of each kind were brought aboard)  Prior to this, Abel, in Genesis Chapter 4 verse 4, brought an acceptable offering from his flock and offered it.  Cain's "non-blood offering" was not respected by YHWH  because it was "tilled" vegetables and denied the future Savior's "blood spilling" role in salvation.  YHWH saw it as a substitute or a "man-made" representation, showing either rebelliousness or the idea that man can earn his own salvation.  In anger, Cain chose to sacrifice his brother Abel, the first human sacrifice.  (We can now see why Satan and his cults demand it and why his governments spill so much.)
      Even earlier in Genesis,  Chapter 3 verse 21, YHWH clothed Adam and Eve (not Steve) in "skins" which must have grieved Him.  He would have had to sacrifice two of his "clean" creations (Gen. 1: 24 & 25) in order to clothe or cover their "nakedness or animal nature" sin.  Yet, in this sad story of FIRST SIN, we still have an inkling of the Redemption Plan initiated by Our Father YHWH.  (Did he choose male sheep...'rams' for their clothing?  The scriptures do not tell us.  Later, His lamb's blood would be His son's own blood, offered for us.) 
      Today, we don't sacrifice.  It's "ready-made" or provided by our Heavenly Father like Adam's and Eve's and Abraham's and Isaac's. (Gen. 22:7-14)  Our "FAITH," in Messiah's past self-sacrifice, gives us the blood "GRACE," that can get us new clothes (Lk. 15:21-24) or clean ones. (Rev. 7:13-17)  We are to "LAWFULLY" keep our clothes clean, for the "last day" once we are redeemed. . (Rev.16:15)  This "last day" is referred to as the "marriage supper of the lamb" (Rev. 19:7-14) and Yah'shua warns us in a parable about "the King's Son's" wedding guests. (Matt. 22:1-14)  The guests, after verse 9, are gentiles.  Most of the first invited,  the Israelites, didn't accept the invitation.  Yet, a gentile, in verses 11-14, wasn't wearing the "proper attire."  "Many are called but few are chosen."  Keep yourself clean and holy for the Wedding Banquet or the Judgment Day Barbecue.
      Our "FAITH" requires us to do Christian works.  (Gal. 3:16-29, James 2:17-26, Mk. 13:31-34 & Rev. 22:12)   Many, today, confuse works with Old Testament Laws.   Currently, there are no "legal" temples outside of our bodies. (Matt. 23:3--24:2, & 1 Cor. 3:9-23)  Our "GRACE" (Heb.7:24-28) or "REDEMPTION" comes from Our High Priest Yah'shua, the Melchizedek.  His "GRACE TO US" enables us to be lifted above the worldly realm of animals and their dog eat dog, mentality.  We are not to 'just preach this" but are required to live it.  These are our "good works."  They are the way we live and not "special things" we do for charity, etc.    

      Our "lamb Yah'shua" has set us free like the lamb's blood portrayed at the Exodus in Chapter 12.  Verses 3-14, command the perpetual keeping, of this Feast of Passover.  Yah'shua observed this Feast of YHWH on the night, He was betrayed by Judas. (Mk. 14: 1-28, Lk.22: 1-48)  However, it is John's account in Chapter 13 that includes the foot washing, which teaches humility and service.   We were told to continue to keep this "Last or Communion Supper" observance until we meet him at the "Marriage Supper."  This was Passover (Lev. 23).   The four cups drank that night are still a part of the Jewish Seder.  We don't need them all now.  We drink the one cup at communion that symbolizes His shed blood while eating the bread of his body or Word.  We'll drink the other cups with Yah'shua at our Marriage Supper with Him.

      How many other Feasts are overlooked or not understood by "Christians?" since the second century when pagans began to dominate the assemblies?  How much knowledge are we missing by substituting Pagan observances?  Our churches say, "we don't need to keep YHWH's Feasts anymore because we are not under those laws," yet they expect us to attend their pagan ones originating in filthy perversions like Easter and Christmas which honor the Sun and evil.  We still perform nice "watered down" versions of these ancient rites in our temples and "sunrise" services.  If you can explain this to them they pretend ignorance,  get defensive and continue on.  The old saying about pigs liking their mud applies here.  These false worshipers ignore the truths about ancient idolatry and demand attendance at their invented ones.  Yet, when someone keeps YHWH"s Feasts he's labeled a legalist.  (a court judge would love that defense.  "Your Honor, I  decided to break into the bank and rob it but to make sure everyone knew that I wasn't a legalist, I shot a couple of people and sped away."   Sure try that one!)

    Most of our modern temple buildings PROUDLY DISPLAY modern replicas of phallic (penis) ornaments on the roofs.  These steeples are leftover obelisks or vestiges from pagan sun worship, timekeeping, fertility cults and human blood letting alters.  OUR FATHER SAYS not to worship Him in ways similar to the ways heathens worship their gods.   (Deut. 18:9-13 & Jer. 10:2-8)  Obviously a 60 foot tall penis incorporated into the temple structure isn't noticeable by God way up there in heaven.   I guess that's why they put bells in them. 
      *google:     'origin of church steeples,' sometime and you'll be able to find many sites with information.  Obviously, this site's selling the prefabricated steeples out of metal, fiberglass or wood for current construction don't list 'origins' as an option!

      It's sad that no one thinks for himself anymore, especially now that we're free from Rome and in America practicing separation of church and state.  We're just too eager to find excuses or "loopholes," like Cain, to bend rules instead of knees and heads.  Most, of us think we're doing the right things.  Most of us would do the right things if we knew the difference.   Most churches won't tell us these things because they don't trust us enough to explain the truth, even if they knew it. (Jer. 2:8 & 12:10-17)  Why don't the gentiles learn from their Jewish brothers' mistakes?  Oooops, Acts 20:28-35 did warn us.  Yah'shua was constantly at odds with religious leaders of His day for changing the Laws of Moses.  (Luke 19:45-21:8)  

     Today's "churches," led by the Popes' influences, think they had/have the right to do the same things.  In Leviticus 23:10-16, it is clear YHWH knew that His son, the First Fruit offering, would be accepted and rise from the grave alive on the day after the weekly Sabbath.  Yet, the Intelligent (?) Church Fathers of today claim this is why we should celebrate Sabbath on the first day of the week which follows the seventh or last day of the week. 

     DAH!  DAH! again!  I guess they didn't think YHWH knew the difference.  If, He'd wanted Sabbath to be on Yah'shua's Resurrection Day, He could have MADE Jesus resurrect on Saturday or said that from then on Sabbath would change to the FIRST DAY of the week.  He knew and did not mean for both to be the same!  Yah'shua was the First Fruit Offering and not the Law breaking Sabbath changer today's Sunday church idiots tell us He is.   Lev. 23:11 clearly states that the First Fruit offering which Jesus depicted by rising from the grave on the day after the weekly Sabbath (yes, a modern pagan's Sun day) was the correct day to observe this.  But, YHWH knew this when He made that Festival centuries before His Son Yah'shua fulfilled it in actual time and space.  He DID NOT SAY, "once He's followed my instruction then go ahead and change the weekly Sabbath to the next day to celebrate this."  No the Sabbath was created as an eternal rest honoring the completion of creation and First Fruits was created to honor Father YHWH's proof that He has power over death.  Two different things with two different celebrations.  Genesis 2:3   

     NO.  NO. NO.  Sunday Sabbath is a lie from HELL.  Sunday gets its Roman calendar name from Priests that worshiped the sun on the First day of the week to esteem it over all the other days.  They wanted their sun gods to be MORE IMPORTANT than the Israelites.'  YHWH's "REST DAY" was to always remain the same to remind us of YHWH's CREATING THE WORLD IN 6 DAYS AND RESTING ON THE 7th.   Good job again Satan for putting another nice little crack in the "unfaithful's  ARMOR.  After all YHWH only wrote His Sabbath Day in Stone with His Own FINGER!  Why do we say we love Him but hate to worship with Him on His Chosen/Appointed DAY?    (But, I love you Daddy!  We guess, your parents would be sitting around waiting for you to show up 24 hours late for a party they were throwing for you.  Oh really,  precious?  Every week?)
      We can now see HEAVENLY THINGS AND KNOW THEY EXIST FOR US ALSO.  (John 14:1-7)  Yah'shua, in John
Chapter 15, "spells it out!"  see Jeremiah 23:5 & 6.   His death as the"Branch" and resurrection from the ground, on the Feast of First  Fruit (always the day after the weekly Sabbath ((Lev. 23:10-11)) is depicted in John Chapter 20.  These references of vines and branches are throughout the Prophets.  Paul, in Roman's 11: 16, makes the Firstfruit connection while the other verses in Roman's 11 speak of the in-gathering available to Jewish and gentile (grafted-in) believers alike.       

       Isaiah prophesied in Chapter 6 about the "pitfalls" that Israel would face and that they'd lose the Garden of the WORD for awhile.  Solomon, gives us all "good advice" in Proverbs 11:28.   We pray this study will be a blessing for you.  But, most of all, we pray that you pray to Yah'shua with a mind seeking truth and ask the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) to guide you into a correct understanding of YHWH's words.  Many people claim to get "special words from Yah'shua."  They might? Theirs' CANNOT CHANGE HIS.  The rest of us have to rely on the written WORD. ( Jn. 1:1-20)   Yah'shua is the WORD, the alpha and omega, (Rev. 1:8-19) the beginning and end, top to bottom.  
He is the same today and forever. (Heb 13: 7-9)  He's constant.    Yah'shua, doesn't grade on a "curve" and no one else will be there, with you, at "Judgment Day" to explain for you.  Yah'shua is our Priest now.  At "Judgment Day," He will act as King and must uphold the Kingdom of Heaven's rules, which He Is and wrote.  That will be a little late to ask Him for an interpretation. 

     Remember, Satan asked Eve, in Genesis 3:1, "Yea, hath god said?"  As we've seen, the rest was all downhill.  Adam and Eve tried to cover themselves with fig tree aprons. (the first vegetarian attempt to cover sin ourselves)  YHWH saw through them.  He supplied the skin coverings that worked until Yah'shua shed His own clothes and blood four thousand years later.  He took the beating for us before laying down His life, silent as a sheep before its shearer. (Matt. 27:24-31)  Isaiah foretold this event in Chapter 53:6-12.  We're told, Yah'shua did experience it, in Acts 8:32, when Philip witnessed to the man from Ethiopia.  Yet, through all his agony and humiliation, Yah'shua asked His Father to forgive His persecutors, even as they cast lots for His raiment. (Lk. 23:34)  That was then, you might say, but we suggest that every time anyone sins, Yah'shua feels the pain anew.   
     Yogi Berra, of baseball  fame, said, "In theory there is no difference between theory and practice.  In practice there is."  Yogi's words could easily apply to Christianity.  Yah'shua said, (Matt. 5:17-20)"Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.  For verily I say unto you, TIL HEAVEN AND EARTH PASS, one jot or tittle shall in NO WISE PASS FROM THE LAW, TILL ALL BE FULFILLED.  Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called GREAT in the kingdom of heaven.  For I say unto you, That EXCEPT your righteousness SHALL EXCEED the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, YE SHALL IN NO CASE ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.  

    That sounds pretty clear, when you read it without the spin of witch doctors interpreting it first.  It's not as funny as Yogi, but seems to be clearer, at "first" glance.  Yah'hua is fulfilling the Law and Prophets by doing something significant on each of YHWH's seven Feast Days.  That is if you consider being born, dying, rising from the dead, etc. significant?   Satan and the Pope have tried to hide or obscure these Feast Days from us by substituting pagan feast days in their place,  Solomon gives more wisdom in Proverbs 10:28.  "The hope of the righteous shall be gladness: but the expectation of the wicked shall perish."  In verse 27, he says something, to ponder when letting others do your thinking.  "The fear of YHWH prolongeth days; but the years of the wicked shall be short." 

     We pray that you don't stand alone before the judgment seat.  Yah'shua can be your advocate.  He doesn't have to be your judge!   Use Him now, as your Melchizedek High Priest, before He puts on His Kingship robes.  Ask Him to forgive you.  He's already forgiven worse.  He's even taught us how to pray.   Matthew 6: 9-13  It works when you forgive others and love them.  

    "For YHWH so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten  Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  For YHWH sent not His Son into the world to condemn  the world; but that the world through Yah'shua might be saved.  He that believeth on Yah'shua is not condemned: but he that believeth NOT is CONDEMNED ALREADY, BECAUSE he hath NOT believed in the name, YAH'SHUA, as the ONLY SON of YHWH. John 3:16-18

Shalom/peace be with you all. Please read Deut. 10:11-11:9.

Mankind is not capable of ruling wisely without Yah'shua's help!
     It is important to follow Yah'shua’s teachings and not change them to suite ourselves or mislead our fellow man. (Jer 7)  That was the sin of Lucifer, the fallen angel. (Isa 14:12-16)  He wanted to be YHWH and "make the rules." We can never be YHWH or God-like because we have inherited a sinful nature. Although created in YHWH's image (Gen 1:26-27), we have our Father Adam's nature and inherit death. Not having created heaven or earth, we are incapable of making meaningful or relevant rules for living. (Rom 5:14-15) 

    Yah'shua came to earth to redeem us by fulfilling (acting-out or living) the Old Testament prophecies they portrayed. (Matt 5:17-19). His mission was to prove YHWH faithful. In the Old Testament, YHWH tells us through His prophets about Himself, Yah'shua, and how He would help us to overcome sin.  Yah'shua died at the hands of gentile political forces.  These Romans were manipulated by a Hebrew priesthood that Isaiah prophesied would reject their Messiah when He came. (Jn. 12:27-50 & Is. 53:1-7)   He was the final sacrifice, pictured as the lamb sin offerings in the Old Testament, for us all, so that by accepting this truth, we may be worthy to enter heaven at some future appointed times. (Jew & Gentile alike, portrayed in Leviticus 23:15-17 at Pentecost/Feast of Weeks as the two loaves together)  He is the door to the Heavenly City.  He is the Good Shepherd and doesn't run when the going gets tough.  His sheep know Him and follow His voice...... John Chapter 10

     Abram, a Gentile descended from Noah's seed, (Gen. 11:26-12) was found by YHWH while making stone images.  YHWH changed Abram's name to Abraham (father of multitudes), and years later, asked him to show his belief or faith by bringing his son Isaac to Mt. Moriah. (Gen 22)   Unaware of YHWH's intentions, Abraham placed his son Isaac upon an alter and was about to cut Isaac's throat and sacrifice him as the heathens practiced for their gods. YHWH stopped Abraham and supplied a ram (male sheep) in Isaac's place.  He was testing Abraham to see if he would sacrifice his only 'lawful' child to Him as he would have had to do when previously worshiping his stone gods from hell. 

     YHWH supplied the ram because no amount of tainted human blood could wash away sins. (Heb 10:4)  Instead, like the innocent ram that was substituted for Isaac, YHWH sent His only Son Yah'shua (Gen 22:14) to be sacrificed on that very same Mt. Moriah (II Chr 3:1) years later.  By doing this Yah'shua duplicated the "Shadow Pictures" of this event, the Exodus Lambs' blood, the yearly Passover Lambs sacrificed and all the daily sin offerings required until He came and died on the cross as the "REAL DEAL' observance centuries later.. (Ex.12:,Dt.16:1-7, Col.2:17, Lk 24:25-27 & 44-53, Lev. 23:4-14,)
     A Testament is a will.  It can only be enacted after someone's death . It takes "shed blood" to bring it into authority.  This is why we have an Old Testament and a New Testament.  In Hebrews, Chapters 9, 10, & 11 Yah'shua died on the cross for our sins because He and our Father YHWH love mankind. (Jn 3:16, Jer 23:27, Ps 44:20)  Since there was not a New Testament written until years after Yah'shua died, we must not let our fellow Christians confuse us into thinking that Yah'shua FULFILLED everything so that we don't have to follow YHWH's Laws. (Matt 5:17 & 18)  If you get a speeding ticket and pay the fine or have it paid for you by someone else, are you entitled to go back out and speed again?  Of course not!  However, when we do sin again we have Yah'shua to redeem us now.  Our faith and His grace.  (Hopefully, it won't be the same sin over and over.)  The only 'NEW' is in the Old Testament.  Now we are redeemed by our faith in Yah'shua rather that our belief that someday a man will come to 'accept all the symbolic lamb offerings' made over the centuries as payment in full in His absence.  (Kind of like dollar bills or credit cards aren't real gold but are acceptable in place of the 'REAL THING' by banks and stores, etc.)
     When Yah'shua died on the cross, the curtain or veil in the temple, that divided the Holy of Holies area from the rest of the temple area, was torn from top to bottom. This allows us all to enter or to communicate with YHWH through Yah'shua, without the help of a priest. (Mark 15:37-39 & II Cor. 3:13-17)   Pray often and ask for things in the name of Yah'shua. (Matt. 6:5-16, 7:7-8, I Jn. 5:13-15, Jn.16:23-26) 
     Love is the fruit of Christianity. (Jn 3:16, I Jn 4:7-13, Matt 5:43-46, 22:37-39, Lk 6:27-35, Jn 15:7-17). Although we are told to love one another and to spread the good WORD, beware in these end times. (Matt 7:6 ) The Ten Commandments are still the laws of the day.  Love is the guiding light.  If we love YHWH and our fellow man, we won't break any of them by stealing and killing, etc.   Remember we are not to let fornicators into our 'WAY.'  We can instruct them and fellowship with them but they are not to be 'joined' with the faithful until they 'clean up' first.  (Acts 15:7-29)  After they stop attending pagan temples of prostitution, etc. and decide to 'get right' with their lives they, as verse 21 says, can enter the "synagogues/meetings" with believers to hear and study Torah on Sabbath.  Remember there was no "New Testament" at the time so they were instructed in Moses and learned of the Prophecies about Yah'shua, etc.

     However, the Sabbath is especially important in different ways. It points us to the GOD of creation and not the other gods that man has made-up.  Sabbath means seven or seventh.  Looking on a calendar, it is easy to see that Saturday is the Sabbath or seventh day of the week just like for the Jews, who still keep it.  It begins on Friday evening when the sun sets and continues until sundown Saturday evening. This is because YHWH separated the light from the darkness at the time of creation. (Gen 1:4-8)  This pattern of evening till morning continues throughout Genesis Chapter One for each day even past the fourth day when he created the sun, moon and stars.
(see verses 14-19)   YHWH is the BOSS so, contrary to what gentiles have been taught, over the years, He is the creator.  There is no doubt, He gives us our blessings.  From our pagan-gentile ways, we've learned to sin well.
(Jer. 16:19-21)  Now that the age of the gentiles is about over, special GRACE (?) will cease and things are going to revert back as before.  Knowledge has increased.  (Dan. 12:4, I Tim. 1-6, & Titus 1:10-2:15)  We've all had Bibles with the Words of God for centuries so we can't 'play dumb' much longer. (Heb.5:9-14 & Matt. 24:44-51)
     Please study these scriptures with an open mind and heart and you'll see the truth here. Why in all of the commandments, does YHWH give four paragraphs to the Fourth or Sabbath commandment if He wanted the Sabbath (seventh) to be Sunday the first day? (Ex 20).  In verse eight, He tells us to "Remember the Sabbath" when, in reality, most of Christianity is taught to, "forget about it!"  It's another of Satan's little tricks to separate us from YHWH and His WAYS. 
     Read Matthew 24:20. Why are we told to pray that the "END OF TIMES"  not come on the Sabbath.  Why, if we aren't to be keeping it?   A Sabbath day's journey is about 3/4 of a mile one-way. (Acts 1:12)  After Yah'shua died, the disciples were still keeping this custom.  In Revelation 12:12, at the time of Yah'shua’s next coming, we are told, "Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of YHWH, and the faith of Yah'shua ." 

     There were originally seven FEASTS OF THE LORD  (Lev. 23) and two 'Others' were added later by men. The original seven are shadow-pictures of the Messiah's life. They prophesied about events in Yah'shua's life and the exact days that He would "live them out" on the earth..  Some, He has already fulfilled and some He'll soon fulfill.  Unfortunately, these Feasts were prohibited by the Christian Church during the second through the fourth centuries because of ANTI-SEMITISM.   This is easy to understand because the Romans fought and re-fought the Jews.

     As followers of YHWH, the Jews felt compelled to rebel against any pagan rule. They  weren't prejudiced.  They fought everyone.  You kind of  have to love them for that even though Yah'shua taught us to love our enemy and to accept Father YHWH's chastisement as a good son learns from a wise Father.  No father will give his son a stone when he asks for bread! (Matt.7:7-24) Without their "stiff-necked" opposition throughout the years and attention to TORAH MANUSCRIPTS , the WORDS of YHWH might have been lost to us, as some early Christian writings have been.  When Yah'shua referred to "scriptures," we must remember that there was no NEW TESTAMENT  (Matt. 22: 29, & 26: 54-56) and even after He resurrected, He continued to quote written scripture. (Lk. 24: 25-27)  Both Stephen and Paul quoted from scripture after Yah'shua's ascension into heaven. (Acts 6:8-7:55 & 17:2)
     The Caesars taxed Christians that practiced Jewish customs (Fiscus Judaicus) and later even tossed them into the arenas.  Arena death was a form of Roman religious sacrifice.  For these reasons, many Roman  Christian believers began to meet on Sundays (the Roman sun god's holiday).  After, this was enacted in the fourth century A.D.,  they sought to hide inside the law and possibly save money.  Who can judge everyone's reasons?  Also prior to this in the end of the first century many new converts continued in their pagan ways and met on the first day of the week which venerated the sun.  During Emperor Constantine the Great's 4th century reign Christianity became a state religion and was officially required to incorporate with all pagan beliefs.  Even divergent idolatry were forced to "blend in to the STATE'S RELIGION!"

     Constantine had seen too many wars fought over religion.  Everyone wanted to defend or push their own convictions.  He wanted and started the "ONE WORLD RELIGION" like the ANTI-CHRIST OF THE FUTURE WILL DO.  Why not?  It sounds great if you believe that you are god or yours is the primary one.  Constantine was a sun-worshiper.  He erected an obelisk column (or a "mighty" Fertility Penis) to honor the sun in Constantinople which although hit by lightning, still stands there today.  (Look up the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. for the written account of the Emperor's address and actions taken to do away with "things Jewish" in the NEW STATE RELIGION that he commanded to be the only state approved one)

     Christianity survived but has been carrying much of this ancient baggage for centuries.  Eastre, the dawn goddess was celebrated at the vernal spring equinox and because of the closeness to Passover and Jesus' death, has survived, along with its vestments of lent and ash Wednesday, as Easter.  In pagan worship December 25 was the birthday of Krishna, Buddha, Ra, Sol, Mithra, Horus, Osiris, Adonis, Hercules, Bacchus/Dionysus, and Freyr.  These caused early Christians to celebrate and move Yah'shua's birth from mid fall (Feast of Tabernacles) to coincide with these pagan gods' birthdays at the winter solstice. (Jer 10:1-4) "Learn not the way of the heathen." It seems we have inherited the lies of our fathers.(Jer 16:19)  Choosing a church to attend isn't going to be easy after learning all of this.  But don't worry because the Lord Yah'shua says that where two or more are gathered, He'll be there. (Matt 18:20)

     Prior to these perversions that began to creep in, families gathered together on Sabbath. The father of the home taught as the "Priest" on Sabbath and the Mother instructed the rest of the week.  There would be more family unity, love, devotion, etc. if we kept these practices today.  However, we have been lied to about Sabbath, are lazy and have grown to like Satan's ways.  We send our children off, to learn from others, in church and our schools.  It is easy to see the mess that this has made of our lives and society!

     Study to be worthy. (II Tim 2:15)  There's a whole book to study and we can't teach everything. Trust in Yah'shua and ask for help. "Seek and ye shall find." (Matt 7:7)  May YHWH bless and keep you until we meet on that glorious day.  Amen.  Hallelujah!  Praise YHWH!  Get yourself a Strong's Concordance to help you find the original Hebrew and Greek words that your Bible comes from .   Click over to our Recommended Studies Page for more  materials that we know that will help you.

     Beware of the 666 system or the coming Anti-Christ government. (Revelation or The Apocalypse (in Catholic Holy Scripture) Chapters 13:16-18, 14:9-11, 16:2, 19:20, & 20:4)   There has been and always will continue to be much speculation about this prophecy.  In brief, be watchful of any government (Church/Social Security/New Age technology, conglomerate of these, etc.) SYSTEM OR DEVICE  that will be "required" to be place INTO OR INSIDE OF YOUR BODY either externally or internally that probably can be computer scanned TO IDENTIFY YOU from ALL OTHER PEOPLE.  The mark will probably be introduced during times of insecurity following a failing economy, political or environmental disasters.  You won't be able to trade or sell without it, so you'll be put into a precarious position by not taking the mark.  Expect it will not be easy for you to refuse this SATANIC imbedded MARK.  YOU WILL PROBABLY BE PUNISHED WITH DEATH OR HUNTED DOWN for trying to hide from it.   
    Apostles Peter, Paul and the others along with many other martyrs, died horribly in the past and they were filled with the Holy Spirit also.  The Holy Spirit won't protect you from this, so don't be fooled into taking any marking system by those of less faith that think there is safety in numbers.  YYHWH has HIS system of protecting HIS OWN.  Revelation chapter SEVEN discusses this.  HOWEVER, many people think that they are "followers of the Lamb Yah'shua" and in reality ARE NOT.  They are either lukewarm, been taught wrongfully, or any number of reasons been unable to LIVE-UP TO YHWH'S EXPECTATIONS.  These people, although feeling righteous, will not come under YHWH"S protection and WILL HAVE TO REJECT THE MARK AND PROBABLY CHOOSE DEATH AT THE HANDS OF THE "SYSTEM" IN ORDER TO SHOW THAT THEY BELIEVE IN YAH'SHUA AND BELIEVE IN HIS 'HEAVEN' OVER THE BEAST'S WORLDLY LYING SYSTEM IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE SALVATION.  SO, if you find yourself still 'around' when the MARK IS BEING IMPLEMENTED do not start to hate YHWH and HIS WORD.  Just, do as every sinner has always done since Yah'shua's Resurrection and ask him to forgive your sins and lay your "life on the line" that you are finally right and fully accept His side by REJECTING THE BEAST'S MARK AT WHAT EVER COST OR CONSEQUENCE IT WILL TAKE.  YOU HAVE TO PUT IT ON THE LINE NOW OR LATER.  IT'S DEFINITELY BETTER TO START NOW AND BE 'SEALED BY YHWH' TO AVOID THE HARD DECISION AND TIMES IMPOSED BY THE BEAST LATER.

      It will be your individual decision of faith or unbelief that determines your destiny if you're alive during this time.  Those, taking the mark, choose the beast system, which Yah'shua will overthrow upon His return. Read all of Matthew chapter 24 as it speaks of all the time from His death until His return.  Verse 24 warns against being fooled.  So, expect a look-alike messiah to come first.  Yah'shua's return will be so obvious that it will be as clear as the dawning of a day.  Who cannot tell daybreak from night?  So don't settle for anything less obvious.

     To choose the mark separates you from YHWH forever,  It's semi-clear, so don't be discouraged if you don't get it all.  Actually, it's purposely vague so that the sin system can't "get it" and thereby further duplicate YHWH's plan and fool everyone.  To be a man is to die, so accept it.  Just don't be fooled by scientific "Hocus-pocus", that lies!   Pray that you don't choose the mark out of false self-righteousness thinking you're doing it to get food, medicine, shelter etc. for your family.  It is a time of faith.  Some will survive and not die but all that die for their faith will be raised again to ETERNAL GLORY!   Hallelujah, Praise YHWH the Creator (Elohim) of the Universe, Heaven & Hell!    Remember....Study...Study...Study...& Study!  LOVE YHWH WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!